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"October Surprise II" -- The USS Cole was set up for terrorist attack...

SPECIAL REPORT. "October Surprise II" -- The USS Cole was set up for terrorist attack...

Cole crew members were promised "hush money" by Navy officials in return for the silence.

WMR has learned from informed Navy sources that the USS Cole was ordered to pull into Aden harbor in Yemen on October 12, 2000, as part of a purposeful plan to place the warship in a position to suffer an assymetrical warfare attack a few weeks from the 2000 presidential election, the closest and most controversial in U.S. history.

On May 15, 2003, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, reportedly one of the most corrupt in the nation, indicted "for plotting al Qaeda’s October 2000 attack on the USS Cole in the harbor of Aden, Yemen, in which 17 American sailors were killed." The indictment added, "On Oct. 12, 2000, a small boat laden with high explosives pulled alongside the USS Cole in the harbor of Aden, where it had been moored for a scheduled refueling stop. Suicide terrorists detonated the bomb, ripping a 40-foot hole in the side of the Cole, killing 17 American sailors and wounding at least 40 others." Refueling was also the reason cited in a U.S. Navy report on the bombing.

The prosecution of the Cole bombing was led by Deputy U.S. Attorney David Kelley. WMR has learned from Cole crew sources that federal investigators engaged in bullying and fear tactics in acquiring witness statements from a number of Cole crew members.

According to crew sources stationed on the Cole at the time of the attack, the indictment contains a number of glaring misstatements. The most glaring is that the Cole did not pull into Aden on the morning of October 12 for a "scheduled refueling stop." The Cole never reached pier side but took on fuel from an off-shore mooring known as a "dolphin" located about 200 yards from the shore. The fueling contractor was Arab Investment Manufacturing and Trading of PO Box 6208, 166 Socotra Street, Khormaksar, Aden. The owner of the firm, which was backed by Saudi investments, reportedly lived in London. The mooring line contractor that operated a number of boats in Aden harbor was Al-Mansoob Commercial Group.

The Navy insisted that it was normal for Navy ships to refuel in Aden and the then-commander of U.S. Central Command, Marine Corps General Athony Zinni, cited the high degree of security in Aden for visiting U.S. warships.

The order was unusual because the Cole never refueled in port but always took on fuel from Navy oilers while underway. The Cole had just been refueled in the Mediterranean before it transited the Suez Canal, so there was no reason for a refueling stop in Aden while the ship was en route to the Persian Gulf to participate in Operation Southern Watch, the maritime interdiction operation targeting exports and imports from and to Iraq.

Cole crew sources said the order to pull into Aden came from Destroyer Squadron 22 (DESRON 22) in Norfolk. The refueling story cited in the indictment of "Al Qaeda" members for the attack on the ship was a cover story. The actual reason, as relayed to WMR, was a "public relations" visit. However, considering the warning sent to Fifth Fleet that the next U.S. Navy ship that entered Aden harbor would be attacked, the "public relations" story appears to hold little water. There was another reason to have the Cole enter Aden and it had to do with the pending presidential election, one that the Bush-Cheney campaign would stop at nothing to win.

Cole crew sources report that the Commanding Officer of the Cole, Commander Kirk Lippold, voiced concerns when his ship was ordered to pull into Aden for a refueling. Before the Coled departed Norfolk on August 8, 2000, for its deployment to the Middle East, the USS Arleigh Burke visited Aden. After the Burke left Aden, the U.S. Fifth Fleet, headquartered in Bahrain, received a warning that the next U.S. ship that pulled into Aden would be attacked.

About five days before the Cole pulled into Aden, the Cole took on vendors at the northern port of the Suez Canal, Port Said. The Cole begab to transit the canal on October 7. The vendors were on the vessel for about 10 hours as the ship made its way from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Taking vendors aboard U.S. Navy ships transiting the canal was apparently a common occurrence. The vendors, who sold rugs, jewelry, and other souvenirs and goods, set up their sales displays on the mess deck of the Cole. The vendors departed the ship at Port Taufiq at the southern end of the canal.

One of the vendors who helped carry rugs on and off the Cole was remembered by some of the crew for asking a lot of questions. The bearded man wearing glasses asked how many crewmen were aboard the Cole and even requested, unsuccessfully, a tour of the ship. The inquisitive merchant would not be forgotten. Some three days later, when the Cole pulled into Aden, the man who asked the questions during the Suez Canal transit would be seen again. He was one of the two men in the motorized dinghy that contained the bomb that tore through the hull of the Cole and killed 17 of its crew.

Questions remain about who did this on October 12, 2000

The dinghy that was said to have contained the C4 bomb that tore through the port side of the Cole had been removing bags of trash from the ship. Crew sources said they noticed a metal box in front of the dinghy that was thought to contain the C4. However, there is reason to believe that the C-4 of American manufacture, which was claimed by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salih to be only to be available in the United States, Israel, an Arab country, and another "Islamic" country, was not sufficient alone to cause the extensive damage to the Cole. President Salih was quoted in The Washington Post on December 10, 2000, as saying that "Israel might be responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole." WMR has previously reported that CIA sources have stated that Israel was definitely involved in the attack on the Cole and it may have used a sea-skimming, submarine-launched cruise missile. U.S. Marine Corps sources have also indicated an Israeli angle to the attack.

The Taliban denied from Afghanistan that their "guest," Osama bin Laden, was involved in the attack on the Cole.

The explosion not only forced the Cole into mooring dolphin seven, damaging the small structure on the platform but also shook buildings on shore as far as a mile and a half away.

There were several discrepancies in the initial report on the explosion. The Navy first stated the explosion occurred at 12:15 pm but the Cole's logs stated it occurred at 11:18 am, while engaged in the refueling process from the dolphin. Crew sources told WMR that the explosion occurred at "lunch time."

There was also confusion about the number of explosions that occurred. There were reports from Yemeni observers that a fire had broken out on the starboard side of the Cole where it was tied to the mooring dolphin, shortly before the explosion on the port side.

The explosion on the port side took place next to the mess decks where one of the dinghy occupants had been selling carpets just five days prior in Egypt.

Based on the information from crew sources, the Cole was practically fueled and did not require four to five hours for a complete refueling as indicated by the Navy. A crew source told WMR., "The Cole didn't need fuel." The Cole was only running one of its gas turbines for ship's power. The gas-turbine used for propulsion was off-line.

In addition, there is a question as to the type of vessel used in the attack. The Navy cited the presence of wood and fiberglass shards on the Cole as proof the boat used was a motorized skiff or "houri." However, crew sources told WMR that the two men who were removing the trash were in an inflatable dinghy. The Navy also said the dinghy approached the Cole only once when it set off the explosion. However, crew sources told WMR that there were two trips made by the dinghy to the Cole to remove trash. It was on the third trip, the two men in the dinghy stood up and saluted the Cole just before the explosion occurred.

There were other anomalies according to Cole crew sources. The ship's radar had been turned off in the harbor. In addition, there were no armed personnel on the quarterdeck, which was also considered unusual. The Cole's weapons systems were also off-line. From the skipper on down the ranks, there were misgivings among the crew about pulling into Aden. The port was not considered safe.

A crew source also told WMR that the Cole's skipper prior to Kirk Lippold's assumption of command in 1999, Commander Richard J. Nolan, Jr., would have never pulled into Aden. Nolan was reported a hard-charging commanding officer who put the morale and safety of his crew above political considerations.

