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Iran carried out "two-plane" Rigi mission to embarrass Obama's Special Envoy

Iran carried out "two-plane" Rigi mission to embarrass Obama's Special Envoy

The government and intelligence services of Iran apparently have quite a sense of humor. Iran has managed not only to nab a top CIA-backed Baluchi terrorist but it also was able to keep the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan waiting for Abdolmalek Rigi in Bishkek. The Iranians, in a clever move, captured Rigi from the Pakistanis aboard a Pakistan to Dubai small commuter jet aircraft, while the world believed Rigi was taken off a Kyrgyzstan airline flight from Dubai to Bishkek that was forced to land by Iranian Air Force jets at Bandar Abbas in Iran.

With the entire highly-vaunted U.S. intelligence community at his disposal, Holbrooke and his State Department and CIA team were forced to resort to dealing with Bishkek-Manas airport officials when their Iranian-Baluchi Jundallah guerrillas leader failed to show up in Bishkek on the Kyrgyzstan aircraft from Dubai.

On February 24, 2010, WMR reported, "Our sources state that Iranian intelligence is claiming very loudly that they captured Rigi without any foreign assistance. This appears to be for cover story purposes. If ISI delivered him to Bandar Abbas aboard a Lear [or Falcon], the Iranians had at least a half day to arrange for the touchdown of the KYRGYZSTAN Dubai-Manas flight to cover up the actual flight from Gwadar. If the Iranians had a couple of their agents pretend to be Rigi they fooled the world and allowed Pakistan's ISI to get off the hook as far as their involvement was concerned. Rigi was reported not to be traveling with bodyguards from Dubai to Bishkek, which does not explain the detention of another individual, reported by some sources to have been Jundallah's 'number two man.'"

According to Iranian state TV, Rigi drove in his Toyota from his house on Sariab Street in Kuwaiteh in Pakistan on February 21, leaving at 0955 local time and arriving in Chaman on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border at 1300 the same day. After crossing the border and arriving in Spin Boldak, Rigi was met by a local contact team and taken to Kandahar airbase where final arrangements were made for him to fly to Bishkek to meet with Holbrooke. At some point in time, possibly before February 21, Rigi was given a fake Afghanistan passport under the name "Mohammad Khalib." Rigi was also given a fake Pakistani travel document.

But it is at this point in time where the Iranian cover story begins. Iranian TV reported that on February 22, Rigi flew from Kandahar to Kabul for a brief layover before boarding Ariana Airlines flight 401 to Dubai. The Iranians report that Rigi arrived in Dubai at 2000 local time. Rigi reportedly spent a short time in Dubai before boarding Kyrgyzstan 454 to Bishkek. The Iranians claim that the Kyrgyzstan flight, once entering Iranian airspace, was forced to land in Bandar Abbas, where Rigi was taken into custody.

In an interview on Iranian TV, Rigi says he was flying to Bishkek to meet an "important" American. The reason for the clandestine meeting in Manas was that the American would be easily spotted if he met Rigi anywhere else.

At the time of the planned meeting between Rigi and the "important" American, AF-PAK Special Envoy Holbrooke was on a meandering journey in central Asia and Afghanistan "without a fixed schedule." Holbrooke was in Dushanbe, Tajikistan on February 19.

Holbrooke landed in Manas on February 19 and spoke to U.S. troops at the Manas Transit Center. Holbrooke then left for Afghanistan but arrived back in Manas on February 21, the day before the planned meeting with Rigi. The official story of Holbrooke's return to Kyrgyzstan was for an official meeting with Kyrgyzstan President Kurmanbek Bakiyev.

Iran conducted the charade with the Kyrgyzstan airline in order to keep Holbrooke waiting nervously at Manas. Iran had already captured their prize of Rigi when the ISI, possibly after Rigi's departure from Kuwaiteh or after he crossed into Afghanistan, took him under their protection and put him on the charter jet flight to Bandar Abbas. Possibly, ISI was at Spin Boldak and Rigi mistakenly believed the watch team was working for the CIA, when, in fact, they were working for the ISI, which had promised to turn Rigi over to the Iranians.

