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Obvious predictions for 2011....

Obvious predictions for 2011....

The barbaric inside Job of 911 is the nut-cutting issue of our lives..... Everything revolves around that day, for it was the day that gave the criminals the excuse to implement the Fascism we are experiencing at this time.... Every thing before then was pretext or small grabs at liberty with fear of backlash. Now, they feel that they have bumfuzzled the entire world’s population into believing the utter lie and continue the barrage with assholes like Assange/CIA and those who are defending his every move, in face of the detail that comes out showing Zionism’s evil hand controlling it all with Neocons PNAC kind of bullshit since 1996.....Hence, America has become a third world bankrupt and utterly corrupt/evil republic.....

BRICS and “frontier” or “pre-emerging” markets....will continue to prosper....and the utterly corrupt PIIGS/France/UK/USA will continue to suffer from foolish politics/politicians, economics and Geopolitical blunders and endless fruitless bickering.....

Oil will be at least $100 a barrel....

This will only benefit everyone in the world and oil producing countries which are 'independent'.

The Euro will survive....barely with German help being Paramount.....

The 'economy' will very slowly recover ....

Easy money, Qe1, Qe2, Qe3, is creating new bubbles around the world, especially in China (FXI) and commodities, that will only end in tears.... The Middle Kingdom is the first country where inflation may break out to the upside.
A US GDP that is 71% dependent on consumer spending is unsustainable, since they can no longer afford it, can’t get credit, no longer have a personal ATM in the form of home equity loans, are worried about losing their jobs, suffer under a huge debt burden...., and are now unexpectedly having to save more for their retirement since their houses have dropped in value by more than half....
The loopholes in the proposed financial regulations are big enough for bankers to drive their Ferraris through.....
Forecast that unemployment will remain stubbornly high at 9% a year from now on..... This is going to be a big problem for USA.... The jobs that have been exported to China or replaced by machines aren’t coming back....

Some food and commodity prices will rise sharply....

There will be continuing unrest in parts of Europe, and elsewhere, especially in MENA with many revolutions popping up.... Provocateurs will be hard at work, as usual.....with additional attempts at creating thousands of Tribes With Flags the usual suspects....CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND/DGSE/CSIS/FSB....

Some banks will not be propped up, and bondholders in these banks will suffer....

There will be continuing attempts by the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND/DGSE/CSIS...., and the usual axis if Western evils of the UKUSA alliance and its friends to influence events in key states such as Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria, Lebanon, India, Egypt ... and more and more CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND/DGSE/CSIS proxy militias and proxy wars will be instigated worldwide by the same Hubris.....

More Moslems/Patsies will be recruited by the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND/DGSE/CSIS and its friends.

Bloggers who try to criticize the status quo will find themselves increasingly sidelined by blogs promoting disinformation.... Search engines will increasingly promote commercial junk....

10. The public will continue to be conned by CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/BND/DGSE/CSIS psy-ops....

The transformation of the former localized Arab-Israeli nationalist conflict into the fulcrum of a much wider regional confrontation with strong religious overtones bodes ill for the region in the years ahead, if current trends persist unchanged. The Arab-Israeli conflict now anchors a much more violent and complex stand-off that sees some Arab states (notably Lebanon), Iran and powerful Arab Islamist resistance movements like Hezbollah working together to repel not only Israeli territorial aggression, but what they see as wider American-Israeli hegemonic ambitions in the Arab-Islamic Middle East. The narrow competing claims of Palestinians and Israelis in a small corner of the region have now expanded and transformed into a regional and quasi-global existential battle among powerful actors who seem prepared to fight to the finish. Large regional and global conflicts will now more easily find local proxies to wage the battle, while local feuds will often escalate quickly into more fierce and intractable conflicts because of the association with utterly corrupt foreign actors, CIA/MOSSAD/DGSE/MI6/BND/CSIS/AMAN/SHABAK/DIA/OSP/GID and many of their lackeys-puppets in the region and beyond.....

Sad but nothing will become of this because with the new repugs in office, demodogs slaves of the corp. empire and o reading up on ronnie-ray-gunn the good ship Amerika is going down.... It will be taking the teabaggers and the neoleft with it and the hell with the citizens of this nation and others that feel the effect of the fall of the empire.....

Next Year's Wars. A joint effort of Foreign Policy magazine and the International Crisis Group (and first spotted by the always helpful US Army INTLST...), this list provides some initial insight into 16 possible new crises predicted to erupt in 2011. The list includes no-brainers such as Iraq and Sudan but also includes some surprises.

Forecast 2011: Conflict Hotspots. The International Relations and Security Network has put together an interesting end of year report that highlights Tajikistan, Pakistan and the North Caucasus as places to watch in 2011 among its fairly extensive list of reports and primary resources.

7 Technologies That Will Rock 2011. Technology is not only of general interest to all of us but of specific interest to intelligence professionals. One new tool, Quora, discussed in this list by TechCrunch, deserves a special look.

Virtual Worlds Predictions. I know, I know; virtual worlds seem so ... 2009. That is pretty much where you would expect them to be given the 2010 Gartner Hype Cycle, though. It is worth taking a look at this list if only for the government and R and D aspects of this technology.

All these predictions tend to increase uncertainty about the future (well, my uncertainty, at least). If it does the same for you , take a look at Wired magazine's recent essay on the Uncertainty Effect. It might not help you feel less uncertain but it may well help you understand your own biases a bit better....

Frequently Asked Questions....about Wise and "Tyche".

Q: When could data from WISE confirm or rule out the existence of the hypothesized planet Tyche?

A: It is too early to know whether WISE data confirms or rules out a large object in the Oort cloud. Analysis over the next couple of years will be needed to determine if WISE has actually detected such a world or not. The first 14 weeks of data, being released in April 2011, are unlikely to be sufficient. The full survey, scheduled for release in March 2012, should provide greater insight. Once the WISE data are fully processed, released and analyzed, the Tyche hypothesis that Matese and Whitmire propose will be tested.

Q: Is it a certainty that WISE would have observed such a planet if it exists?

A: It is likely but not a foregone conclusion that WISE could confirm whether or not Tyche exists. Since WISE surveyed the whole sky once, then covered the entire sky again in two of its infrared bands six months later, WISE would see a change in the apparent position of a large planet body in the Oort cloud over the six-month period. The two bands used in the second sky coverage were designed to identify very small, cold stars (or brown dwarfs) -- which are much like planets larger than Jupiter, as Tyche is hypothesized to be.

Q: If Tyche does exist, why would it have taken so long to find another planet in our solar system?

A: Tyche would be too cold and faint for a visible light telescope to identify. Sensitive infrared telescopes could pick up the glow from such an object, if they looked in the right direction. WISE is a sensitive infrared telescope that looks in all directions.

Q: Why is the hypothesized object dubbed "Tyche," and why choose a Greek name when the names of other planets derive from Roman mythology?

A: In the 1980s, a different companion to the sun was hypothesized. That object, named for the Greek goddess "Nemesis," was proposed to explain periodic mass extinctions on the Earth. Nemesis would have followed a highly elliptical orbit, perturbing comets in the Oort Cloud roughly every 26 million years and sending a shower of comets toward the inner solar system. Some of these comets would have slammed into Earth, causing catastrophic results to life. Recent scientific analysis no longer supports the idea that extinctions on Earth happen at regular, repeating intervals. Thus, the Nemesis hypothesis is no longer needed. However, it is still possible that the sun could have a distant, unseen companion in a more circular orbit with a period of a few million years -- one that would not cause devastating effects to terrestrial life. To distinguish this object from the malevolent "Nemesis," astronomers chose the name of Nemesis's benevolent sister in Greek mythology, "Tyche."