After the explosion, some 34 wounded crew members were transported to a hospital in Aden. Yemeni onlookers reportedly threw rocks at the ambulances transporting the wounded sailors. Some of the wounded, noticing rusty injection needles, refused treatment. On the evening of October 12, there was an unsuccessful attempt by terrorists to blow up the hospital. At 4 am on October 13, the Cole's wounded were flown, with U.S. Marine protection, from an airport in Aden to the U.S. Army's Landstuhl Regional Medical Center near Ramstein, Germany.

It was after the wounded crew were in Landstuhl that agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) showed up to ask questions. The FBI began interviewing Cole crew members after they returned to their home port of Norfolk.

While chief FBI anti-terrorism agent John O'Neill and his team was getting sidetracked by political pressure from the U.S. ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine and the Navy, the Cole crewmen were being pressured by NCIS and FBI agents to leave important details out of their official statements. WMR has previously reported that O'Neill wanted to obtain sludge samples from the bottom of Aden harbor where the explosion occurred, as well as DNA samples from the head wear of one of the occupants of the dinghy. Whether O'Neill was interested in the dinghy trash remover who had been seen on the Cole while in the Suez Canal is not known, however, O'Neill's investigation of the Cole attack was thwarted by Bodine, her embassy staff in Sana'a, and the U.S. Navy, which cited the presence of crew bodies in the water under the Cole and their recovery by divers as a reason for refusing his request for harbor sludge samples. However, the Navy divers were not recovering bodies from under the ship but from within water-filled compartments of the ship and trapped by collapsed bulkheads and flooring.

According to sources who worked with O'Neill, the FBI agent had reason to suspect state players, not asymmetric warriors, in the attack on the Cole.

Eventually, O'Neill and his FBI team was ordered out of Yemen by Bodine. She would later become an official of Paul Bremer's corrupt Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Baghdad. O'Neill died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001, after his retirement from the FBI after being subjected to attacks by FBI top brass on his professionalism and character.

For the Cole crew, things were not much better. NCIS agents told Cole crew members that they were never to talk to anyone but NCIS about what happened to the Cole. Moreover, FBI agents in Norfolk instructed Cole crew members to "leave out certain parts" in their official statements to the FBI and NCIS. Those "details" included the presence of one of the dinghy occupants on the Cole in the Suez Canal and the crew's misgivings about going into Aden.

In fact, nine years after the Cole attack, anonymous agents, claiming to work for NCIS, continue to phone Cole crew members monthly to warn them about their obligation never to discuss the events of October 12, 2000. The crew are also asked to report whether anyone has ever inquired about the Cole attack.

The most astounding claim about the malfeasance of NCIS is that the agency promised to compensate the Cole crew members with a "six figure" monetary sum in return for their continued silence. However, NCIS reneged in its deal, citing the costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a reason that the "hush money" could not be paid.

On March 14, 2007, Judge for the U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Virginia Robert Doumar ruled that the government of Sudan was liable for the attack on the Cole. Sudan was ordered to pay $8 million to the families of the 17 sailors killed on the Cole. Recently, Judge Kimba Wood of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York released $13.4 million of frozen Sudanese assets to the families of the 17 Cole crew members killed in the attack.

However, to date, no compensation has been paid to the survivors of the Cole bombing who were promised "six figures" in return for their continued silence about the details of the attack.

A Saudi citizen, Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, a detainee at Guantanamo, was charged with being the mastermind behind the Cole attack. However, Nashiri was one of the detainees tortured by U.S. interrogators. On February 5, 2009, all charges were dropped against al-Nashiri "without prejudice." On February 3, 2006, 13 individuals jailed for their involvement in the attack on the Cole were allowed to escape from their Yemeni jail. One, Jamal al-Badawi, one of the two men named in the May 15, 2003 federal indictment, later surrendered to Yemeni authorities but was released after he pledged to refrain from assisting "Al Qaeda" in the future.

The Cole attack was used by critics of the Clinton-Gore administration to point to America's weakness against terrorist attacks just weeks before the election that pitted Vice President Al Gore against George W. Bush. After he was was sworn in after a dubious election, Bush refused to militarily respond to the Cole attack. The reported involvement of Saudis and Israelis in the attack on the Cole, mirroring a similar duality of culpability construct in the 9/11 attacks, suggest that the Cole may have served as yet another pre-election October Surprise designed to affect the outcome of a U.S. presidential election using the cauldron of Middle East politics. Some of the veterans of the Cole attack believe their ship was "set up."

Treason Festival 2009, courtesy of the Siamese twins CIA/MOSSAD.

Treason Festival 2009, courtesy of the Siamese twins CIA/MOSSAD.

The excitement is surely building. Only a week to go until the annual AIPAC Policy conference when several US elected officials and associated shills will remind the world who they really work for.

Tel Aviv Jane Harman is scheduled to give opening remarks and to discuss "an insider's look at the Middle East," if she is not deemed too radioactive.

Over 300 members of Congress reportedly attended in 2008 but the guest list for this year has been hidden at the
organizer's request. I suppose that's to keep constituents from publicly questioning their representatives about where their loyalties lie and ruining a good time.

A big private conversion piece this year will most likely be whether the AIPAC's own spies, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman, both former lobbyists, will finally get their day in court or the charges be dismissed in the name of
'national security.'

Other whispered topics may include whether or when to bomb Iran and how to derail a 'one-state' or 'two-state' solution for the Palestinians.

A gala kosher banquet is scheduled where Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin (D-IL), Republican Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ), House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) join hundreds of their congressional colleagues, foreign dignitaries and activists from across the country in celebrating the U.S.-Israel alliance. Other 'notable' speakers at the conference will include Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, James Woolsey, former CIA director and Robert Satloff, executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Maj. Gen. Ido Nechustan, commander of the Israeli Air Force, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and of course Senator John Kerry (D-MA), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

This list of 'dignitary' speakers show that being bought and blackmailed by Israel is truly a bi-partisan effort. The list of
Pro-Israel PAC contributions to congressional candidates is extensive, a 'leave no congressperson behind' money trail.

Shabbaton is also scheduled, including both Jews and Shabbat goys. Only $150 per person. Tax deductible.

The last but not least thing on the agenda is
Lobbying (At the Convention Center and on Capitol Hill). The untold billions given to Israel each year must be reinforced.

No word of any protests against the AIPAC crowd this year. I wonder why Glenn Beck and Hannity haven't organized anything? I thought eliminating wasteful spending was what they were all about.

NSA wiretapping of the event is said to be optional, but all is fair in love, war and
Israeli control of Congress.

Treason Fest™..... a uniquely American affair of state and the Siamese twins CIA/MOSSAD+AMAN.

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The four Larijani brothers

The highest echelons of power in IRAN.....

IRAN since 1979 never ever stopped its direct communications with both USA and never ever stopped direct negotiations and coordination with Washington and Tel Aviv...and they still do today on a regular basis......they did under KHOMEINI and continue to do so under KHAMEINI.....