WMR's Asia-based intelligence sources believe that the Iranians discovered the plans for Rigi's movement to Kandahar and replaced the pre-positioned CIA team sent to meet Rigi. Another scenario is that Rigi was to be flown to Dubai from Gwadar on board a CIA-ISI charter plane after being convoyed by an American team, along with Pakistani minders, from the Shamshi airbase in Pakistan. Rigi and the Americans believed Rigi would be flown to Dubai for his connecting flight to Bishkek-Manas to meet the American VIP.

Pakistani agents on the plane then orderd the pilot to change course for Bandar Abbas, telling him it is a classified Pakistani military mission. The plane lands in Bandar Abbas and Rigi is taken into custody. Meanwhile, Holbrooke and his party become concerned when Kyrgyzstan 454 is late. When the flight arrives, Holbrooke is told Rigi is not on board the flight and that two men were taken off the plane at Bandar Abbas. Holbrooke, clearly embarrassed and angry, departs Kyrgyzstan knowing the Iranians have nabbed one of the CIA's top assets in the military operations being planned against Iran. Holbrooke, one of the most powerful American Jewish Zionists in the Obama administration, has egg all over his face, courtesy of a well-planned Iranian intelligence operation. Holbrooke flies to Tbilisi, Georgia and visits the Krtsanisi Military Training Center to thank Georgian President Mikhael Saakashvili for providing 1000 Georgian troops for Afghanistan. It was all Holbrooke could do to help cover up a major defeat for American intelligence operations in the region.

Iran and the CIA/State Department, for their own reasons, immediately go into spin mode. The Obama administration, caught with its pants down, denies the U.S. supports Rigi's Jundallah movement, which has carried out a series of terrorist attacks in southeastern Iran. Iran, wishing to protect Pakistan's involvement in the capture of Jundallah's leader, creates another cover story.

On February 26, Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah made an extremely rare visit to Damascus to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Nasrallah, who is always in fear of Israeli assassination, was jovial and even seen laughing along with Ahmadinejad and Assad. Undoubtedly, the three were laughing about how Iran not only managed to avenge the assassination by Mossad of top Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh at a Dubai hotel on January 19 but also managed to have Holbrooke, Obama's special envoy, sweating it out at Manas-Bishkek airport in the middle of central Asia, waiting for Rigi who was already a "guest" of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.

Holbrooke, the master of nation-splitting after his success in dismantling Yugoslavia, is seen as trying to accomplish a similar outcome for Pakistan and Iran by supporting secessionist groups like Rigi's Jundallah Baluchi movement. Holbrooke's angst while waiting for Rigi in Kyrgyzstan is sure to bring a few smiles to some people in Serbia who still blame him for the break-up of that nation.

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Iran eclipses Mossad action in Dubai by nabbing a CIA terrorist leader.....II

Iran eclipses Mossad action in Dubai by nabbing a CIA terrorist leader....II

The February 23 capture by Iran of the CIA-backed Jundallah Baluchi terrorist leader Abdolmalek Rigi when his plane was forced to land in Bandar Abbas airport in Iran is raising more questions about the role of Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan in the operation.

Published news reports appear to be exercises in disinformation by the western corporate media and the Iranian and Pakistani media. At least two planes appear to have been involved in the Iranian capture of Rigi and some of his associates.

A story was floated by the neocon-oriented Daily Telegraph of the UK on February 24 that indicated that Rigi was forced off a Kyrgyzstan Airways flight from Dubai to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The flight was said to have carried 119 passengers, including Rigi, when Iranian agents on board forced the plane to land at Bandar Abbas, Iran, where Rigi was taken into custody by four masked elite troops of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (see below). However, the photograph shopped around by the media, including the Iranian media, shows Rigi being taken off a plane that is much smaller than the Kyrgyzstan flight QH454 that normally flies the route between Dubai and Bishkek. The small plane pictured below resembles a small jet, possibly a Lear or Dassault Falcon. KYRGYZSTAN's fleet includes 3 Antonov AN-24s, 1 Tupolev TU-134a, and 2 Yakovlev YAK-40s.