JPL manages and operates the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The principal investigator, Edward Wright, is at UCLA. The mission was competitively selected under NASA's Explorers Program managed by the Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. The science instrument was built by the Space Dynamics Laboratory, Logan, Utah, and the spacecraft was built by Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Boulder, Colo. Science operations and data processing take place at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Caltech manages JPL for NASA. More information is online at, and .

Whitney Clavin 818-354-4673
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

The work of the righteous is carried out by the Hands of Heaven....
Mossad in 1952...
Fearful that the country's 'Israeli Arabs' would join in a war against Israel, in 1952, the Mossad planted ten Jewish immigrants from Iraq in 'Israeli Arab' villages to warn in case such an event took place. There was one small problem: The Mossad quickly came to the conclusion that in order to maintain their cover, the men would have to marry Arab women.

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Sweden co-opted by CIA/Pentagon to launder Wikileaks cables

December , 2010 -- Sweden co-opted by CIA/Pentagon to launder Wikileaks cables

Wikileaks cable release a major psy-op involving CIA, two Swedish political parties, and media....

WMR has learned from a long-time Republican Party consultant that the CIA used Sweden to launder the transfer to Wikileaks of carefully screened and redacted State Department cables and the subsequent release of the cables to pre-selected corporate news media entities. Sweden was chosen because of its so-called "press freedom and freedom of expression" traditions in an effort to make the release of the cables by Wikileaks appear to be unconnected to a covert CIA and Pentagon psychological operations program designed to place further controls on the Internet....

The Wikileaks operation was conducted with the help of two leading Swedish political leaders, both of whom have maintained a long association with the CIA and associated U.S. government entities. One of the conspirators is Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who was discovered in high school in Sweden by U.S. Republican Party operative Karl Rove. Rove, a former executive director of the College Republicans, was, in the early 1980s, a GOP campaign consultant who also began conducting overseas operations for the International Republican Institute (IRI) after its founding in 1983 as an overseas outreach branch of the Republicans --thanks to funding from the CIA-connected US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy, as well as the State Department....

In 1983, the same year the IRI was founded, Reinfeldt joined the Moderate Youth League, the youth wing of the Swedish Moderate Party, with Rove's encouragement.... Just as Rove had used political chicanery in 1973 to defeat two opponents --Robert Edgeworth and Terry Dolan -- to be elected chairman of the College Republicans, Reinfeldt ousted Moderate Youth League chairman Ulf Kristersson at the league's convention in Lycksele in 1992. Reinfeldt, the leader of conservative insurgents, garnered 58 votes to 55 for Kristersson, who represented the party's libertarian wing.

After the defeat of the Moderate Party government of Prime Minister Carl Bildt in 1994, Reinfeldt, in Rovian fashion, began to criticize the party leader. Reinfeldlt was also a strong critic of the modern Swedish welfare state. In 2003, Reinfeldt became Moderate Party leader and in 2006 his right-of-center coalition defeated the Social Democrats making Reinfeldt the Prime Minister.

One of Reinfeldt's closest advisers is Moderate Party member of parliament and avid anti-communist Council of Europe parliamentary official Goran Lindblad. Lindblad has been fond of offering political asylum and sanctuary in Sweden to dissidents, but not just any dissidents, only those that support an agenda in concert with the agenda pushed by the likes of Freedom House of New York and George Soros's Open Society Institute, neo-con contrivances that oppose any form of communism, whether in China or Cuba, or any left-wing socialist governments for that matter -- the very same agenda promoted by Wikileaks...

Although it is not certain that Lindblad hekpoed lay the groundwork for the invitation to Wikileaks's founder Julian Assange to move his operations -- and his quarter million State Department cable cache -- to Sweden, there is yet another connection between a Swedish politician involved in the Assange criminal investigation for sex crimes in Sweden and the CIA....

Assange's legal representation in Sweden is being handled by the law firm
Borgström & Bodstrom. The Bodstrom on the law office shingle hanging in Stockholm is Thomas Bodstrom, the Swedish Justice Minister from 2000 to 2006 in the Social Democratic government of Prime Minister Goran Persson. From 2006 to October 2010, Bodstrom was chairman of the Swedish parliament's Justice committee. After losing his chairmanship, Bodstrom moved in November 2010, along with his family, to northern Virginia -- just as the Wikileaks "story" unfolded. The Social Democrats refused to grant Bodstrom a leave of absence while maintaining his parliamentary seat. Bodstrom resigned his seat. WMR has learned from the Republican Party source that Bodstrom, upset over the decision of the Social Democrats, is now in negotiations with Reinfeldt and the Moderates to switch parties. And, we have learned that the CIA is quietly grooming Bodstrom, a former Swedish soccer star, to be a future Prime Minister of Sweden for the conservative Moderate Party.

Bodstrom's colleague in the Persson cabinet was Par Nuder, the Minister of Finance, who also spent a large part of his youth in Israel... At the same time the Bodstrom family moved to Virginia, Nuder joined the consultant-lobbying firm of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Albright Stonebridge Group, which she heads along with former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger and former Senator Warren Rudman (R-NH). Another executive at Albright Stonebridge is former Bill Clinton foreign policy adviser Wendy Sherman, who also serves on the Defense Policy Board under Secretary of Defense Robert Gates...

Bodstrom is also an author of legal thriller novels and he has been called the "John Grisham of Sweden."

Bodstrom's father is Lennart Bodstrom, the Foreign Minister in the Social Democratic government of Prime Minister Olof Palme from 1982 to 1985. The elder Bodstrom was criticized for not heeding warnings that Soviet submarines were operating in Swedish waters and he survived a rare no-confidence motion against him in the parliament. However, WMR has learned that it was the CIA, which had arranged for U.S.-supplied Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) technology to be transferred to neutral Sweden and Langley did not want details of the system's capabilities to be tipped off to the Soviets. Lennart Bodstrom's ploy was to suppress the story of Soviet submarine activity to protect CIA and Swedish intelligence "sources and methods." WMR has learned that Lennart Bodstrom's policy of non-engagement on Soviet submarines in Swedish waters was the result of a personal request by then-Vice President George H. W. Bush.

Bodstrom's law partner is Claes Borgstrom, Sweden's former Equal Opportunities Ombudsman and an avid, some would call it extremist, supporter of feminist causes. Borgstrom has been representing the two women who have accused Assange of sex crimes while he was in Sweden... One of the women, Anna Ardin, described as a "Christian feminist" has apparently left the country for the Palestinian West Bank and there are reports that she is no longer cooperating with the Swedish deputy prosecutor for Gothenburg, Marianne Ny. WMR has also learned that Bodstrom has had a close relationship with Ny.

The other woman who charged Assange is Sofia Wilen. It has been charged by some in Sweden that both women accusers were part of a carefully-arranged plot to bring sex charges against Assange in order to discontinue the Wikileaks Swedish asylum operation after the ultimate purpose was served: a major international news event designed to provide support for an increase by governments around the world, including Sweden, France , the United Kingdom, -- where Assange is now free on restricted bail -- and the United States, to place draconian curbs on the Internet....

The ties that link the Wikielaks affair to a U.S. intelligence operation....

One of Bodstrom's publishing outlets is owned by the Bonnier AB of Sweden, owned by the German-Jewish-descent family that also owns the Swedish tabloid Expressen and Dagens Nyheter, the largest Swedish morning daily paper. The Bonniers are Sweden's wealthiest family. Bonnier Magazine Group owns Popular Science, Field & Stream, Yachting, Parenting, and other magazines in the United States.