Ali Ardeshir MOSSAD/CIA Larijani, the speaker of the ersatz parliament, pursues an even more opportunistic MOSSAD/CIA strategy... His hope is that Ahmadinejad and his rivals in the opposition will end up destroying each other, pulling down Khamenei with them. That would open the way for Ali MOSSAD/CIA Ardeshir LARIJANI to become President of the Islamic Republic while his elder brother Sadeq Ardeshir Larijani, a mullah and currently head of the judiciary, captures the position of "Supreme Guide".....a quasi MOSSAD/CIA Strategy par excellence......Ali Larijani meets regularly in Tehran and elsewhere with David Yacoov from MOSSAD..., and late in the fall of 2010 Ali Larijani was meeting in his offcie in Tehran with David Yacov from MOSSAD.....:) [ It was quite a sight.... ] DAVID YACOOV calls himself in IRAN.....: DAOUD YAACOUB.......:)

Hojatoleslam Sheikh Sadegh Larijani, 59, was born in Najaf, Iraq. His father was Ayatollah Haj Mirza Hashem Amoli, who was elevated to the rank of a “Mojtahed” [senior ayatollah] by Ayatollah Haeri Yazdi in 1932. Though he was one of the most prominent and well-known Shia clerics of his time, Ayatollah Hashem Amoli always stayed away from politics and busied himself with religious affairs....In fact, the LARIJANI family is originally JEWISH and their Grand Father was a RABBI....

Sadegh Larijani started his religious studies at the Qom seminary in 1977, then went on to teach philosophy at the seminary. He is a member of the a conservative group of teachers at Qom’s seminary.

He is known to be one of the most fervent opponents of the "Western Cultural Threat" to Iran’s regime. In this he meets Ayatollha Khamenei worries of a "velvet revolution" that could topple the Mullas regime in Iran.

The new appointment is considered one more step to consolidate the hold of the ailing Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, over the reins of the country. However, it should, also, be noted that this development would put two Larijani brothers at the head of two of Iran’s three authorities.

The other four Larijani brothers are:

- Dr. Ali Larijani, also born in Najaf, who holds a doctorate in Western Philosophy. He served as the head of Iran’s National Security Council and top nuclear negotiator until his election as head of Iran’s parliament....; and is the Head of the CIA2/MOSSAD covert super cell in IRAN....

- Mohammad Javad Larijani, who was born in Najaf, Iraq, and holds a doctorate in Mathematics from University of California, Berkeley. He is the head of the Institute of Pure Sciences.

- Dr. Fazel Larijani, also born in Najaf, currently serving as Iran’s cultural attaché in Ottawa, Canada;

- and Dr. Bagher Larijani, internal physician, who served as deputy minister of health. He is presently the head of the faculty of medical sciences at the Teheran University.

“Therefore,in Iran... all Jewish converts to Islam had two names: for example, my grandfather’s Muslim name was Sheikh Aboulghasem and his Hebrew name was Benjamin. My father’s Muslim name was Ebrahim and his Hebrew name was Abraham. Outside they call me Mousa and at home, I'm called Moshe. In my father’s lifetime, many of the Jews had very Muslim names. They even went to Mecca on pilgrimage and became Hadjis.”

Some of these crypto-Jews observed Islamic creeds more zealously than the Muslims...MOSSAD....

Nasser Makarem-Shirazi, one of the Shia Grand Ayatollahs, who is close to the government, had Jewish ancestors. He is now known as a radical cleric. The Asgaroladi brothers, influential figures in the Islamic Republic, are also of Jewish descent. Habibollah Asgaroladi has for years been the secretary-general of the powerful Islamic Coalition Party. His brother Asaddollah is a powerful MOSSAD merchant, who is also the head of the Iran-Russia and Iran-China chambers of commerce....

New swine flu feared to be weaponized strain

Species jumping bio-engineered flu strain is feared by UN scientists...


SPECIAL BULLETIN. New swine flu feared to be weaponized strain

According to two mainstream media journalists, one in Mexico City and the other in Jakarta, who spoke to us on background, they are convinced that the current outbreak of a new strain of swine flu in Mexico and some parts of the United States is the result of the introduction of a human-engineered pathogen that could result in a widespread global pandemic, with potentially catastrophic consequences for domestic and international travel and commerce.

The journalists have been told by top officials of the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) about the grave dangers posed by the new and deadly swine flu strain, known as A-H1N1. The flu, never before seen by scientists, has already killed up to 68 people in Mexico and has forced the cancellation of public events, including sports matches and concerts, and the closure of schools, libraries, and museums. Eight cases have been reported in Texas and California and one Texas family is already under a quarantine. Doctors are examining several students at a Queens high school in New York who displayed symptoms similar to those experienced by swine flu patients in Mexico.

Our Mexico City source said a top scientist for the United Nations, who has examined the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, as well as HIV/AIDS victims, concluded that H1N1 possesses certain transmission "vectors" that suggest that new flu strain has been genetically-manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon. The UN expert believes that Ebola, HIV/AIDS, and the current A-H1N1 swine flu virus are biological warfare agents.

Past swine flu outbreaks have been spread from pigs to humans, who then passed the flu on to other humans. However, with A-H1N1, there have been no reported infections of pigs. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), A-H1N1 has gene segments from North American swine, bird and human flu strains and a segment from Eurasian swine flu. Costa Rica, Brazil, and Peru have issued alerts to check all incoming passengers from Mexico at border crossings, airports, and seaports for symptoms of the swine flu.

WHO is convening an emergency session of its top medical experts in Geneva and is set to declare H1N1 a "public health event of international concern." It is reported that WHO will recommend travel restrictions to and from areas where the flu has been reported, including Mexico City and the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, San Luis Potosí and Oaxaca.

Our Jakarta source said WHO officials are afraid that the presence of gene segments from dreaded H5N1 bird flu in the A-H1N1 swine flu strain could mean that the new swine flu strain was engineered to "jump species." we have been informed that the CDC and U.S. Army dug up the body of an Inuit woman who died in 1918 in Brevig Mission, Alaska from an outbreak of Spanish flu. The influenza pandemic that year killed up to 100 million people worldwide in an 18-month period. Brevig Mission saw 72 of its 80 residents die within five days, the worst case recorded anywhere in the world. We have been told the genetic material recovered by the U.S. government from the corpse of the Inuit woman provided the basis for the development of the H5N1, or bird (avian), flu strain at the U.S. Army Medical Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland, the point of origin for the Ames strain of anthrax used in the 2001 bio-war attacks against the U.S. Congress and the media.

The fear in Asia is that if the A-H1N1 pandemic spreads to the United States, travel to and from the country will be all but shut down.

The following are the symptoms associated with A-H1N1:

  • cough
  • fever
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • muscle and joint pain

The drugs Tamiflu and Relenza are seen as the most effective against A-H1N1...

From Kissinger's 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide....

"On Dec. 10, 1974, the U.S. National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed a classified 200-page study, "National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests." The study falsely claimed that population growth in the so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) was a grave threat to U.S. national security. Adopted as official policy in November 1975 by President Gerald Ford, NSSM 200 outlined a covert plan to reduce population growth in those countries through birth control, and also, implicitly, war and famine. Brent Scowcroft, who had by then replaced Kissinger as national security adviser (the same post Scowcroft was to hold in the Bush administration), was put in charge of implementing the plan. CIA Director George Bush was ordered to assist Scowcroft, as were the secretaries of state, treasury, defense, and agriculture."

