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"Red herring" of "Red China" in Bennett murder case

"Red herring" of "Red China" in Bennett murder case

On April 3, WMR reported, "When NBC-4 in Washington, DC was fed a story from an 'intelligence source' that CIA officer William Bennett's brutal bludgeoning murder on March 22 may have been linked to his work for the CIA that resulted in the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, the station was being misled with a red herring. WMR's Chinese sources report that the U.S. bombing of the Chinese embassy on May 7, 1999, was no mistake and it was targeted as a result of a decision by then-director of the National Security Agency (NSA) General Michael Hayden to target the facility because its communications center was sending burst transmissions to Yugoslav army units in Kosovo from the Yugoslav military high command in Belgrade."

It appears that certain quarters are intent on trying to pin Bennett's murder on the Chinese in an act of retribution, even though such a move would be all but unthinkable a few weeks before President Barack Obama's first meeting with Chinese Presient Hu Jintao at the G20 Summit in London.

"The Cable," which is operated by the always-dubious neocon-owned and operated Washington Post is also running a piece suggesting Bennett was murdered in a Chinese retaliatory attack. The article states "In 1999, sources bring to our attention, Bennett was a retired Army lieutenant colonel working at the CIA on contract as a targeter during the 78-day NATO air war on Kosovo. He was one of the people, according to a former U.S. intelligence source, who was later found responsible by the Agency for feeding the target into the system that resulted in the May 7, 1999 NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade . . . The former U.S. intelligence source says Bennett was fired as a consequence of the CIA investigation into how the Chinese embassy was targeted." The Cable also reported its source told them that Bennett was the only CIA officer fired as a result of the Chinese embassy bombing while sanctioning six others."

WMR's own intelligence sources report on the NSA and CIA mission that targeted the Chinese embassy not by mistake but on purpose.

On April 3, WMR's report stated: "The embassy was also transmitting television signals that were being used as part of a passive detection system used to track U.S. Air Force stealth aircraft over Yugoslavia. On March 27, 1999, the Yugoslav army, with the assistance of the Chinese long wavelength detection system, was able to spot a stealth F-117 and shoot it down. The Pentagon gave China an ultimatum to return the F-117's cloaking system that was recovered by Yugoslavian military units from the wreckage and turned it over to the Chinese. The Chinese Foreign Ministry, like the Clinton White House, was reportedly kept out of the loop on the serious military confrontation between the Pentagon and the Chinese People's Liberation Army and intelligence services. There was a leak to the media by a CIA officer or officers out of the NATO base in Vicenza, Italy concerning the targeting of the Chinese embassy and it just so happens that Bennett was stationed at the base during the Yugoslav campaign."

WMR can report the following further details on the attack on the Chinese embassy: The Chinese radar system that was used by the Serbs to bring down the F-117 used a form of passive pulse Doppler radar that operates in the long wave television broadcast band from 50 to 88 MHz on television channels 2 through 6. It used the synchronous pulses generated by a high power television transmitter for its timing source, usually synchronized by a global positioning system (GPS). The mobile radar station is merely a receiver and a directional antenna in receive-only mode. The signals are fed into a laptop computer with a GPS receiver for timing purposes. All stealth aircraft (F-117/F-22) with a wing span between 25 and 75 feet will self resonate and "light up" when exposed to high power radar signals in the TV band.

According to our intelligence sources, the system was used in Yugoslavia by the Chinese to demonstrate there anti-stealth technology to the United States. Algeria's radio-electronic combat troops were also testing the anti-stealth radar system in 1997 on behalf of the Russians.

A U.S. intelligence source who examined the Russian radar system while being tested in Algeria discovered the original software documents used by the anti-stealth system were written in Hebrew and were provided by the Israelis to the Russians. The Russians were using their partially Israeli-developed anti-stealth radar system to track the high altitude stealth Aurora testing that was going on in the skies above North Africa at the time.