In 2009, the Bonnier papers criticized Donald Bostrom for his article in the Social Democratic-owned paper Aftonbladet that charged Israel with harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed by the Israel Defense Force.... The Swedish ambassador to Israel, Elisabet Borsiin Bonnier, broke with her own government and criticized the Aftonbladet article. Of course, the ambassador is a member of the family that owns Aftonbladet's competitors. Bostrom's article, that was condemned for being "anti-Semitic," was later proven to be right on the mark with the arrest of Israeli and Jewish human organ traffickers in the United States and elsewhere and the exposure of Israeli-connected trafficking rings in Kosovo, Moldova, and other countries...

Details of the Assange investigation were leaked to Bonnier-owned Expressen and it is no coincidence that Borgstrom's two sisters, Annette Kullenberg and Kerstin Vinterhed,
work for papers owned by Bonnier AB. Bonnier director Jeanette Bonnier began as a reporter for Expressen, which received the inside information on the Assange "rape" case. Ironically, Jeanette Bonnier co-wrote the screenplay for the film Män kan inte våldtas ("Men Can't be Raped."). Under Swedish media policies, the Swedish government provides financial subsidies to Bonnier AB and other Swedish publishers.

WMR has also learned that Assange and some of his Wikileaks team of ex-computer hackers had been hired as consultants by the Pentagon to stop Chinese hacking into Defense Department computer systems. During this operation, Wikileaks personnel had direct access to the State Department cables. WMR has learned that it was a cell within the U.S. government that downloaded and copied the cables for the operation that would be used as an excuse to place restrictive and overarching government controls on the Internet.....

Wikileaks releases ushering in a "new global information order?

December , 2010 -- Wikileaks releases ushering in a "new global information order?"

Neocon planners benefit directly from Wikileaks release of State Dept. cables.....

The selective release of around a quarter million US State Department cables, some of them redacted after screening by corporate media entities such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, and Le Monde,among others, comes at a time when there are calls by governments, including officials of the Obama administration, to restrict information content on the Internet.

In fact, the release of the State Department cables may have served as a digital "9/11," an event that has spurred on the agenda of neo-conservatives who continue to exercise influence outside and within the Obama administration to bring about total government control of the flow of information in cyberspace.....

The CIA has established a Wikileaks Task Force, or "WTF," at CIA headquarters to examine the effects of the Wikileaks cable release. However, the CIA was relatively unaffected by the Wikileaks releases, but the WTF will, nevertheless, conduct a thorough review and present their findings to senior agency officials. The CIA stated its special task force is made up of seasoned officers.....who participated in the charade of Wikileaks/CIA from the start.....

Neocon agenda for State Dept. benefits from Wikileaks affair....

Coincidentally or perhaps not, on September 16, 2009, a private meeting, held under the aegis of the neocon Hudson Institute, was convened in Washington, DC by two neocon figures from the Bush administration, Douglas Feith, the former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and adviser to the Deputy Undersecretary, Abram Shulsky. Both worked for Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz at the Pentagon and both are leading members of a powerful pro-Israel neocon operational cell in Washington that now works from an interlocked group of non-profit think tanks, including Hudson, the Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, among others.....and all linked to MOSSAD and AMAN....

Last March, Feith and Shulsky issued a report based on the conclusions of the private meeting titled "Organizing the U.S. Government to Counter Hostile Ideologies." The report calls for the creation of a new U.S. Information Agency, possibly with the title "National Center for Strategic Communication," which would be responsible for conducting information operations, a policy wonk appellation for propaganda, psychological warfare, and disinformation campaigns around the world....conducted by CIA and FDDC.....

Although the Hudson Institute report's target ideologies comprised the US and Israeli governments’ usual bogeymen -- Iran’s government, Hezbollah, Al-CIAda, Hamas, and the Pakistani and Afghani Taliban, the broad brush of "hostile ideologies" could also be applied to anyone who disagrees with the United States or Israel, and that includes a larger potential target list than the aforementioned groups.....

In 2008 and 2009, Senator Sam Brownbeck (R-KS) and Representative William "Mac" Thornberry (R-TX) introduced companion legislation, both titled "the Strategic Communication Act," that would have re-create a U.S. Information Agency apparatus/CIA.... Although no action was taken on the bills, the incoming and more neocon-leaning Congress may seek to push the legislation.

Brownback's bill specifically called for the creation of a National Center for Strategic Communication with a director who would answer directly to the president but who would have posted at U.S. embassies and consulates around the world a "Global Communications Corps/CIA" that would serve under a directorate and push U.S. propaganda efforts to local governments, media, and other entities..... An Information Operations Directorate would take over all U.S. international broadcasting responsibilities from the Broadcasting Board of Governors. A Global Networks Directorate would conduct outreach to non-governmental organizations for "educational and cultural exchanges/CIA....."

Neocons cited State Department's failure in report

In what looks appears to be a made-to-order situation for the neocons, the CIA/Wikileaks affair, which has placed pressure on Secretary of State and her department to revamp the way it handles its diplomatic communications, has made the idea of a new US Information Agency/CIA more palatable, especially considering the damage to the image of the United States arising from the leak of embarrassing cables. The following from the Feith/Shulsky directly slammed the State Department's primary role in passing on diplomatic communications:

"The State Department's failure to deal with the extremist ideology is unsurprising. The Department is not well suited to counter hostile ideologies. In general, State tends to view problems as conflicts over negotiable issues--not ideologies--because ideological problems are more difficult (or impossible) to solve diplomatically. State also lacks an effective operational capability - its primary function is reporting of diplomatic communications."

And it was exactly State's primary function, as described by Feith -- the reporting of diplomatic communications -- that came under attack as a result of the machinations of CIA/Wikileaks' founder Julian Assange, an individual who was in contact with Israeli government officials and agreed to limit any fallout for Israel in the release of the State Department cables. The nexus of the interests of Israel, Feith/Shulsky, and Assange converge in the neocon plans for a revamped State Department with a powerful Information Agency second-guessing and trumping U.S. diplomatic officials around the world.

It is clear that Feith and Shulsky are trying to establish a psychological warfare and propaganda entity that they failed to set up within the Pentagon while they were there..... The Hudson report states:

"Douglas J. Feith established the Office Of Strategic Influence (OSI) at the Department of Defense in late 2001. Led by Air Force Brigadier General Simon "Pete" Worden, OSI was Designed to conduct operations to counter the Ideology of our jihadist terrorist enemies. The office developed Innovative plans to distribute tens of thousands of satellite Radios and ‘Internet-in-a-box’ laptop computers to Pakistan's border areas. Worden viewed information as the decisive weapon in the War on Terrorism. Public affairs officials at the Pentagon resisted OSI, however. They saw its existence as an intrusion into their Bureaucratic turf. Perhaps as a result of this dispute, an unnamed Pentagon official reportedly gave a story to the New York Times accusing OSI of planning To plant disinformation in foreign newspapers. Even though the accusation was entirely false, political pressure compelled the shutting down of the office. The OSI episode had a lasting chilling effect on strategic communications efforts at the Department of Defense.....but the FDDC continued full force...."

Feith's and Shulsky's pathetic attempt to re-write history is countered by this excerpt from this editor's book, "Jaded Tasks":

"When senior White House officials expressed dismay that whoever leaked the story concerning the OSI did a disservice to President Bush while he was in Asia, they failed to check the daybooks and calendars of senior Pentagon officials. It was Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert Andrews who first publicly admitted to the existence of the office at a defense industry seminar in Arlington, Virginia on February 7, 2002. Andrews was very clear about the nature of strategic influence when he said it 'concentrates on delivering messages to targeted audiences… and controlling channels of communications.'

Appearing on Andrews’ panel was Brigadier General Simon ('Pete') Worden, the former head of the defunct OSI. Worden had a long history of selling new defense policies to international audiences. While a major, he worked for then-Vice President George Bush in explaining 'Star Wars' to a worldwide audience. Before assuming his present job as head of OSI, he was Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz's communications director. He also awarded a $70,000 per month propaganda contract to the Rendon Group, a public relations firm with longstanding links to the CIA, which worked closely with the U.S. Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group.