The "QH" flight designator is for KYRGYZSTAN, not "Kyrgyzstan Airlines" as reported by the Telegraph. There is another airline, "Kyrgyzstan Airlines, that flies from Islamabad, Pakistan to Bishkek but it does not fly to Dubai as does KYRGYZSTAN. Kyrgyzstan Airlines uses the flight designator of "R8." Kyrgyzstan Airlines' fleet consists of two Airbuses, six Antonovs, one Boeing 737, five Tupolevs, one Ilyushin IL-76TD, and two Yakovlevs.

There is also an aircraft marking difference between the small plane from which Rigi is removed and KYRGYZSTAN. The small plane bears blue, white, and red striping while KYRGYZSTAN planes bear a solid red stripe (see far below).

The mystery of how Rigi was captured remains murky with even DebkaFile of Israel, seen as close to the Mossad, unable to report more than the following: "The sparse details filtering through from Dubai and Tehran by Wednesday morning, Feb. 24, indicate that Abdol Malek Rigi boarded Kyrgyzstan Airways flight QH454 bound from Dubai for Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan, on Tuesday. He was not traveling with bodyguards. A group of Iranian special operatives were among the 119 passengers. The flight was intercepted as soon as it crossed into Iranian airspace near Bandar Abbas and forced by an Iranian warplane to land at a military air base.ital of Kyrgyzstan, on Tuesday." DebkaFile concedes that the Iranians pulled off a masterful operation in capturing Rigi.

Rigi being taken off plane by Iranian special forces at Bandar Abbas.

The Iranians are presumably not only finding out from Rigi the extent of the CIA's support for the anti-Iranian government Jundallah Baluchi movement in Pakistan but also how the CIA has armed and provided logistical support to anti-Pakistani Baluchi secessionists -- a fact that will further alienate Islamabad from Washington and help forge a new Pakistani-Iranian intelligence alliance.

Of particular interest to the Iranians and Pakistanis are the CIA's operations at the Shamshi airbase in Pakistan, control over which was ceded by Pakistan to the CIA in October 2001. Blackwater/Xe personnel also operate from the Shamshi base, an important air transit hub between the U.S. Fifth Fleet in the Gulf and U.S. bases in Afghanistan.

The CIA's support for Iranian Baluchis operating against Tehran has also had the effect of restoring the Baluchi Liberation Army, with CIA munitions destined for the Jundallah guerrillas falling into the hands of Baluchi secessionists in Pakistan, particularly among the Bugti, Marri and Mengal tribes that now threaten to disrupt trans-Pakistani pipelines to the Pakistani port of Gwadar, which is being developed by Chinese engineers and construction companies. The CIA, apparently unable or unwilling to distinguish between the Iranian and Baluchis and their agendas, permitted explosives and detonators destined for use in Iran to be used against regular Pakistani army units and Chinese assets assisting in the Gwadar port project.

Pakistan also suspects American energy politics at play. By stirring up Baluchis on both sides of the Pakistani-Iranian border, the CIA stands to disrupt planned natural gas pipelines from Qatar to Pakistan that will transit through Iran and the Iran-Gujarat oil pipeline.

WMR's intelligence sources have provided a best guess scenario for what occurred in regard to Rigi and his capture by the Iranians. Our sources state that Iranian intelligence is claiming very loudly that they captured Rigi without any foreign assistance. This apepars to be for cover satrory purposes. If ISI delivered him to Bandar Abbas aboard a Lear, the Iranians had at least a half day to arrange for the touchdown of the KYRGYZSTAN Dubai-Manas flight to cover up the actual flight from Gwadar. If the Iranians had a couple of their agents pretend to be Rigi they fooled the world and allowed Pakistan's ISI to get off the hook as far as their involvement was concerned. Rigi was reported not to be traveling with bodyguards from Dubai to Bishkek, which does not explain the detention of another individual, reported by some sources to have been Jundallah's "number two man."

