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Egypt/CIA roll up an Israeli plot directed against Obama?

Egypt/CIA roll up an Israeli plot directed against Obama?

Egyptian security forces detained a number of students at Cairo's Al-Azhar University on May 27 in raids of student residences in the Madinat-Nasr neighborhood prior to a speech President Barack Obama is to give in Cairo on June 4. The much-awaited speech by Obama to the Arab and Muslim world comes amid a deterioration in U.S. relations with Israel over the refusal of the Likud-led government of Binyamin Netanyahu to accede to U.S. demands to halt the expansion of Jewish settlements in the illegally-occupied West Bank.

Obama's speech at Cairo University, located in Giza south of the Egyptian capital, is co-hosted by Al-Azhar University. Obama also plans to visit a Cairo mosque on his June 4 visit, which does not include any overnight stays in Cairo. Obama is scheduled to arrive from Saudi Arabia, a last minute addition to the itinerary, visit Cairo on June 4, and fly off to Germany the same day.

The security sweeps by Egyptian security forces were directed against Russian students from Russia's restive Caucasus republics of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, and North Ossetia. In addition, students from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Britain, France, and Denmark were also rounded up by Egyptian authorities. Several laptop computers and cash were also seized by the Egyptians. There are also some reports that some Americans studying at Al Azhar were taken into custody but were released the same day.

Egyptian authorities later released some of the Russian and Kazakh detainees.

The number of Russian students detained was said to be more than 35. At first, Egyptian authorities refused the Russian Consulate in Cairo access to the detainees. A report from the Russian republic of Ingushetia stated the number of Russian detainees was 198, much higher than other press reports. Russian government sources put the total number of foreigners detained by Egypt at 150.

The Egyptians reportedly asked some of the detained students whether they planned to carry out "another Hussein Square." On February 22 of this year, a bomb thrown into the crowded Hussein Square tourist mecca in central Cairo killed a woman from France and injured 20 other people, including a French boy who was critically injured. No claim of responsibility for the attack was ever made but it came after tensions in the region were heightened over Israel's attack on and continuing siege of the Gaza Strip.

The students rounded up in Egypt were asked about the sources of their money. It appears that the Russian students apprehended were not part of an official Russian and Egypt student program. The Council of Muftis of Russia stated that none of the Russian students taken into custody by the Egyptians were at Al-Azhar as part of any officially-sanctioned program of the council. Many of the students detained were at the university in violation of the visa regime in place and were not registered with Russian Muslim authorities.

There are reports that Obama will visit the Al-Azhar University mosque in Cairo. The president will be protected by an American security force of 3,000 personnel, as well as 30,000 Egyptian security officers. Some parts of the presidential itinerary and route in Cairo remain classified.

The Egyptian authorities' questioning of the source of funding for the Russians and other Al-Azhar students is noteworthy. WMR has previously reported on the many links between the Russian-Israeli mafia and Muslim terrorist groups, including Chechen guerrillas.

On January 11, 2009, we reported on the supply of weapons to Hamas from Russian-Israeli mafia circles in Israel. WMR also reported on the strong links between Russian-Israeli mob tycoon Boris Berezovsky and the late Russian intelligence officer Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London from polonium-210 poisoning, and Chechen guerrillas who were responsible for a number of terrorist attacks aimed at destabilizing the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, Berezovsky, in a major false flag operation, funded Chechen guerrillas by having Chechen warlords Shamil Basayev, Movladi Udugov, and Salman Raduyev kidnap people so that Berezovsky could finance them through the payment of ransoms totaling into the millions of dollars. Western intelligence linked "Al Qaeda" units to the Chechens funded by Berezovsky, providing yet another link between the Russian-Israel Mafia and "Al Qaeda." Berezovsky was also accused by Chechen leaders of financing extreme Wahhabi Kavkaz-TV television broadcasts designed to stir up anti-Russian passions among Chechen's Muslims. The Russian-Israeli fugitive billionaire, who enjoys asylum in Britain, was also linked to various Chechen terrorist attacks in Moscow. Berezovsky also supported Islamist radicals in the neighboring Russian Republic of Ingushetia, where some of the Chechen guerrillas found refuge.

The involvement of Russian Muslims in the Egyptian investigation of a potential threat against Obama, at the same time of souring relations between the Obama administration and Israel's government, which includes the extreme right-wing Moldovan-Israeli mob boss Avigdor Lieberman as Foreign Minister, is a strong indication that whatever the Egyptians uncovered about a threat against the President may have had "false flag" fingerprints all over it.

Using Russian and central Asian Muslims in Cairo in a false flag operation diected against Obama would have generated a backlash against Muslims and Arabs, something that Obama is trying to reverse by his speech and very presence in Cairo, and engendered both sympathy for Israel's Likud government and hostility towards Muslims from Egypt and Palestine to central Asia.

It is also likely that the Egyptian security services were tipped off by their American counterparts before the raid on Al-Azhar students. The question posed by the Egyptians to the Russians and other central Asians whether they planned a repeat of the Hussein Square bombing in February was likely prompted by either signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts by the National Security Agency (NSA), human intelligence evidence, or a combination of the two. A bombing anywhere in Cairo during Obama's visit would create a media frenzy that would place Egypt and Obama's wider Muslim and Arab audience in a bad light.

Any incident during Obama's trip to Egypt would undoubtedly result in the following from Israeli propagandist, CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "And now for Israel's reaction to this latest example of terrorism in the Middle East, we go to Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev in Jerusalem. Mark, what does Israel think about this latest incident in Cairo?" "Thank you, Wolf, Israel deplores this latest action and believes . . . blah, blah, blah, blah."


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