Bush surrounded himself with people who championed disinformation programs. He named as his new counter-terrorism chief, retired Army General Wayne Downing. Downing, in turn, named an old friend, retired Army Colonel Jeffrey Jones, to be the Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Communications and Information. General Worden stated that Jones was charged with integrating 'strategic influence' across the U.S. government. Since Jones worked in the National Security Council alongside Bush’s National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, the President was aware about the Pentagon’s plans to conduct disinformation campaigns. If the President was not in on the strategic influence program, such plans should have certainly been known to senior policy makers in the West Wing, including Karen Hughes and Karl Rove/assassin in chief of the criminal White House Murder INC, the president’s senior counselors.

Hughes appeared to be unaware of what President Bush’s new homeland security advisors were up to. With the Pentagon having other ideas concerning the feeding of disinformation to the international media, Hughes failed to clear up with her boss her own stated commitment to provide reporters with “the facts.” The information war planners at the Pentagon declared their goals were to interdict and censor news, something the Pentagon called 'influence operations.' Worden declared in February 2002 that the Pentagon 'can control the Internet, the electromagnetic spectrum, radio, and television.'

One of Worden’s colleagues, Lieutenant Colonel Brad Ward, the head of the 'International Military Information Group,' a relatively new group within the State Department’s International Information Programs (IIP) Bureau, was even more precise about the Pentagon's activities. Ward revealed that his group worked with the Voice of America on influence operations. From its base within the State Department, he said the military operated Internet web sites in seven languages directed at select foreign media in targeted countries and ran 'secondary radio stations' that broadcasted programs through the auspices of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs). A more troubling aspect of Ward’s operations was found in his statement that his group assisted in the UN War Crimes Tribunals in The Hague and Arusha, Tanzania to 'discredit rebel factions.' Such a revelation threw into question the fairness of the trials....and the same thing is happening with STL/TSL regarding Lebanon and Hezbollah.....

Ward also admitted other 'successes' of his group:

· It worked on the Serbian presidential election campaign to 'ensure Slobodan Milosevic did not get elected.'

· It operated Internet web sites in seven languages that were password protected but gave select foreign media access in targeted countries.

· It worked with the UN Security Council in certain 'support missions.....'

· Videos illustrating the crimes of Liberian President Charles Taylor were produced in Conakry, Guinea for distribution in Liberia.

· The group was involved in 'detaining operations' at Camp X Ray and Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The fact that Ward’s group represented a military PSYOPS component within a State Department bureau that had once been the independent U.S. Information Agency (USIA) should have troubled anyone concerned with receiving untainted news from its own government. It was retiring Senator Jesse Helms, wielding the power of Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, who forced the USIA to come under the State Department’s bureaucratic umbrella in 1997. That move effectively made the entire U.S. public diplomacy apparatus vulnerable to the professional propagandists and deceivers within the military and intelligence community.....

More ominously, Ward disclosed that his group would be supplemented by a 20-person Operational Center, which was to draw from CIA and other intelligence personnel. People who live by the maxim 'when you screw up, you cover up' thus were able to decide what the U.S. government wrote and broadcasted to foreign audiences. And such propaganda did not stop abroad--when false stories were run by foreign news agencies they were frequently picked up by U.S. media outlets."

One of the main tasks of Worden's OSI was to stem the belief held by many, and not merely those in the Muslim world, that Israel was involved or behind the obvious inside Job of the 9/11 attacks..... With that belief now gaining momentum and facts to back it up, Feith, Shulsky, and their neocon friends are pushing for a larger OSI, this time as a propaganda czar watching over the State Department.

Worden has been rewarded with the job of Director of NASA's Ames Research Center where he is championing the 100-year Starship Project to travel to and settle other planets. With people like Worden at the helm of such programs, the movie "Avatar" may turn out to be a prequel to what the Pentagon has planned for other planets and their possible inhabitants.

Neocon dream: A return to the Cold War.....

The Feith/Shulsky report also sees a return to Cold War methods for conducting U.S. diplomacy and cites the covert aid the CIA used in 1948 to interfere in the Italian election, thus preventing the Italian Communist Party from coming to power.

Feith and Shulsky also look to the Internet to replace Cold War-era projects like Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty. Their proposals include the following micro-grant program to aid pro-U.S. foreign NGOs: "Organize ways to fund projects through micro-granting, possibly through the Internet." Micro-grants through NGOs like the Ford Foundation constitute an old CIA influence-peddling program, one that goes back to at least 1965 post-Sukarno Indonesia where President Obama's mother arranged for micro-grants and loans to pacify Javanese farmers and artisans and woo them away from the Communists and Sukarno leftist nationalists.

Feith and Shulsky identify some NGOs worthy of support from a neo-US Information Agency. They are: Quilliam Foundation (UK), WORDE - World Organization for Resource Development and Education, Wahid Institute (Indonesia), and the American Islamic Congress.

Feith and Shulsky argue for U.S. support for Arab, Iranian, and Indonesian stand-up comics who "already perform stinging political satire but few are well-known and even fewer have outlets, though if they were discovered their listenership could be in the hundreds of millions." And in a pitch that matches nicely with the ideas proffered by White House Office of Information Regulatory Affairs chief, Cass Sunstein and his "cognitive infiltration" plan for web sites, Feith and Shulsky offer their own contribution to the cause of Internet disruption: "The extremists' use of internet websites and “chat rooms” to communicate among themselves is a vulnerability that U.S. covert action could exploit. If a covert action operative could pose convincingly as an extremist group representative, for example, he or she could sow dissension and confusion as part of an overall strategy to discredit extremist ideas."

Obama and Clinton may have drank the neocon Kool Aid on US propaganda effort....

There is a possibility that Feith's and Shulsky's program is already being adopted, in part, by the Obama administration. In their report, Feith and Shulsky talk in terms of a slush fund called an Innovator's Fund/CIA, to supplement America's "ideological effort": "though many ambassadors don't see ideological work as part of their mission, an Innovators Fund/CIA could incentivize embassies to leverage their contacts, resources and technology to contribute to the ideological effort." In the jaded and cabalistic world of the neocons, only they could refer to a slush fund for bribery as an "Innovator's Fund/CIA....."

Last January, Hillary Clinton hosted a meeting at the State Department with high-tech tycoons to discuss ways they could help advance American diplomacy. Present were Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, and executives from Microsoft. Also present was the president of the CIA-linked Ford Foundation Luis Ubinas. Although Clinton preached "Internet freedom," the targets for aggressive U.S. diplomacy using high-tech innovations lilke Twitter, were Iran, Lebanon and Cuba.

And four months after Clinton's meeting with the high-tech executives and one month after the issuance of the Feith/Shulsky report, in April 2010 it was announced: "The Department of State has entered in a non-exclusive partnership with The Innovators Fund/CIA (IF), a new Silicon-Valley based venture capital fund that will launch in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Russia and Malaysia.... The Innovators Fund is being launched in part as a result of President Obama's June 2009 Cairo speech and its call to action, and in part as a result of a discussion that Secretary Clinton had with leading U.S. technology entrepreneurs and innovators at the Department of State in January 2010, in which the IFs Founder participated." One of the IF's supporters was Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist. Other collaborators with the State Department's Innovators Fund include, in addition to Craigslist, Polaris Venture Partners and Dogpatch Labs (a leading U.S. venture capital fund and its affiliated incubation and mentoring initiative), Tomorrow Ventures (a leading seed-stage and venture capital effort), Oasis 500 (a leading Jordan-based venture capital effort) and TechStars (a leading mentor-based start-up accelerator program). All CIA/MOSSAD .....