-from Science Daily Oct 16 ‘06

HIV Gets Makeover: Tweaking AIDS Virus Could Alter Course Of Research

The slow pace of AIDS research can be pinned, in no small part, on something akin to the square-peg-round-hole conundrum. The HIV-1 virus won’t replicate in monkey cells, so researchers use a monkey virus — known as SIVmac, or the macaque version of simian immunodeficiency virus — to test potential therapies and vaccines in animals. But therapies and vaccines that are effective on SIV don’t necessarily translate into human success.

Now, using a combination of genetic engineering and forced adaptation, researchers at ROCKEFELLER and the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center have created a version of the AIDS virus that replicates vigorously in both human and monkey cells — an advance that has the potential to revolutionize vaccine research... (imagine the Rockefeller family's past work re HIV)

Cathy O'Brien's books quote Bush Sr. telling Dick Cheney while at Bohemian Grove, re HIV, saying "we'll kill the goddamn nigg**s at their source--in East and South Africa and in Haiti." O'Brien also quotes hearing CIA chief William Casey tell her that there was going to be a "plague" soon in Haiti, Casey saying that the Haitians were too far gone so the plague was to hit them.

In the past, the CIA's ability to use large sums of other government agencies' monies without respect to law has allowed rabid mass criminalization of CIA programs and huge narco trafficking. When people are that far gone, it would only be a small step in their minds from thinking that narco-ridden Mexico (essentially narco-ridden due to their NAFTA scheme to make it that way so that they could scoop the money flow) is a failed state that needs to be hit with a monster, to eliminate some people.

That's only speculation, but this epidemic seems different from others. After the anthrax case, also right on time for the Rockefeller-Bushmob's Orwellian scheme, a case like this must be scrutinized for strange markers. A virologist, also disease weapons experts need to be consulted about what this may be. It certainly has the population worried. So far, the US version isn't so strong--just a flu. The minds of those old monsters in our midst, those direct operatives of a most Orwellian scheme, are so far gone at this point that we should expect that they might try bizarrely criminal things at this point in time.

Knowing that, we need to end the 1949 CIA Act wording that allows a Frankenstein criminal empire to proliferate without real controls. The enemy is among us....

......Flu -

- Time Magazine Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccinations: Says public should “trust” government when it institutes draconian measures to deal with pandemic

- Resources to combat swine flu hysteria

- March 24, 1976: Ford Orders Swine-Flu Shots for All: Mass vaccinations started in October, but within weeks reports started coming in of people developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease, right after taking the shot. Within two months, 500 people were affected, and more than 30 died. Amid a rising uproar and growing public reluctance to risk the shot, federal officials abruptly canceled the program Dec. 16.


Guerre Bacterioiologique contre Cuba
Extraits de la base CIABASE sur Cuba

Cuba. Details CIA efforts to avoid destroying offensive
biological' ordered by pres. nixon. also cites article in the 1/
9/77 issue of the Washington Post " CIA linked to 71 swine virus
in Cuba." BCAS v12, #4 1980 p11-17

Cuba, 69-70 a U.S. officer passed a vial of African swine fever
virus to a terrorist group. six weeks later Cuba suffered the
first outbreak of swine fever in the western hemisphere; pig
herds were decimated. richelson, j.t. (1985). the U.S.
intelligence community 231

Cuba, 71 anti-Castro group releases anti-swine virus in Cuba and
Cuban govt forced to kill 500,000 pigs. CIA agents delivered
sealed container that contained virus to Cuban group in ft.
gurlick, panama canal zone. CIA paramilitary center helped train
members in pm ops. minnick, w. (1992). spies and provocateurs 262

Cuba, 72-82 Cuban officials charge that the CIA infected Cuban
pigs with African swine fever in the early 70s and again in the
early 80s. also the us introduced mosquitoes that carried
bleeding dengue into Cuba in 81. hundreds of thousands became
ill and 150 died. the nation 8/27/83 135

Cuba, 81 300,000 people had dengue fever. two years earlier
swine fever devastated the island nation. entire tobacco crop
attacked by mildew; sugar cane had fungus. Cuban double agents
received reporting requirements from CIA re those events. top
secret 0-88 9-11

Cuba, 81 dengue fever type 2 broke out in Cuba 2 months after
CIA query re topic to Cuban double agent maria santiesteban. she
worked with dse for 11 years and recruited her husband, jose
alberto puig aka abelardo. ridenour, r. (1991). back fire: the
CIA's biggest burn 71

Cuba, Switzerland, 97 Cuban accuses U.S. government crop-dusting
plane for spraying a substance over Cuba in October 96 that led
to the appearance in December of a crop pest. the potato bug was
dropped on 10/21/96 by an s2r crop-dusting plane operated by the
state department -- who says the plane overflew Cuba, but
emitted only smoke. Washington times 8/26/97 a10 Cuba, 61 CIA
used weather modification and swine fever virus against Cuba.
richelson, j.t. (1985). the U.S. intelligence community 231

Cuba, 79-81 Castro said CIA probably behind hemorrhagic dengue
where in 7 weeks 113 people died and 300,000 infected. he raised
questions about African swine fever, sugar cane rust and blue
mold on tobacco that hit Cuba beginning 79 counterspy 2/82 6-8

Cuba, 66-87 in July 87 Cuban gvt revealed the identities of 26
Cubans and one Italian who had served as double agents for the
Cuban govt while ostensibly working for the CIA (double agents).
Cuban tv ran an 11-part series on the 26. series exposed CIA
attempts to spread dengue fever and crop diseases and efforts to
assassinate Castro. nacla (magazine re Latin America) 9/89 6
Cuba, 69-70 CIA used weather modification to ravage Cuba's sugar
crop. it seeded rain clouds in non-agricultural areas that left
cane fields arid. blum, w. (1986). the CIA a forgotten history

Cuba, 71-83 sudden outbreaks of sogata rice blight in 71,
African swine fever in 71 and 79, sugar cane rust and smut in 78-
79, blue tobacco mold in 79, Newcastle disease in 82, and coffee
smut in 83 caused serious damage to Cuban economy. ridenour, r.
(1991). back fire: the CIA's biggest burn 73 Cuba, 80-84 Eduardo
victor arrocena Perez, head of CIA-financed group, omega-7,
tried for assassinating felix garcia, a Cuban diplomat in new
york on 9/11/80. arrocena was a CIA agent. during trial he
testified CIA had given him chemicals to produce sickness in
Cuba. ridenour, r. (1991). back fire: the CIA's biggest burn 78-9

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It IS the Spying and 9/11, stupid, NOT the Torture....

It IS the Spying and 9/11, stupid, NOT the Torture!

Thursday April 23, 2009

UNITED STATES of America - Good evening to all. At this hour, we can now divulge that a far reaching FBI, U.S. Justice Department and U.S. Treasury investigation has zeroed in on a massive Israeli SPY Ring in the United States involving at least 25 members of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, former cabinet officials of both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, as well as cabinet officials in the current Obama Administration.

We can also report that at least 35 members of the U.S. media are under suspicion as being spies for Israel. The recent leak fingering Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman of California for her involvement in a clear attempt to obstruct justice in the noted AIPAC Espionage trial is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing; we will have full details.
Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman (D-CA)

Harman, who hoped to gain influence in order to secure the appointment as the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, clearly felt that her Israeli Mossad assets would further this opportunity.

Item: Harman had hoped to use her position as Chairman of the Committee to contain the PRE 9/11 illegal spying on the American People, which the TREASONOUS U.S. NSA outsourced to the Israeli owned companies Odigo and Comverse.