Passengers on the KYRGYZSTAN flight diverted to Bandar Abbas claimed that two men were removed by Iranian agents. The passengers assumed that one was Rigi. However, informed observers in the region now believe that the passenger plane diversion was a cover for the delivery of Rigi by the ISI to Iranian hands.

There is also a possibility that Iranian agents gained access to a CIA contractor charter flight from Gwadar to Dubai, commandeered the flight to Bandar Abbas, and grabbed Rigi. Oddly enough, a U.S.-based charter aircraft company does operate from Gwadar Airport, Stratos Jet Charters, which provides Citations, Beechjets, Lears, Hawkers, Falcons, Challengers or Gulfstreams. The firm is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

The U.S. arming of the Iranian Baluchis is part of a CIA covert program to stir up Iran's ethnic minorities, including Kurds, Arabs in Khuzestan, Azeris, Turkomen, as well as Baluchis. Last November, the American Friends of Balochistan (AFB) organized a conference in support of Baluchistan at the National Press Club in Washington. The Washington event was reported to have had links to the CIA.

One major question that remains is why was Rigi traveling to the U.S. airbase at Manas, Kyrgyzstan some two days after meeting with senior U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan and, reportedly, Pakistan? It is something Iranian intelligence is keen to discover.

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Iran eclipses Mossad action in Dubai by nabbing a CIA terrorist leader

Iran eclipses Mossad action in Dubai by nabbing a CIA terrorist leader

Iran has captured the leader of a CIA-backed Iranian Baluch terrorist group that has launched repeated terrorist attacks inside Iran's Sistan-Baluchistan province from base camps in western Pakistan. Abdolmalek Rigi, the leader of Jundallah, or "Soldiers of God," was taken into custody by Iranian agents. There are reports that other passengers were also removed by the Iranians, possibly other Jundallah members traveling with Rigi, including Rigi's "right hand man."

Iranian intelligence agents on board a flight from Pakistan to Dubai ordered the plane to land in Bandar Abbas on the Gulf where Iranian security forces apprehended Rigi. Iran claims that Rigi had in his possession a U.S.-issued forged Afghanistan passport and a fake Pakistani identity card and was spotted by Iranian agents at a U.S. base in Afghanistan one day before his capture by Iran.

Originally, there were reports that Rigi was captured on a flight from Dubai to Kyrgyzstan where the United States maintains a logistics and intelligence base at Manas outside the capital city of Bishkek. The plane forced down was a small aircraft and there have been no reports on whether the aircraft was a regularly scheduled commercial or chartered flight. There is speculation that the plane may have been a CIA charter flight that may have been based at Manas air base in Kyrgyzstan.

Last November, a Zimbabwe-registered MD-11 Avient Aviation Company cargo plane crashed en route to Bishkek crashed at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport. Three American crewmen were killed in the crash. Avient denied the plane was carrying a "sensitve" cargo. Another American was injured. The other crewmen included nationals of Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and Belgium.

Rigi was arrested by Pakistani authorities in September last year but, according to Asian intelligence sources, was released under pressure from the CIA. Rigi's Jundallah guerrillas carried out a deadly terrorist bombing in October last year that killed some 40 people, many of them members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Rigi's brother, Abdolhamid Rigi, already in Iranian custody, has admitted that Jundallah acts under the orders of the CIA. Abdolmalek Rigi allegedly also acts under the orders of the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal and also maintains links to Britain's MI-6 intelligence service.

Abdolhamid Rigi's execution was postponed by Iran with informed sources in the area believing that he has provided invaluable intelligence on the CIA's anti-Iranian operations being conducted inside Pakistan and Afghanistan. Former CIA agent Robert Baer confirmed the CIA's link to Rigi last October.

The capture of Rigi is certain to further exacerbate tensions between the CIA and its proxy private military operatives in Pakistan, including Blackwater/Xe, and the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency. After the capture by the United States of the Taliban's number two leader in Pakistan, while he was traveling to meet European and Japanese envoys to negotiate an offer from Afghan President Hamid Karzai to cease fighting and join the Kabul government, ISI quickly moved to detain other Taliban commanders in Pakistan's northwest tribal region to prevent their capture or assassination by the United States. The word from Islamabad is moving to carve out its own room for negotiations without the involvement of the United States, which the ISI and Pakistan's military no longer trusts.