The State Department has appointed actor Ashton Kutcher to lead U.S. high-tech "Innovation" delegations to Russia, an announced target of IF propaganda-oriented activities. Kutcher's only real claim to fame is that he married much older actress Demi Moore. The marriage was conducted in the Kabbalah (from which the word "cabal" is derived) Center of Los Angeles.

The State's Innovators Fund program appeared to be a direct result of their agreement with the paper written by Feith and Shulsky and the conclusions of the September 2009 "private" conference in Washington. The fact that a new and massive U.S. propaganda operation was hatched in a "private" conference in Washington is further proof that the government has divorced itself entirely from the people it claims to serve-

which brings us back to Wikileaks/CIA and the leaked cables. Having previously identified the State Department's diplomatic reporting through its cables as its primary mission, Feith and Shulsky are now seeing their proposal for the overhauling of U.S. public diplomacy by establishing an aggressive propaganda and information operations capability nearing fruit. While Private Manning languishes in a prison cell in Quantico, those neocons who directly benefited from the leak of the State Department cables are ready to see another step toward fascism in the United States -- the creation of a U.S. government information program that will inundate the world with propaganda through Twitter, Facebook, Craigslist, web sites, television, radio, and newspapers.....all linked to CIA, MOSSAD and DOD's FDDC....

During the Cold War, the US Information Agency was strictly forbidden by law from targeting the American people with propaganda. In the world of the neocons, where down is up and wrong is right, there will be no curbs in the new global information order.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alberto Gonzales covered up torture by American/Israeli contractors under DOJ investigations

December , 2010 -- Alberto Gonzales covered up torture by American/Israeli contractors under DOJ investigations....

No control over civilian detention operatives.....

A top U.S. military source involved with the ostensibly-U.S. military run detention camps and prisons in post-U.S. invasion and occupation Iraq has told WMR that a number of private contractors who were responsible for ordering and committing abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad and at other detention facilities were former U.S. state and federal prison guards who were under criminal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice while also working in Iraq. The contractors, many of whom used aliases like "James Bond" and "007" were accused of abusing prisoners at U.S. federal and state prisons while working as guards.

However, a deal was worked out between then-White House Chief Counsel Alberto Gonzales and Commander of Combined Joint Task Force 7 General Ricardo Sanchez that resulted in all the pending criminal investigations of the former U.S. prison guards dropped in return for their "service" in Iraq. The deal to lift the pending Justice Department investigations of the former U.S. prison guards was worked out by the Prisons Department, which reported to Coalition Provisional Authority head Paul "Jerry' Bremer.

WMR's Army source revealed that when asked by military personnel about their assigned jobs at the Iraqi prisons, many of the civilian interrogators replied, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." WMR has also learned that many of the interrogation contracts with companies like CACI and Titan were arranged through the auspices of the CIA, not the Department of Defense....

Aside from many Israelis present at Abu Ghraib and other prisons, none of the contractor interrogators spoke Arabic and most were in Iraq on lucrative 90-day contracts. After the expiration of their 90-day contracts, the civilian interrogators were shipped to the Hilton Hotel in Kuwait where they re-negotiated their original contracts at double and triple their original salaries. The Hilton contract re-negotiation interlude was punctuated by drinking parties and orgies with prostitutes, according to our source.

WMR has learned of one such interrogation contractor who was being paid by CACI at the same time he was working as a Naval Security Group reservist and thus was being paid twice for doing the same job. The individual had been assigned to Saudi Arabia as a signals intelligence operator during the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm in the early 1990s and re-appeared as a SIGINT operator at the U.S. embassy in Muscat, Oman during Operation Iraqi Freedom. From Muscat, the SIGINT operator ended up working at Bremer's headquarters in the Green Zone. There is a possibility that the contractor in question may have had ties to Israeli intelligence, and, thus, represented an Israeli penetration of National Security Agency (NSA) operations in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iraq.... No criminal charges for his involvement in the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, or possible espionage, were ever brought against the contractor....

The bottom line at Abu Ghraib and some twenty other detention facilities around Iraq was that there was no military control and very little civilian control over the activities of the civilian interrogators and detention operatives....

Do ask and do tell: Incoming Florida congressman a bona fide war criminal....

While war criminals being elected to national legislatures is commonplace in U.S.-supported dictatorships around the world, it is fairly unique to have one entering the US House of Representatives.

Meet incoming Florida Republican Allen West. On August 21, 2003, West interrogated Iraqi police officer Yehiya Kadoori Hamoodi, who U.S. Army intelligence believed was linked to an insurgent cell. The Army had the wrong person and Hamoodi was released from 45 days of detention and not charged with any crime. Hamoodi later said he provided names of supposed insurgents to West for fear of his life. West threatened to kill Hamoodi several times.

West, in the course of interrogating Hamoodi, fired his 9mm side arm next to Hamoodi's head after having dunked the Iraqi's head into a barrel of sand. Hamoodi had previously been beaten and kicked by West's men of the 2nd Battalion of the 20th Field Regiment. A hearing officer dismissed criminal charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice against West. However, West resigned from the Army, was fined a meager $5000, and was permitted to keep his military pension and retirement benefits. West then caught the eye of the Florida GOP, which successfully ran him for the House this past year.

WMR has been told by a senior military source who served in Iraq that West was given special treatment by his commanding officer, General Ray Odierno, who eventually became the top U.S. military commander in Iraq.

WMR has also been informed that West was exonerated from criminal charges by a joint agreement between Odierno, the then-Commander of the 4th Infantry Division; General David Petraeus, the commander of the 101st Airborne Division in 2003 and now top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan; and General Martin Dempsey, the commander of the 1st Armored Division (Mechanized). All three generals supported the activities of CIA interrogation centers in their sectors of responsibility in Iraq and all three were complicit in war crimes carried out by U.S. troops and Israeli "contractors" against Iraqi detainees. By protecting West, the three generals ensured that a wider investigation of detainee abuse in Iraq and in their own sectors would be halted.

Our source confirmed that the Republican Party is involved in high-level political activity with top U.S. military commanders, including Petraeus, a rumored 2012 GOP presidential candidate.

Representative-elect Allen West. Once again, fascism in the United States comes emblazoned with an American flag.....

West won his Florida 22nd Congressional District seat with Tea Party support, including a boost from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The GOP has appointed West to the House Armed Services Committee. West has publicly defended U.S. military personnel convicted of war crimes and he has signaled his willingness to "censor" the media over the CIA/Wikileaks affair.... On a radio show, West called for censoring the media but later said he was misunderstood and that he really said the media should be "censured." It is clear that West either does not know how to speak English or does not understand the difference between "censor" and "censure" and in any event, West said he used the word "censured" when, in fact, he used the word "censoring."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sweden has its own corrution scandals

Sweden has its own corrution scandals....
By Ritt Goldstein

DALARNA, Sweden - As shock waves continue to emanate from Stockholm's recent terror bombing, such an event appearing all but unthinkable given the Sweden most people perceive, ongoing revelations highlight that Sweden has had some disturbing changes. In many ways, today's Sweden faces the same problems as other countries, including corruption and the sometimes nightmarish impact of it.

Emphasizing Swedish corruption's gravity, the vast bulk of cases that have come to light are occurring in municipal housing companies and the construction industry, with the substantive "human costs" of these scandals only beginning to be appreciated. So-called "sick houses", the significant health issues they've meant, are a recognized problem in Sweden, with the ongoing scandals now suggesting why.

"This is something that really needs to be looked upon and looked into," said Justice Chancellor Anna Skarhed of the scandals' health impact, sternly observing for Asia Times Online that "there is even more of this [the effects of corruption] than we've already seen, which is quite enough, and too much as it is."

China's infamous melamine scandal is said to have affected 300,000 people, or about .024% of its populace. But over 10% of Sweden's people are suffering varying degrees of ill health effects from badly constructed or maintained housing, with a not insignificant number suffering quite severely.