The Israelis developed a highly-advanced and portable version of the radar that they sold to both the Russians and the Chinese. In addition, this system is part of the advance early warning radar system used by the Russian S-300 missile system, which Russia has agreed to provide to Iran. The system, according to U.S. intelligence sources, uses software copied from the Patriot missile system sold by the United States to Israel.

On April 7, 1992, the Toronto Star reported that Chinese military attaches in the Netherlands and Syria told American diplomats that Israel passed classified Patriot technology to China. The Chinese disclosures confirmed earlier CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) reports that Israel had passed on Patriot technology to China following the deployment of Patriot missile batteries to Israel during Operation Desert Storm.

Israelis operated two Patriot batteries at military installations along its coast -- one north of Tel Aviv and the other south of Haifa.

ABC News reported in 1992 that the Israelis tried to claim that it was the Saudis who passed Patriot missile secrets to China. It was Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney rejected the Israeli allegation about the Saudis, stating to ABC News that "I don't believe it has any credibility. All the Patriots that are in Saudi Arabia are manned by Americans. There are no Patriots manned by Saudis."

The George H. W. Bush administration dispatched a team of Defense and State Department and CIA inspectors to Israel on March 19, 1992, to check out the Israeli passing of Patriot secrets to China. The Israeli government condemned the move as an act of an "untrusting ally." The National Security Agency (NSA) and its Hebrew linguists conducted a full-scale signals intelligence operation targeting Israeli communications with Chinese parties. U.S. spy satellites ordered over the the Patriot missile battery areas provided detailed imagery that allowed analysts to check on suspicious activity and movement of vehicles prior to the arrival of the U.S. inspection team.

In 1997, the FBI raided the Southville, Michigan home of U.S. Army Tank, Automotive and Armaments Command (TAACOM) engineer David Tannenbaum. FBI agents confiscated documents, phone call records, and computer disks that reportedly included classified documents on the Patriot missile system. CNN reported that Tannenbaum, in an affidavit, said he "inadvertently provided" the information to Israel. The FBI suspected that Tannenbaum provided classified information to Israeli liaison officers over a ten year period. The FBI later dropped its investigation of Tannenbaum. The government of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu quickly denied any knowledge of the affair.

In 2008, Ben-Ami Kadish, a retired engineer for the U.S. Army's Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center at the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, was charged with passing Patriot missile technology, in addition to other military secrets, to Israel during his long stint as a spy for Mossad handlers in New York and Washington. It is believed by FBI investigators that computer components from the Patriot system were passed by Kadish to his Mossad handlers and that this technology was then passed to China.

One of Mossad's top foreign liaison officers was Uzi Arad, who not only spied abroad but collected sensitive military technology for the Israelis, including Patriot missile technology. He was one of the handlers involved in the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) espionage ring of Larry Franklin, Steve Rosen, and Keith Weissman. Arad is now the National Security Council chairman for the Israeli government but is denied a U.S. visa because of his past espionage activities in the United States.

WMR has been informed that a classified report on Israel's transfer of Patriot and other sensitive military technology to Russia and China, including that which was used against U.S. stealth aircraft during the Kosovo war, exists within the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Since the S-300 is a Russian clone of the Patriot missile system, the Israelis are apoplectic over the notion that Iran could deploy it. The system's passive radar cannot be detected and destroyed by normal anti-radiation systems such as Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) or Wild Weasel Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD) systems. . The anti-stealth S-300 technology is said to be so good that it forced the retirement of the SR-71 Blackbird from the U.S. stealth air reconnaissance fleet. Apparently, the U.S. Air Force hopes to retire the F-117 for the same reason. The F-22 Raptor has also been rendered useless because of widespread deployment of the anti-stealth radar system by the Russians and Chinese. The system is currently being tested in Syria and North Korea and has been sold to India.

Our sources claim the Israelis are simply engaged in covering up there illegal technology transfers and Bennett's knowledge of the Israeli operation earned him a death sentence, likely carried out by a Russian-Israeli "Kosher Nostra" mob cell from Florida. The perpetrators of Bennett's murder are not to be found in the Far East but the Middle East....

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