There is a belief that Pakistan cooperated with Iran in the capture of Rigi in order to trade him for Pakistani and Afghan Taliban elements captured inside of Iran.

The arrest of Rigi is the second major defeat for the CIA in the Middle East/South Asia region. Turkey has arrested 51 current and retired Army and Air Force commanders and high-ranking officers for trying to stage a 2003 coup, code named OPERATION SLEDGEHAMMER, against the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The coup plotters were going to blow up two mosques in Istanbul and stage an air incident with Greece as a pretext for pointing to the weakness of the Erdogan government and move to take over to "restore order." We have learned that the CIA and Mossad were closely involved with OPERATION SLEDGEHAMMER.

Erdogan has maintained cordial relations with Iran and is opposed to any U.S. or Israeli military strike on Iran.

The take down of the Jundallah leader by Iran and the rolling up of the military coup plotters by Turkey represents a double body blow to U.S. and Israeli intelligence plans for the region.

Destabilizing Pakistan – Operation Breakfast Redux

Operation enduring turmoil

Click on image to see larger version

By Tom Engelhardt and Pratap Chatterje

Almost every day, reports come back from the CIA’s “secret” battlefield in the Pakistani tribal borderlands. Unmanned aerial vehicles – that is, pilotless drones – shoot missiles (18 of them in a single attack on a tiny village last week) or drop bombs and then the news comes in: a certain number of al-Qaeda or Taliban leaders or suspected Arab or Uzbek or Afghan “militants” have died. The numbers are often remarkably precise. Sometimes they are attributed to U.S. sources, sometimes to the Pakistanis; sometimes, it’s hard to tell where the information comes from. In the Pakistani press, on the other hand, the numbers that come back are usually of civilian dead. They, too, tend to be precise.

Don’t let that precision fool you. Here’s the reality: There are no reporters on the ground and none of these figures can be taken as accurate. Let’s just consider the CIA side of things. Any information that comes from American sources (i.e., the CIA) has to be looked at with great wariness. As a start, the CIA’s history is one of deception. There’s no reason to take anything its sources say at face value. They will report just what they think it’s in their interest to report – and the ongoing “success” of their drone strikes is distinctly in their interest.

Then, there’s history. In the present drone wars, as in the CIA’s bloody Phoenix Program in the Vietnam era, the Agency’s operatives, working in distinctly alien terrain, must rely on local sources (or possibly official Pakistani ones) for targeting intelligence. In Vietnam in the 1960s, the Agency’s Phoenix Program – reportedly responsible for the assassination of 20,000 Vietnamese – became, according to historian Marilyn Young, “an extortionist’s paradise, with payoffs as available for denunciation as for protection.” Once again, the CIA is reportedly passing out bags of money and anyone on the ground with a grudge, or the desire to eliminate an enemy, or simply the desire to make some of that money can undoubtedly feed information into the system, watch the drones do their damnedest, and then report back that more “terrorists” are dead. Just assume that at least some of those “militants” dying in Pakistan, and possibly many of them, aren’t who the CIA hopes they are.

Think of it as a foolproof situation, with an emphasis on the “fool.” And then keep in mind that, in December, the CIA’s local brain trust, undoubtedly the same people who were leaking precise news of “successes” in Pakistan, mistook a jihadist double agent from Jordan for an agent of theirs, gathered at an Agency base in Khost, Afghanistan, and let him wipe them out with a suicide bomb. Seven CIA operatives died, including the base chief. This should give us a grim clue as to the accuracy of the CIA’s insights into what’s happening on the ground in Pakistan, or into the real effects of their 24/7 robotic assassination program.

But there’s a deeper, more dangerous level of deception in Washington’s widening war in the region: self-deception. The CIA drone program, which the Agency’s Director Leon Panetta has called “the only game in town” when it comes to dismantling al-Qaeda, is just symptomatic of such self-deception. While the CIA and the U.S. military have been expending enormous effort studying the Afghan and Pakistani situations and consulting experts, and while the White House has conducted an extensive series of seminars-cum-policy-debates on both countries, you can count on one thing: none of them have spent significant time studying or thinking about us.