In 2008, Scandinavia's largest paper, Aftonbladet, noted, "In a new study from [Sweden's] Umea University, it was found that 45% of those affected by sick buildings - and who received medical treatment at a hospital clinic - are unable to work. Of these, 20% receive a disability pension, and 25% are on sick leave."

For much of its recent history, Sweden has represented what many consider the embodiment of governmental integrity and efficiency, with typical Swedes following rules so closely that virtually none even "jaywalk". Decades of cradle-to-grave government benefits have created a deep-felt faith in the authorities, present events providing a decidedly rude awakening for most, though not all.

Leif Kavestad - author of the Swedish book Sick Houses, building engineer, and a former environmental inspector who was personally decorated by the prior prime minister - has charged that "when residents complain about health hazards and health problems in municipal housing, it's not uncommon for the municipality to hire 'consultants' that will declare the property safe." Kavestad pointedly told ATol that "in legal disputes, the environmental agency always accepts the word of the municipality's 'bought' consultants. Tenants which complain over sick buildings with health complaints are sometimes threatened - the parties together can act like a mafia against the tenants."

In Sweden, municipal housing provides the majority of the country's rental apartments, some being "high-end" properties.

"It's a big problem, and it's a big problem for the trust in the authorities and the trust in the kommun [municipality] ... it has to be dealt with, and seriously," said Gustav Gellerbrant , spokesperson and political advisor for Justice Minister Beatrice Ask, regarding the human consequences of housing corruption.

Over the past months, increasing numbers of Swedes are examining their surroundings through new eyes. "Bribes are more common than we thought", "Bribery cases in many municipalities", "Corruption and abuse of power in Swedish municipalities" - these headlines representing but a few of the recent months' revelations. Law-enforcement authorities have seen a change.

Prosecutor Gunnar Stetler, director of the Swedish prosecution authority's National Anti-Corruption Unit (Riksenheten mot korruption), described for ATol the current level of municipal corruption complaints to his office as "at least 50% higher" than the same period last year. A new investigative group within the National Police to investigate corruption - including cross-border questions and financial crime - is also now being worked on, Stetler emphasized, describing expectations that the yet ongoing discussions would be finalized "during December, or during January".

Both Stetler and Justice Chancellor Skarhed are among a handful of key contributors to the new police group's formation, Chancellor Skarhed noting "the information I have from the prosecutor's office and the Riksenheten mot korruption strongly indicates that the resources the police have given to these [corruption] investigations have not been adequate for quite some time." The chancellor expects the new group to be formed in January.

Adding another dimension to the corruption problem, in September three rights groups filed a criminal complaint against Saab, alleging bribery was involved in the sale of Swedish fighter aircraft to South Africa. Prosecutor Stetler describes the status of this case as under "active consideration", a determination on the opening of a preliminary investigation yet to be forthcoming. But Stetler's unit has been busy.

Corruption revelations began detonating in April, with an investigative TV program resembling a Swedish version of 60 Minutes entitled Uppdrag Granskning (UG), exploding municipal corruption onto the national agenda. Their report centered on "bribery and corruption in Gothenburg", Sweden's second-largest city, and today a place where all four of the city's municipal housing companies have come under the National Anti-Corruption Unit's investigation.

Following the UG reports, charges ranging from aggravated corruption and fraud to breach of trust and embezzlement have become among those being investigated. Individuals focused on include local officials, municipal company executives, and construction industry figures.

Drawing considerable outrage, funds earmarked for construction and renovation of municipal housing appear to have gone to luxurious additions to officials' private homes. "If you are 'well-connected' locally ... there might be people then who are prepared to 'bend the rules' to give you favors, and maybe they get favors back. And we know that this happens in municipalities," said corruption expert and political scientist Staffan Andersson of Sweden's Linne University, cutting to the issue of so-called local "strongmen", an issue well publicized as a key corruption problem.

This autumn, Swedish National Television (SVT) aptly kicked off a new comedy series about an inept and corrupt municipal politician,Strong Man ("Starke man"), parodying the kinds of corrupt behaviors that have been making headlines.

Over the past 20 years, Sweden privatized increasingly large segments of its public sector, particularly in municipalities. It set up hybrid companies that were owned by municipalities but operated as semi-independent firms, firms with far looser controls than when their work was done as an official municipal organ. "We have been so focused on productivity, efficiency, and cost savings ... but there's also another side," Andersson explained. He added that when it came to effective controls within these new entities, events have "not been running as quick as we have done with productivity", questioning whether today's controls fit "the kind of administration we had 20years ago".

Illustrating his point, Andersson emphasized for ATol that "there are a lot of instances where ... municipalities are actually carrying out authority in a way which is regarded as illegal by courts, administrative courts, but they actually do it anyway". Paralleling this, an October SVT news report had earlier revealed how some municipal auditors whitewashed wrongdoing, then received legal immunity from the municipality for their actions, leaving no one legally culpable.

Pockets of widespread and deeply entrenched municipal problems have been increasingly seen.

In Falun, the municipal housing company, Kopparstaden, is particularly noteworthy, first making national headlines in 2009 with a story about its chief executive officer (CEO) and pornography. Following this, the CEO violated company rules by purchasing property for Kopparstaden's new headquarters from a close friend.

The transaction was first stated as approximately 3 million Swedish kronor (US$440,000), then later "revised" to about five million. Subsequent research revealed that the "revision" was due to debt which was acquired by Kopparstaden with its property purchase, though, according to the City of Falun's accounting firm, KPMG, apparently no documents were presented to Kopparstaden's board regarding that debt.

Kopparstaden's new headquarters eventually cost a third over budget, KPMG reporting that the firm's internal controls "had not worked", and that its CEO had wanted a 295,000 kronor tennis court at the new office. Subsequently, the CEO was quoted by a local paper as claiming KPMG was in error on its cost figures, that the new headquarters was in reality "great business".

When contacted, Kopparstaden refused to be interviewed for this article.

Prosecutor Stetler noted that the KPMG report indicated Kopparstaden violations of "law or regulation", but he added that under current Swedish law, it was necessary to prove "intent" in order for a prosecution to occur. Wrongdoing in itself is not actionable.

Andersson blamed weak municipal scrutiny and weak legal sanctions as key corruption problems.

Beyond financial issues, Kopparstaden has made headlines regarding tenant health problems, some health issues being severe, one even life-threatening. Notably, similar to its pronouncements on KPMG's "error", in court documents the firm describes an apartment the local environmental authority condemned as uninhabitable to be without any serious damage; though, substantive injuries to the tenant had resulted, and tests revealed the apartment had "unusually high" levels of toxic chemicals such as chloroform and benzene, plus a "powerfully elevated" mold level.

Notably, a report published by Swedish corruption researchers in November 2008, "Public Corruption in Swedish Municipalities - Trouble Looming on the Horizon?", did warn of potential problems with the municipal hybrid firms.

In subsequently explaining how Sweden's municipal corruption grew, one of the report's authors, political scientist Gissur Erlingsson of Linkoping University, placed blame on both the creation of "fast and loose" municipal hybrids, and an erosion of whistleblower protections beginning in the mid-1990s, saying "people got more and more wary and afraid of losing their job".

Examining another aspect of events, Dr Daniel Burston (PhD Psychology, PhD Social and Political Thought), chair of Pittsburgh's Duquesne University psychology department, observed a culture of corruption always contains a large "group of passive and increasingly indifferent people who simply 'go along' with the status quo". "They try to avoid losing what they have by not opposing the strongmen and their agents, and offering them bribes or 'cover', when necessary", Burston outlined for ATol, adding that such conduct "becomes the ‘new normal', and so routinized, in many ways, that it becomes completely unconscious - a tacitly accepted part of prevailing social and cultural expectations."