Congress hides Israeli telecom spying,
permits ‘classified’ FISA evidence

Harman would also have been expected to cover up the fact that the Israeli Mossad and its U.S. Pentagon stooges had infiltrated alleged Al Qaeda cells in the United States seven (7) months before 9/11.

These alleged Al Qaeda cells were to be scripted as patsies to take the fall for the Israeli Mossad-rogue U.S. Pentagon BLACK OP attacks on the United States.

Harman would also have been expected to cover up the role of the Iraq War Group aka the Office of Special Plans in leaking to Israel the plans of the BushFRAUD Administration to attack Iraq.

The Office of Special Plans had already scripted a war with Iraq as early as February of 2002.
KHAZARIAN Jews Benjamin Netanyahu and Mel Sembler

Harman would also have been expected to cover up the role of the Israeli Mossad and its current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Israeli Mossad agent and former U.S. Ambassador to Italy, Mel Sembler, roles in bribing certain NASA space agency officials who were involved in the year 2000 coup d'état aka the THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.

Reference: The states of Missouri, West Virginia, Tennessee, Florida and New Hampshire were stolen with the use of British, U.S. and Israeli satellites in corrupting the Voters News Service's electronic results.

Harman, of course, would have also been expected to cover up the fact that Israeli Intelligence had penetrated America's radar and stealth technology, which was accomplished by the placement of two (2) Israeli agents within the engineering ranks of two defense contractors Lockheed Martin and its F22 program and Raytheon, the manufacturer of the Patriot system.

Note: This could be one of the reasons President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates did not ask for further funding for the F22 program since the F22 program is now being investigated aka Israeli Mossad penetration of the program itself.

P.S. It is no surprise then that the corporate-controlled U.S. media filth, with the assistance of Obama White House legal counsel, Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge, "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig, quickly wanted to change the subject to "torture" NOT "spying".

Note: It was White House legal counsel Greg Craig and White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel that leaked the torture memos to the press.

Remember, folks, this illegal spying is PRE 9/11 TREASON.

And the alleged torture is all post 9/11.

The media filth like Bob Woodward of the Washington Post and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC would rather discuss alleged torture of foreign nationals than the destruction and shredding of the Constitutional rights of American citizens.

Note: Scarborough aka Scooby Doo recently shut down Chrissie Pooh Matthews' attempt to discuss the BushFRAUD Administration's PRE 9/11 knowledge when Matthews was appearing on Scarbough's MSNBC show Joe in the Morning.

Scooby Doo, who constantly promotes the 9/11 lie, and continues to cover up his role in the THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election, wants to only talk about torture and whether America is still safe.

The question I have for Scooby Doo and all American corporate media filth given the anger of the American People that continues to mount, when will the American media filth consider themselves safe.

Remember, folks, all major U.S. networks are subject to a 13 second delay controlled by the criminal, Mossad dominated NSA (National Security Agency).

P.P.S. Congratulations to Keith Olbermann of MSNBC for telling the truth concerning the alleged February of 2002 Los Angeles, California terrorist plot that the BushFRAUD Administration takes credit for stopping.

The sources for this alleged terrorist plot was none other than Ted Gunderson of FBI Division 5 and Jose Padilla, himself a U.S. CIA asset, and is considered by most to be John Doe #2 of the Oklahoma City Federal Building terrorist attack.

Final note: It is interesting folks that as soon as Jane Harman was fingered it was none other than Mrs. Federal Reserve and loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton stooge, Andrea Mitchell Greenspan, that gave Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman immediate air time.

It was none other than Andrea Mitchell of NBC News that was leaked the torture memos from the Obama White House by Greg Craig and Rahm Emanuel.

So you see, folks, how dangerous the controlled media is as they continue to engage in Misprision of Felonies on behalf of the Bush-Clinton-Israel Mossad Crime Syndicate.

As we close this intelligence briefing, we can announce that President Obama has finally decided to nationalize 16 out of 19 U.S. banks that have failed the "stress test".

At least $600 TRILLION worth of toxic derivatives remain outstanding.

This nationalization plan, which has come too late, will also limit bank account holders to a limit of $1,000 withdrawals per month.
Message to Chrissie Pooh Matthews of MSNBC:

Your guest today on your show Hardball, KHAZARIAN Jew, anti-Catholic, anti-Caroline Kennedy, anti-Al Gore moron "TRUE COLORS" Joe Klein of TIME magazine, along with his editor, KHAZARIAN Jew Richard Stengel may soon face a subpoena in front of the new Federal Grand Jury convened to investigate Israeli espionage in the United States.

We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers, you are too corrupt to continue!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Soros's and CIA's new themed revolution: high-tech and Twitter rebellions

Soros's and CIA's new themed revolution: high-tech and Twitter rebellions...

International chaos maker George Soros has tipped his hand on his future plans for "themed revolutions" in an op-ed written by the Washington Post'sAnne Applebaum, the wife of Poland's neocon Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski.

In her April 21 column, Applebaum exhulted in the fact that "fresh-faced young people reportedly used Twitter tweets, text messages and Facebook postings" to organize demonstrations in Moldova against the re-election of the nation's Communist government, an election that was ruled as fair by international observers.

Applebaum proceeds to show her Soros cards by bemoaning the fact that there was no Georgian and Ukrainian style ouster of Moldova's government. She wrote, "Alas, it is becoming clear that there was no Twitter Revolution in Moldova." Applebaum regrets that the demonstrators were no organized enough to carry out their themed revolution. Predictably, Applebaum sees the hidden hand of Russia behind the Moldova rebellion. She wrote, "Naturally, the president of Russia chimed in to condemn 'the mass disorder unfolding on the pretext of disagreement with the election results.'"

Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin quickly saw the Soros hand in the riots in his capital of Chisinau when he likened the rebellion to Soros-engineered themed revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia.

Applebaum also gave neighboring Romania, where Soros has a number of front organizations, a free pass on its own involvement with the failed revolution in Moldova. Many Romanian officials have made no secret of their desire to annex Moldova, Romania's one-time province of Bessarabia, which was peeled away by the Soviet Union in 1940.

Applebaum, in criticizing the Moldovan coup leaders for failing to organize properly to carry out their "Twitter Revolution" and be as successful as their comrades in Ukraine and Georgia, has a stark warning about future high-tech Twitter and Facebook themed revolutions elsewhere. She concluded her column with the following about Moldova: "Still, I predict this is a sign of more such 'revolutions' to come. A scenario like this one is too good to waste on Moldova alone."

The message from the Soros crowd is clear. Although Moldova's attempted high-tech themed revolution failed, there are plans to repeat the tactic in other countries. Soros's themed Orange and Rose Revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia, respectively, are on the brink of welcomed collapses and the weaning away of those nations from future NATO membership.

Soros's manipulation of themed revolutions was not only present with the Orange and Rose Revolutions but also the Tulip (or Pink) Revolution in 2005 in Kyrgyzstan, the 2000 October 5th Revolution in Serbia, and the 2005 Cedar Revolution in Lebanon. Soros was behind failed themed revolutions in 2005 in Armenia and Azerbaijan, in 2006 in Belarus (the "Denim Revolution'), in 2007 in Myanmar (the "Saffron Revolution"), another failed revolution in Moldova in 2005, in 2008 in Mongolia (the "Yellow Revolution"), the Bashkortostan Republic in Russia (another "Orange Revolution'), the Saffron Revolution in Tibet in 2008, the Cotton Revolution in Uzbekistan, and nascent themed revolutions in Iran and Venezuela.