As a result, the seeming cleanliness and effectiveness of the drone-war solution undoubtedly only reinforces a sense in Washington that the world’s last great military power can still control this war – that it can organize, order, prod, wheedle, and bribe both the Afghans and Pakistanis into doing what’s best, and if that doesn’t work, simply continue raining down the missiles and bombs. Beware Washington’s deep-seated belief that it controls events; that it is, however precariously, in the saddle; that, as Afghan War commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal recently put it, there is a “corner” to “turn” out there, even if we haven’t quite turned it yet.

In fact, Washington is not in the saddle and that corner, if there, if turned, will have its own unpleasant surprises. Washington is, in this sense, as oblivious as those CIA operatives were as they waited for “their” Jordanian agent to give them supposedly vital information on the al-Qaeda leadership in the Pakistani tribal areas. Like their drones, the Americans in charge of this war are desperately far from the ground, and they don’t even seem to know it. It’s this that makes the analogy drawn by TomDispatch regular and author of Halliburton’s Army Pratap Chatterjee so unnerving. It’s time for Washington to examine not what we know about them, but what we don’t know about ourselves.

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The Balkanization of Turkey is under way

Turkish model Aysun Kayacı. Author Haluk Özözlü (

There is a battle going on for control of Turkey.

There may be a plot to balkanise Turkey, and George Soros may be involved?

Prof. Dr. Umit Ozdag (Nationalist Prof. Ozdag: The US is Behind the Ergenekon Operation) has stated that "The US aims to establish a federal Turkey instead of unitary Turkish state".

For many years, the generals in Turkey seemed to be friends with Israel and the Pentagon.

Reportedly, the Turkish generals of the 'fascist' group known as Ergenekon were happy to carry out acts of 'false flag' terrorism.

And reportedly the Turkish generals were happy to topple Turkish governments that Israel and the Pentagon did not like.

But then some of the Ergenekon generals apparently discovered that Israel and the Pentagon were secretly trying to keep Turkey weak, divided and easy to control.

In January 2009, a report in Turkish Weekly suggested that some Ergenekon generals had turned against Israel and the USA. (Ergenekon's Foreign Policy Guide)

According to a writer in Turkish Weekly:

"Most of the Ergenekon members are anti-Semitic.

"They claim that the MOSSAD has played a very dirty role in Turkish politics and aimed to divide the country into poles."

Is this true, or disinformation?

On 14 February 2010, Turkey's Hürriyet Daily News reported on the Open Society Institute, or OSI, founded by Jewish-American businessman George Soros. (Threats against Open Society Foundation disappear).

It seems that negative press reports on the Open Society Foundation have disappeared at the same time as the Ergenekon network has been exposed.

The Pentagon, Israel, NATO and Soros want to make sure that Turkey is under their control.

In 1997, banks and currencies got into difficulty in Asia. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir thought he knew who was behind it all: George Soros, Jewish currency trader. (MAHATHIR VS. SOROS)

Soros reportedly played a part in undermining banks and currencies during the Asian financial crisis of 1997. (George Soros' role in the Asia Crisis of 1997)

Soros allegedly "spent the war in Hungary under false papers working for the Nazi government, identifying and expropriating the property of wealthy fellow Jews." (The Secret Financial Network Behind "Wizard" George Soros)

The Ergenekon probe is heating up, with the interrogation of a general and an admiral

Ergenekon is accused of working to overthrow the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government.

The latest Ergenekon plot was exposed by a Turkish daily in 2009.

"According to the plot, religious communities would be presented to the public as 'terrorist organizations' through subversive plans.

"Members of the military were supposed to plant weapons and munitions at the homes of followers of religious communities.

"Police raids on these addresses would result in the arrest of those individuals.

"The public would then start regarding religious communities as having 'terrorist intentions,' according to the plot." (Ergenekon probe is heating up, with the interrogation of a general and an admiral)

It is difficult to tell how much of the information about Ergenekon is disinformation.