In societies where those in authority are particularly respected, Burston observed that public opinion, combined with the phenomenon of "group think", might well enable "corrupt leaders to gather the mantle of respectability around their shoulders, and then operate unhindered as 'wolves in sheep's clothing'."

"Prosecution has preventative effects," law professor Claes Sandgren of Stockholm University emphasized, "you don't just prosecute to put just one individual in prison, you also prosecute to deter others."

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Obama's CIA brief: infiltrate the Marxist Left and "de-communize" it

December , 2010 -- Obama's CIA brief: infiltrate the Marxist Left and "de-communize" it.

The secret of Obama's phony progressive stance has roots in CIA campus operations....

It is apparent that one of Barack Obama, Jr's major tasks for the CIA, through his work with Business International Corporation, his membership in leftist student groups at Occidental College in Los Angeles and Columbia University in New York, and his work as a "community organizer" in south Chicago was to infiltrate and "de-communize" the Marxist left and bring it into the capitalist globalist fold...

Obama's work complemented that of his mother, alleged Kenyan father, and grandfather in peddling the CIA's influence to leftist nationalists in newly-independent nations in what was once known as the "Third World."

The goal of the CIA's infiltration of leftist movements through Obama's post-Columbia "leftist outreach" employer, Business International Corporation (BIC) was to carry out the tactics championed by former Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and CIA officer Herbert Marcuse, a German-born Jew and self-proclaimed "Hegelian" and "Marxist." Marcuse's agenda included what Yuri Zhukov wrote in Pravda on May 30, 1968: "radical and global negation of all the elements constituting [the industrial socialist society], including Communist Parties." Marcuse, as Zhukov wrote, sought to "cast doubt on the chief role of the working class in the struggle for progress, democracy, and socialism."

Obama's "liberal" policies have succeeded in destroying the progressive left in the United States, including the labor union movement and the social security and welfare programs instituted by the Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson administrations. Obama was groomed by the CIA to do what no Republican or conservative politician could ever do: destroy the American middle class and the American social safety net -- and accomplish these deeds from a contrived "leftist" position. Obama has accomplished his task.

Obama's "radical" campus activities mirror those of University of Paris sixties student radical Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who led "Maoist" and "Trotskyite" student riots while on a stipend from the West German government. Cohn-Bendit's activities on behalf of the CIA and the French extreme right were revealed by French General Confederation of Labor Benoit Franchon on May 27, 1968, while addressing workers at a Renault automobile plant, "Right now, a whole cohort of people do nothing but 'feed the fires,' showering all kinds of praise on the young people's enthusiasm, while actually they are preparing a trap and a snare for us."

One of the CIA tasks of the French student protesters in Paris in 1968 was the derailing of the Paris peace talks between the United States and North Vietnam. The leftist "fifth columnists" were, thus, responsible for continuing the Indochina war well into the Nixon administration. Just as with his his French "radical" for-bearers, Obama came into office on a wave of American anti-war feelings and then not only continued the U.S. military presence in Iraq but boosted it in Afghanistan and Yemen.

Obama's membership in a Marxist Club at Occidental, one of the CIA's favorite campuses for recruiting agents, fit a pattern of CIA meddling in student organizations, particularly leftist ones like Students for a Democratic Society and the National Students' Association, across the nation. Obama's alma mater, Columbia, has a long association with U.S. intelligence that even predates the CIA. The Russian Institute of Columbia University was the brainchild of Professor Gerold T. Robinson in 1944 while he was on loan from Columbia to the OSS. The institute later trained many Slavic language linguists for the CIA's Radio Free Europe and U.S. Air Force personnel who flew signals intelligence missions against the USSR, Hungary, and Albania. Columbia also excelled in training CIA operatives for Ann Dunham-type agricultural "field work" in South Vietnam, Thailand, Bolivia, and Guatemala -- all targets for CIA anti-Communist activities.

In 1967, the year Obama's mother whisked him off to post-coup Indonesia, the CIA was revealed to have had several U.S. college students studying abroad on summer studies programs acting as agents. The Independent Research Foundation, co-founded by "leftist" feminist Gloria Steinem, was revealed to have been a CIA front tasked with attending World Youth Festivals and compiling dossiers on attendees.

Columbia's School of International Affairs (SIA) conducted detailed studies of socialist countries, including the USSR, that were extremely similar to those produced by BIA. Columbia also maintained close links with the Pentagon and the National Security Agency through its support for the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA).

Obama's "faux" journalism work for BIC was authorized by both the CIA and the company's management. Before the post-Watergate restrictions on CIA activities, CIA agents were able to recruit journalists, usually "stringers," without Langley's approval. That changed after the Frank Church and Otis Pike congressional hearings. Somewhere in the bowels of Langley may be CIA-BIC agreements on the use of BIC personnel as CIA assets or agents. And those files may contain the name or names "Barry Obama," "Barry Soetoro," "Barack Obama," or "Barack Sutoro." Obama's other alma mater, Harvard, also maintained close ties with the CIA.

The FBI also had a penchant for hiring informers in liberal and black communities like south Chicago. Informers were screened in files known as PSIs and PRIs: potential security informant and potential racial informant and were paid a stipend. After being approved, PSIs and PRIs became "reliable informants" and were assigned a cover name, an informant number, and a regular salary. A scan of the FBI's files for anyone of Obama's appellations during his time in south Chicago may reveal one or more of such informant files.

The Rockefeller family was fond of funding a number of left-wing organizations. Groups devoted to the anti-nuclear movement were linked to the Rockefeller Family Fund-supported Corporate Data Exchange. Inc. (CDE), a BIC-like "research organization" albeit a tax-exempt one, founded in 1975 to "investigate economic decentralization and corporate control," according to an April 21, 1983, article in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Reviewtitled "Foundations Bankrolling Anti-Nuclear Causes." Three of the CDE's founders were associated with intelligence-gathering for the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), a progressive organization that is ostensibly opposed to U.S. interventionism in Latin America.

The CIA archives contain an undated paper titled "The Agency and the Young Employee," that describes the CIA's outreach to young people: "The young Agency employee or potential employee shares common experiences with his counterparts in the sub-culture and, although he may not have been in most instances an active participant in this counter-culture, he has been in close touch with it and its views." The tract continues, ""menial work -- until he 'knows the business' -- is anathema and is met with derision. He similarly views long periods of training, job orientation, and job rotation as wasteful of his time . . . The CIA is just beginning to see the influx of the new generation . . . They can be a great asset to the present and future of CIA."

Indeed, with Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., he was a great asset and continues to be one for the CIA....

I had already argued for the gross failure of American INTEL in various situations and how it had been deeply politicized by a HILL STAFFER--George TENANT without much in the way of real intellectual depth or understanding of how close the CIA came to never existing because of Truman's objections... And my own knowledge of the modern CIA with leaders like Casey who were totally corrupt.... Helms' son 3 years of Law School and friendship ended when he told me he was going to spend a summer working for the CIA. I said but your dad runs it? he said yes.... And I said something like can you spell "nepotism"!

The pardon of Richard Helms was an American tragedy of the first order.... So I am not a fan of that organization's infamous White House Murder INC,.... I have personally known six current and former station chiefs and all were fine people but struggled with Washington's system of utter corruption....

By the way several PhD in economics ran the CASEY investment portfolio when he was Director using CIA assets and information not otherwise publically available. It should have been ended after the Barbaric inside Job of 9/11 together with the FBI, NSA, DIA, OSP, NORAD, NRO, COG.... and rebuilt to protect the USA in its largest sense....

In the end, America will do as its master commands and veto all reasonable and logical peaceful resolutions of anything.... And, once again, American hypocrisy will be exposed to the entire world while the ignorant American sheeple wonder, "why do they hate us?"