Soros will undoubtedly try to influence the current counter-revolution against his tool Mikhael Saakashvili in Georgia by throwing money at the opposition in order to expand his influence in the country. However, in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, and other countries, Soros's tactics are becoming clear. Recently, a former top U.S. diplomat told WMR on background that the United States must stop franchising out its foreign policy to special interest groups.

The Soros-funded Orange Revolution in Ukraine took place at the same tome Soros was trying to influence the outcome of the 2004 U.S. presidential election. WMR has learned from knowledgeable source that Soros paid Republican attorneys to infiltrate the movement in Ohio that worked to expose GOP vote rigging in the state and the fraud that resulted in George W. Bush's re-election. It is likely that Soros is adopting the same tactics with the opposition in Georgia and Ukraine today.

Applebaum's column indicates a change in Soros's tactics. High-tech Twitter and Facebook revolutions appear to be his new game. That will only invite more government surveillance of such social networking media and increased neocon manipulation of information.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FBI involved in investigating DC Madam's "suicide"

FBI involved in investigating DC Madam's "suicide"

According to U.S. intelligence sources, the late "Washington Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey's death last May 1 was investigated by the FBI. Palfrey attempted to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act and introduce classified information in her defense during her trial for running a prostitution ring. Her request was denied by U.S. Judge James Robertson.

According to a sealed FBI autopsy report maintained at the FBI forensics crime laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, FBI investigators concluded that Palfrey was assaulted from behind at or near her mother's house in the Sun Valley Mobile Home Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida and her murder by hanging was made to appear as a suicide.

Palfrey's Pamela Martin & Associates escort agency serviced a number of Washington's most powerful clientele, including Senator David Vitter (R-LA); US Agency for International Development chief Randall Tobias; the brother of the Chief of Naval Operations; and, as WMR previously reported, Dick Cheney, while he was the President and CEO of Halliburton.

The information on Palfrey's murder came as a quid pro quo for from intelligence community sources for WMR's continuing investigation of the murder of CIA Patriot missile expert William Bennett in Loudoun County on March 22. Bennett had been the CIA's top damage assessment expert on the illegal sale of U.S. Patriot missile and radar technology by Israel to Russia and China.

Palfrey allegedly wrote two "suicide" notes," which, based on the new revelations about her death, appear to be forgeries. The Tarpon Springs Police Department said the result of its autopsy concluded that Palfrey hanged herself....


Wider implications of the leak of the Harman treason

Capitol Hill leadership silent on Jane Harman offering to intercede on behalf of Israeli AIPAC spies in return for House Intelligence Committee chairmanship. Why the silence? Demcratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer - sister was executive director of AIPAC; GOP Minority Whip Eric Cantor - Jewish Zionist supporter of Israel. Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) co-chair is former CIA director Porter Goss, who asked for investigation of Harman over her activities on behalf of Mossad. Goss is now neutered because of conflict-of-interest in matter. Who appointed Goss to co-chair OCE? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the same city where the Senate Intelligence Committee chair and top Israel supporter Dianne Feinstein hails: San Francisco. There must be some congressional leadership resignations, and fast.

Spying on Iran: [ . . . ] Speaking of denial and genocide, did you know that discussing the campaign of genocide against the Palestinians is 'Holocaust denial'? Does that mean that if there is really an ongoing campaign of genocide against the Palestinians the Jewish holocaust did not occur?
No license, but Blackwater is still in Iraq: Private security guards employed by the company, now known as Xe, are slated to continue ground operations in parts of Iraq long into the summer, far longer than had previously been acknowledged, government officials told The Associated CIA Press....

Bolivian-Hungarian convert to Islam, who had Jewish father, named ringleader of plot to assassinate Evo Morales. Two plotters, converts to Islam, linked to shadowy Szekler Legion, Hungarian nationalist group from Transylvania in Romania. Similar to Boris Berezovsky's support for Chechen Islamic terrorists. Bolivia plot smells of Russian-Israeli Mafia and CIA/MI6 Soros.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Top Scientists Agree: Robert Mueller framed Bruce Ivins to protect Donald Rumsfeld on orders from George Bush. It was a matter of national security,

Top Scientists Agree: Robert Mueller framed Bruce Ivins to protect Donald Rumsfeld on orders from George Bush.

It was a matter of national security, which means anything goes,
including: framing a Christian for the crime of a Jew

Hindsight is 20/20. The guilty dog barked first.

FBI was told to blame Anthrax scare on Al Qaeda by White House
Saturday, August 2nd 2008, 6:32 PM

WASHINGTON - In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attacks,
White House officials repeatedly pressed FBI Director Robert Mueller
to prove it was a second-wave assault by Al Qaeda, but investigators
ruled that out, the Daily News has learned.

After the Oct. 5, 2001, death from anthrax exposure of Sun photo
editor Robert Stevens, Mueller was "beaten up" during President Bush's
morning intelligence briefings for not producing proof the killer
spores were the handiwork of terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden,
according to a former aide.

"They really wanted to blame somebody in the Middle East," the retired
senior FBI official told The News.

On October 15, 2001, President Bush said, "There may be some possible
link" to Bin Laden, adding, "I wouldn't put it past him." Vice
President Cheney also said Bin Laden's henchmen were trained "how to
deploy and use these kinds of substances, so you start to piece it all
together." ...


The reason Bush "beat up" FBI Director Mueller is because Robert
Stevens, the first person killed by the false-flag anthrax attack,
worked at the tabloid that published pictures of Bush's daughters
getting rowdy in a bar. It made it look a lot like President Bush had
some input on choosing the "arbitrary" targets to be mailed anthrax

Two more targets of the "arbitrary" false-flag anthrax attack were the
two senators that were opposed to the Patriot Act. After being mailed
anthrax, the two brave senators chickened-out and signed the Patriot
Act without even reading it. They were too scared to turn the pages
of the neocon document and breath at the same time. They just held
their nose, signed it and skeeted.

Another telling target of the "arbitrary" anthrax terrorist attack is
FOX NEWS. Of course, FOX NEWS got the "hoax" anthrax. It was like
drawing straws: Bush's enemies got the long straw with real
weaponized anthrax; Bush's friends got the short straws with the
"hoax" anthrax. And it all looked: oooooh soooooo arbitrary.

Ask yourself this question: Who would mail *fake* anthrax to FOX
NEWS, Bush or Bin Laden? No one was going to have time to dwell on
that question because as soon as anthrax was found in Saddam's
medicine cabinet, The neocon government would scream: CASE CLOSED!

The neocons would say: "The anthrax terrorists are all dead and buried
in Iraq." Americans would think Bush is wonderful for invading Iraq
and killing the anthrax terrorists, when Bush was one of the neocon
conspirators that helped Rumsfeld plan it. Cool, huh? But plan A

Plan A failed because the anthrax Rumsfeld sold Saddam could not be
found in Iraq.

Rewards offered for the knowledge of where Saddam's anthrax was
located went uncollected, so plan B was put into effect. Plan B was
to have the spooks plant anthrax in Iraq to be "discovered" by an E-3
in the US Army, to make it look ooooh sooooo un-suspicious.

