Tuesday, April 21, 2009

FBI involved in investigating DC Madam's "suicide"

FBI involved in investigating DC Madam's "suicide"

According to U.S. intelligence sources, the late "Washington Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey's death last May 1 was investigated by the FBI. Palfrey attempted to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act and introduce classified information in her defense during her trial for running a prostitution ring. Her request was denied by U.S. Judge James Robertson.

According to a sealed FBI autopsy report maintained at the FBI forensics crime laboratory in Quantico, Virginia, FBI investigators concluded that Palfrey was assaulted from behind at or near her mother's house in the Sun Valley Mobile Home Park in Tarpon Springs, Florida and her murder by hanging was made to appear as a suicide.

Palfrey's Pamela Martin & Associates escort agency serviced a number of Washington's most powerful clientele, including Senator David Vitter (R-LA); US Agency for International Development chief Randall Tobias; the brother of the Chief of Naval Operations; and, as WMR previously reported, Dick Cheney, while he was the President and CEO of Halliburton.

The information on Palfrey's murder came as a quid pro quo for from intelligence community sources for WMR's continuing investigation of the murder of CIA Patriot missile expert William Bennett in Loudoun County on March 22. Bennett had been the CIA's top damage assessment expert on the illegal sale of U.S. Patriot missile and radar technology by Israel to Russia and China.

Palfrey allegedly wrote two "suicide" notes," which, based on the new revelations about her death, appear to be forgeries. The Tarpon Springs Police Department said the result of its autopsy concluded that Palfrey hanged herself....


Wider implications of the leak of the Harman treason

Capitol Hill leadership silent on Jane Harman offering to intercede on behalf of Israeli AIPAC spies in return for House Intelligence Committee chairmanship. Why the silence? Demcratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer - sister was executive director of AIPAC; GOP Minority Whip Eric Cantor - Jewish Zionist supporter of Israel. Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) co-chair is former CIA director Porter Goss, who asked for investigation of Harman over her activities on behalf of Mossad. Goss is now neutered because of conflict-of-interest in matter. Who appointed Goss to co-chair OCE? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from the same city where the Senate Intelligence Committee chair and top Israel supporter Dianne Feinstein hails: San Francisco. There must be some congressional leadership resignations, and fast.

Spying on Iran: [ . . . ] Speaking of denial and genocide, did you know that discussing the campaign of genocide against the Palestinians is 'Holocaust denial'? Does that mean that if there is really an ongoing campaign of genocide against the Palestinians the Jewish holocaust did not occur?
No license, but Blackwater is still in Iraq: Private security guards employed by the company, now known as Xe, are slated to continue ground operations in parts of Iraq long into the summer, far longer than had previously been acknowledged, government officials told The Associated CIA Press....

Bolivian-Hungarian convert to Islam, who had Jewish father, named ringleader of plot to assassinate Evo Morales. Two plotters, converts to Islam, linked to shadowy Szekler Legion, Hungarian nationalist group from Transylvania in Romania. Similar to Boris Berezovsky's support for Chechen Islamic terrorists. Bolivia plot smells of Russian-Israeli Mafia and CIA/MI6 Soros.


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