A voice in the Wilderness, Daniel Levy

More on the crumbling Empire

Kissinger more critical of Soviet Jews than were the Soviets

December , 2010 -- Kissinger more critical of Soviet Jews than were the Soviets....???

Kissinger did not practice what he preached about Soviet Jewish emigration....

On a side Note....

When it came to the demands being made by Soviet Jews for unrestricted exit visas from the Soviet Union to Israel, a temporary stop-over since many of them actually wanted onward transit to the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia, President Nixon's National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger was more intolerant of the Soviet Jews' demands than was the Kremlin.

According to tapes recently released by the Nixon Presidential Library, after a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir to the White House on March 1, 1973, in which Meir pressed Nixon and Kissinger on applying more pressure on Moscow to allow more Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel, Kissinger told Nixon, "The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy. And if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union, it is not an American concern. Maybe a humanitarian concern.”

However, the comment by Kissinger about Soviet Jews does not square with the clandestine support that the CIA was giving to Soviet Jews to undermine the USSR.

WMR has obtained from the CIA archives a translation of a Soviet book translated by the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service, titled "The Doom of the Policy and Practices of Zionism" (Obrechenost' Politiki i Praktiki Zionizma), by Leonid Berenshteyn, and published in April 1980.

The book describes how the CIA was using a network of Jewish Zionists around the world to accomplish much more than pressure Moscow to release more Soviet Jews to Israel but a plan to bring down the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. The book describes a CIA "Jewish" department dedicated to inciting populations in socialist countries and committing acts of sabotage. The book states: "The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, in which a Jewish department with about 5,000 agents in the USA and in foreign countries has been functioning since 1953, has a direct bearing on [Simon Wisenthal's] activities. The Jewish department organizes and incites subversive activities and espionage in socialist countries through the use of the five networks organized by the department itself [West Berlin, Brussels, Paris, London, and Vienna], and individuals brought under the influence of Zionist propaganda."

Interestingly, the alleged founding of the CIA Jewish department in 1953 follows by two years the appointment of the CIA's pro-Israeli James Jesus Angleton to the CIA desk responsible for liaison with the Israeli Mossad and Shin Bet....

The book accuses Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal of being a former Nazi agent himself: ". . . during the occupation of L'vov by fascist troops during World War II, Wiesenthal made a 'classical' prison break. A careful study of the circumstances surrounding the 'break' showed that Wiesenthal had entered into a secret conspiracy with the Nazis and went over to their service. We were informed of this in December 1975 by the newspaper THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE." The Polish newspaper Zholnezh Vol'nosti is cited as reporting that another stage of Wiesenthal's life was "collaboration with the Israeli embassy in Vienna, and his ties with the intelligence agencies of a number of imperialist countries."

Later, Wiesenthal's "Jewish Documentation Center" in Vienna was at the forefront of the campaign for increased Soviet Jewish emigration from the Soviet Union. Wiesenthal's activities are linked to Israeli propaganda organs like the "Voice of Israel," which are described as having more than the goal of increasing Soviet Jewish emigration from the USSR but to "undermine the Soviet social system from within by inciting nationalism and organizing 'internal opposition.'"

The Soviet book describes how the CIA, with Zionist organizations around the world, fomented anti-Soviet and anti-socialist nation propaganda campaigns with articles "specially fabricated by Zionist pen-pushers." The description is very similar to current anti-Russian campaigns waged by the CIA and George Soros-supported non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the world....

Described in the Soviet book are the activities of CIA Jewish department-led psychological warfare activities, including "visual agitation and propaganda" by "former Soviet citizens of Jewish origin that had immigrated into Israel and the USA." These activities included "picket lines around Soviet embassies and trade delegations, provocations against Soviet diplomats and delegations from the USSR visiting capitalist countries, boycotts of road tours of Soviet performers and exhibits on life in the USSR, and organization of massive letter-writing campaigns and visa applications from Israel to individual Soviet citizens." One of the leading boycott advocates against the USSR was Professor Hans J. Morgenthau.

The campaign by the CIA and Israeli and Zionist organizations mirror current campaigns on behalf of Palestinians and against Israeli policies. Yet those campaigns are now condemned as "anti-Semitic" by organizations like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and the World Zionist Organization....

The tract also references the nascent Jewish mafia in the USSR, one that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, would take over key Soviet industries, create instant billionaires, and establish bases of operations in such countries as Israel, Britain, and the United States and even dominate successive governments in Israel and serve as the leadership for the Israeli settler movement in the West Bank. This crime syndicate is cited as "parasites, swindlers, hooligans, speculators, extortionists, and misappropriators of the people's property." One such provocateur named is Anatoly Scharansky, who, currently known as Natan Sharansky, is now a leading figure in the settlers' movement in Israel and a key Israeli criminal syndicate member. Scharansky's activities with the office of Senator Henry Jackson (D-WA) and the Sokhnut international Zionist organization are described. Jackson's staff included many leading neoconservatives who would shape U.S. foreign policy in the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, including Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and Lewis "Scooter" Libby.

Also listed in the book are the last names of three members of the CIA assigned or linked to the U.S. embassy in Moscow who carried out liaison work on behalf of the CIA's Jewish department: Melvyn Levitsky, Joseph Presel, and "Nathanson." Presel, the First Secretary at the embassy, later served as President Clinton's U.S. ambassador to Uzbekistan and was a firm supporter of the pre-Erdogan U.S.-Turkish military alliance. Levitsky was the Political Officer and a First Secretary in Moscow and later, U.S. ambassador to Bulgaria, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics Matters, and deputy director of the Voice of America.

In June 1998, while he was ambassador in Tashkent, Presel met with his old friend, visiting Israeli Trade and Industry Minister Sharansky, who Presel was accused of maintaining espionage links with twenty-two years prior while both were in Moscow.

In 1977, the Soviet paper Izvestia described Presel and Levitsky as key members of the CIA's Jewish dissident recruiting effort in the Soviet Union.

Sanya Lipavksy, a Jewish doctor and a former dissident, described in the paper how the CIA attempted to recruit him.
Two U.S. journalists in Moscow, George Krimsky with the Associated Press, and Alfred Friendly, Jr., former Newsweek correspondent, were also accused of participating in the CIA's recruiting activities with Soviet Jews. Both reporters denied the espionage charges. Levitsky was charged with trying to recruit a Jewish scientist at a research center near Moscow with Lipavksy's help.

The Soviet book exposes the activities of an Israel Defense Force special subdivision for foreign political terrorism, "Mitzvah Elohim." The unit was formed to commit acts of terrorism against Palestinians and conduct operations to incite infighting between Arab states. Mossad is accused of creating sabotage groups in western countries, including the United States and Europe, to attack "progressive Arab officials" and opponents of Zionism. Mossad is accused of working with the terrorist Jewish Defense League to commit bombing and arson attacks on buildings abroad, including the "UN delegations from the USSR, UkSSR, and BSSR." The Israeli "Security Committee," which directs terrorism and sabotage operations and is composed of members of the Israeli government and General Staff, is said to take "practically no account of the probable reaction of the world public, no matter unfavorable it might be."

The book describes Vladimir Lenin's abhorrence of Zionism and quotes him as stating, "Only the reverential philosophers of an extremist Jewish minority shout against the policy of assimilation. And it is precisely with such philisophers of Jewish extremism that the ideology of modern Zionism is related."

The plight of those Soviets enticed to emigrating to Israel is also revealed: "Jews who had yielded to Zionist propaganda and left for Israel are unable to endure the 'Zionist way of life,' and they end their lives by suicide. Hundreds of thousands aspire to return to their countries from which they came. In 30 years about a million persons, predominantly immigrants from socialist countries, have abandoned Israel....."

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