Plan B failed because there was so much scrutiny on "The Search for
Saddam's WMD's." The CIA tried to smuggle anthrax into Iraq but got
caught and had to abort the mission. People were watching the spooks
too close, so their dirty hands were tied. It was time for plan C.

Plan C: If we can't frame Saddam, we have to frame somebody.

President Bush ordered Mueller: "Stall, stall, stall. Make this a
massive investigation that goes nowhere and lasts forever, or at least
until I'm safely out of office. In the meantime, if you can create a
patsy, dead or alive, do so. It is A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY, and
mine and Dick's and Rummy's."

~~~~~~~~~~End of Theory~~~~~~~~~~

If my theory is accepted, the pieces of the "anthrax investigation"
puzzle fit together perfectly. It answers the main questions: Why
did Amerithrax last longer than the Vietnam war and nobody went to
jail? Why did two "suspects" (*) drink themselves to death and
another "suspect" sued the taxpayers for millions???

There's nothing about "top scientists" in this thread. I used
"scientists" as a ploy to make my propaganda seem more convincing to
the general public, like the FBI did. (I learned how to be sneaky
from DC Dave.)


Anthrax investigation still yielding findings
Chemical composition of spores doesn't match suspect flask.

I attended the "biodefense meeting" of Feb. 24 in Baltimore. One thing
we are reminded of is this: The entire scientific investigation has
been focused upon looking for a match between the attack anthrax and
the samples of Ames strain anthrax that were collected about seven
years ago, numbering 1070 samples. According to the FBI scientists,
these samples were collected as the result of an FBI request for
"voluntary submissions" of Ames strain samples made to laboratories
all over the world (with the greatest majority of course being
American laboratories). The scientists spoke to us on Feb. 24 about
all of the expensive and time-consuming rigor that went into producing
results that would be admissible in a court of law. What renders all
of it inadmissible is the (tacit) underlying assumption that the
laboratory that generated the attack anthrax would produce a sample of
the same anthrax in response to an FBI request for "voluntary
submissions." Some subpoenas were issued. This of course does not
dispose of the problem. A subpoena is a piece of paper that commands
the production of evidence within a certain period, like one month.
There is hardly more reason to believe that the laboratory that
generated the attack anthrax would produce a sample of it in response
to a subpoena than it would in response to a request for voluntary
submission. As for unannounced searches and seizures, I expect there
were a few of those. For this to add to the validity of the science,
one underlying assumption is that one of these unannounced searches
would have occurred at the guilty laboratory. The other assumption is
that the guilty laboratory would have left laying around a batch of
anthrax matching the attack anthrax. The "underlying assumptions" I am
identifying are not just insupportable. What is being assumed to be
true is almost certainly false. There is every reason to expect that
immediately after perpetrating the anthrax attacks, the guilty parties
hid/disposed of the anthrax remaining in their custody that could
connect them to the crime. This would be especially easy to do in a
facility shrouded in layers of secrecy. The FBI might as well have
asked for everyone's samples of dried Ames strain, concentrated to the
degree of one trillion spores per gram, containing particles between 1
and 4 microns in size, with the presence of silicon in the spore
coat,etc. Bottom line: The FBI's claim is erroneous that the science
behind Amerithrax narrows the possible sources of the attack anthrax
to eight labs (seven of which were at USAMRIID, and one of which was
at an "institution" the FBI continues to refuse to identify). The
science behind Amerithrax is being used by the DOJ-FBI to imbue
groundless conclusions with the aura of scientific authority and
precision. The science is also being used to occupy (distract,
confuse) us with esoteric matters that cannot contribute to real
insight into the origin of the anthrax letters.

* 27 Feb, 2009
* Posted by: Barry Kissin


F rame B ruce I vins


Do you wonder sometimes how a man can endure
Knowing that he's a provocateur
Like Robert Mueller leaks to a media shill
Who ruined the Professor, Steven Hatfill
But among the cases one might consider a curse
Agents labor at one that is probably worse
Harassing anyone they think it might be
And convicting Dr. Ivins for his poetry
Should the agents confess, they'd be roundly hated
By all those they lied to and manipulated
But somehow they cope with their private disgrace
Of frame-up artists on the Amerithrax case


The FBI-Patsy-Twins, Doctor Ivins and Doctor Mikesell (*)

The FBI-Patsy-Twins, Doctor Ivins and Doctor Mikesell, were similar in
many ways. They both worked at Rumsfeld's bio-lab, they both were
accused by the FBI of mailing anthrax to Bush's enemies, and
consequently, they both were harassed, tormented, threatened with the
death-penalty, and terrorized to the point of needing a drink of hard
liquor... really, really bad.

Perry Mikesell and Bruce Ivins both died of the same thing, alcohol
poisoning; however, FBI Director Mueller says one died of "suicide,"
and the other died of "natural causes." Mueller is lying because
neither man intentionally ended their own life as required by the
legal and medical definition of the word "suicide."

If the FBI and its obedient media say it a million times that Bruce
Ivins committed suicide, it still will not be true. Bruce Ivins did
not intentionally end his life by taking Tylanol. He was a
*scientist* for God's sake! I like the way this poster sarcastically
put it:

(Forwarded post:)
Common Sense
August 7th, 2008 @ 11:07 pm
Yes and it makes perfect sense why Ivins would choose, instead of
shooting himself with one of the firearms the FBI claims it seized
from his house and get it over with immediately, instead of doing that
he takes an overdose of tylenol and codeine over the weekend and says
to himself "Yes, I think I will make my last couple days on earth
mind-bending agony while the acetaminophen destroys my liver". Right?
This story is so obviously fake it smells like a really REALLY bad
B-movie screenplay that was rejected for being too hackneyed and
unrealistic. Mad scientist. Secretly homicidal but not secretly. Yet
they let him carry on working in the biological weapons lab with his
security clearance. Devises his nefarious plot supposedly because he
wants to test his anthrax vaccine on human subjects and Ft. Detrick
only lets him test on animals. Come on! This story is patently
ridiculous on its face. Demand an autopsy. Check for needle marks in
odd places.
==============end quote=================

The "patsy-twins" both started drinking heavily in response to FBI
harassment, terrorism and intimidation, and eventually died from it;
however, Dr. Ivins is a notorious posthumous celebrity scorned as the
"lone, crazed anthrax terrorist," while Dr. Mikesell has been
relegated to Orwell's memory hole.

Up the flag pole with the FBI's anthrax terrorist suspect posthumously
pronounced guilty:

Down the memory hole with Perry Mikesell, the FBI's oops, wrong dead
patsy, sorry. No page text matches Did you mean: ...Perry Mason ?

You've probably never heard of Dr. Perry Mikesell because the FBI
don't want you to, and, of course, the Bureau Boys control the media.
The FBI are *God* around here and when they decide to rain on your
parade, you're phucked. There is no escape. No where to run, nowhere
to hide, from the cruel, hideous tyrant named the FBI. The only place
to escape is inside a bottle of liquor.

In order to protect the real killers, the FBI attempted to make Steven
Hatfill commit suicide so they wouldn't have to prove anything in
court. Hatfield would have drank himself to death too if he didn't
have such a good lawyer. For absorbing and surviving FBI harassment,
Dr Hatfill and his lawyer became multi-millionaires at the expense of
the American taxpayers.

If Hatfill would have killed himself, it would have been perfect. The
FBI would have said Hatfill was "crazy" and "acted alone," and no one
would have questioned it. As it turned out, Robert Mueller went to
the well once too often, and now his credibility is in tatters.

This is what the FBI call "investigating," and I call state-sponsored

Anthrax Mystery: Questions Raised over Whether Government Is Framing
Dead Army Scientist for 2001 Attacks
PATRICK CLAWSON: The problem that Steve Hatfill has is that his life
is a living nightmare right now. Every place he goes, twenty-four
hours a day, seven days a week, he is followed by squads of FBI
agents. Just last week, Steve and I went out to have some drinks and
dinner, and as soon as I left his house, bam!, I had seven FBI cars
following me all over northwest Washington, D.C. Sometimes these
agents swear at him, they flip him the finger. There's nothing
surreptitious about this. This is not a surveillance. This is an open,
in-your-face harassment campaign. Steve Hatfill is a poster boy for
abuses of the PATRIOT Act.

================End quote=================

Perry Mikesell died of alcohol poisoning as a result of FBI
harassment, just like Bruce Ivins:

Doubts persist that troubled scientist was anthrax killer
Originally published Sunday, January 4, 2009 at 12:00 AM:

When Perry Mikesell, a microbiologist in Ohio, came under suspicion as
the anthrax attacker, he began drinking heavily, family members say,
and soon died. After a doctor in New York drew the interest of the
F.B.I., his marriage fell apart and his practice suffered, his lawyer
says. And after two Pakistani brothers in Pennsylvania were briefly
under scrutiny, they eventually had to leave the country to find work.

Profile: Perry Mikesell

Perry Mikesell was a participant or observer in the following events:
Late October 2002: Anthrax Attacks Suspect Drinks Himself to Death In
2002, microbiologist Perry Mikesell came under suspicion as the
anthrax attacker. Mikesell is an anthrax specialist who worked with
Bruce Ivins and others at USAMRIID, the US Army's top bioweapons
laboratory, in the 1980s and 1990s. Since then, he had worked at the
Battelle Memorial Institute, a private contractor in Ohio working on
classified government bioweapons programs. According to family
members, he begins drinking heavily after the FBI starts suspecting
him, consuming up to a fifth of hard liquor a day. One relative will
later say, "It was a shock that all of a sudden he's a raging
alcoholic." He dies in late October 2002. The relative will say, "He
drank himself to death." His connection to the anthrax investigation
will not be revealed until 2008, and it still is completely unknown
why the FBI was focusing on him. Two weeks before his suicide (see
July 29, 2008) ...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tribes with Flags which will be brought about worldwide by the threesome of assassins, CIA/MOSSAD/MI6.....

Ethiopia/USA/Somali pirates’ cover-up....Tribes with Flags which will be brought about worldwide by the threesome of assassins, CIA/MOSSAD/MI6.....all the way to
way of using the ** stooge of CIA the Dalai Lama.....

Apr 17, 2009,

ASMARA, Eritrea -- One of the best kept secrets in the international media these days is the link between the USA, Ethiopia and the Somali pirates. First, a little reliable background from someone on the ground in the Horn of Africa.

The Somali pirates operate out of the Ethiopian and USA created enclaves in Somalia calling themselves Somaliland and Puntland. These Ethiopian and USA backed warlord controlled territories have for many years hosted Ethiopian military bases, which have been greatly expanded recently by the addition of thousands of Ethiopian troops who were driven out of southern and central Somali by the Somali resistance to the Ethiopian invasion.

After securing their ransom for the hijacked ships the Somali pirates head directly to their local safe havens, in this case, the Ethiopian military bases, where they make a sizeable contribution to the retirement accounts of the Ethiopian regime headed by Meles Zenawi.

Of course, the international naval forces who are patrolling the Horn of Africa know all too well what is going on for they have at their disposal all sorts of high tech observation platforms, ranging from satellites to unmanned drones with high resolution video cameras that report back in real time.

The French commandos started to pursue the Somali pirates into their lairs last year until the pirates got the word that for the right amount of cash they were more than welcome in the Ethiopian military bases in their local neighborhoods. Ethiopia being the western, mainly USA, Cop on the Beat in East Africa put these bases off limits to the frustrated navies of the world, who are no doubt growling in anger to their USA counterparts about why this is all going on.

Now that the pirates have started attacking USA flagged shipping, something that was until now off limits, it remains to be seen what the Obama administration will do. One thing we in the Horn of Africa have learned all too well, when it comes to Ethiopia, don’t expect anything resembling accurate coverage by the media, especially those who operate under the cloak of “freedom of the press.”

Stay tuned for more on this , the only site willing to expose the truth on matters no one else will the thousands of Tribes with Flags which will be brought about worldwide by the threesome of assassins, CIA/MOSSAD/MI6.....

In other words, the Dalai Lama while pretending that he is an adherent
of Buddhism which advocates nonviolence preaches that violence is not
violence, but rather nonviolence if the person who committed violence
was motivated by a ``good cause''.

So what constitutes a ``good cause''? He didn't say. But he said he
and George Bush the mass murderer of this century became instant
buddies and he loved him. (The Dalai Lama also declared that he would
not pass judgment on the aggression against Iraq. Of course not!
understandably, the NGOs under Bush gave the priest a lot of money to
speak on the neoconservatives' behalf and speak glowingly about their

By his definition, a Tibetan who threw firebombs into a shop in Lhasa,
murdered the shop operator and his wife, and destroyed the property,
might not have committed violence because his motivation was to take
Tibet out of China's control. The Dalai Lama has described life in
Tibet under China as hell for the ``Tibetans''.

But of course, he was just saying what the Bin Laden has been saying
about kicking the US military out of Saudi Arabia and other parts of
the Middle East, though he wanted to pretend that he himself was no
Bin Laden because he advocated nonviolence while every Western host he
pays a visit to has branded Bin Laden a most-wanted terrorist.

While the jihadists in the Middle East have been honest about their
goal and justify their jihad as self-defense, an act allowed by Islam,
the Dalai Lama resorts to ugly sophistry to justify his disgusting
relationship with George Bush and to continue to incite his followers
in Tibet to commit violence.

So, we now can be absolutely sure that the Dalai Lama's ``Third Way''
is in actuality his idea of wanting both ways: wanting violence
against others but refuse to accept the judgment that he is a real
advocate of violence.

And so, no wonder why the Chinese government (of which I am not a fan)
doesn't want to negotiate with him.

Who would want to negotiate with someone with a forked tongue whose
words do not mean anything?

And that's why I've been saying that the Dalai Lama ill-serves the
Tibetan people as their spokesman and self-appointed leader. The
longer he is fooling-around by consorting with mass-murderers in the
West, the longer the Tibetan people have to suffer. For example, the
Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia has many colleges and universities
since the Communists took over China and invested in the region, Tibet
continues to be largely illiterate because the Dalai Lama encourages
the people to be isolationists, ignoring the necessity for education
for the sake of survival.

The Dalai Lama no doubt earns 6 figure honoraria spending a week here
and a week there in the US (the hosts couldn't possibly be paying him
anything less than they would pay Al Gore for example, could they?)

So the Dalai Lama is willing to prostitute the interests of ``his
people'' in exchange for the dollars of CIA..... How sad!
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