A Turkish TV station broadcast a video recording of a police operation at the house of naval lieutenants who are accused of plotting to assassinate two admirals.

Admiral Yiğit defended the naval officers accused of plotting to assassinate him, saying: 'My officers are accused of plotting to assassinate me. They would throw themselves in front of bullets if someone shot at me.' (Ergenekon probe is heating up, with the interrogation of a general and an admiral)

Les Costumes Populaires De La Turquie, taken by French photographer Pascal Sebah at the universal exposition in Vienna, 1873.

The pro-Israel Economist (Coups away) reports that 'the generals insist that Ergenekon is part of a smear campaign led by Fethullah Gulen, a moderate Islamic cleric who heads Turkey’s richest and most influential Islamic brotherhood.

'This movement, which abhors violence and embraces capitalism, is acknowledged to have kept Turkish Islam tame...

'One of the army's alleged coup plots involved the planting of weapons in the homes of Gulenists in an attempt to discredit them.'

The military, and presumably Ergenekon, are said to be split into two factions.

There are those who see the value of having links with neighbours Russia and Iran and those who oppose this.

The latter faction want to keep close to Israel, the USA and Europe.

Israel fears a nuclear armed Turkey. (Israel warns Greece: Turkey will soon become nuke power /Russia says ready to help Turkey build nuclear power plant)

On 22 January 2009, Prof. Dr. Umit Ozdag stated that the United States is the real power behind the Ergenekon Operation in Turkey. (Nationalist Prof. Ozdag: The US is Behind the Ergenekon Operation)

Mr. Ozdag said "The US aims to establish a federal Turkey instead of unitary Turkish state".

Prof. Ozdag claimed that the European Union (EU) too makes efforts to shift Turkey's unitary state into an ethnic based federal Turkey state.

Turkey, terror bombs, the CIA and Mossad


aangirfan: Jewish control of Turkey?

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Congressman Questions 9/11

Congressman Jason Chafetz just said that we need to be vigilant and continue to investigate 9/11.

A nutjob, right?.....

"Falling Building"


But he joins quite a few other Congressmen:

  • Former U.S. Republican Congressman and senior member of the House Armed Services Committee, and who served six years as the Chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee Curt Weldon has shown that the U.S. tracked hijackers before 9/11, is open to hearing information about explosives in the Twin Towers, and is open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job
And 9/11 Commissioners:
  • And the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission (John Farmer) - who led the 9/11 staff's inquiry - recently said "At some level of the government, at some point in time...there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened". He also said "I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described .... The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years.... This is not spin. This is not true."
And senior intelligence officers:
  • Former military analyst and famed whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg recently said that the case of a certain 9/11 whistleblower is "far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers". He also said that the government is ordering the media to cover up her allegations about 9/11. And he said that some of the claims concerning government involvement in 9/11 are credible, that "very serious questions have been raised about what they [U.S. government officials] knew beforehand and how much involvement there might have been", that engineering 9/11 would not be humanly or psychologically beyond the scope of the current administration, and that there's enough evidence to justify a new, "hard-hitting" investigation into 9/11 with subpoenas and testimony taken under oath.
  • A 27-year CIA veteran, who chaired National Intelligence Estimates and personally delivered intelligence briefings to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, their Vice Presidents, Secretaries of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many other senior government officials (Raymond McGovern) said “I think at simplest terms, there’s a cover-up. The 9/11 Report is a joke”, and is open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job.
  • 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer (David Steele) stated that "9/11 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war", and it was probably an inside job (scroll down to Customer Review dated October 7, 2006).
  • A decorated 20-year CIA veteran, who Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh called "perhaps the best on-the-ground field officer in the Middle East”, and whose astounding career formed the script for the Academy Award winning motion picture Syriana (Robert Baer) said that "the evidence points at" 9/11 having had aspects of being an inside job
  • Professor of History and International Relations, University of Maryland. Former Executive Assistant to the Director of the National Security Agency, former military attaché in China, with a 21-year career in U.S. Army Intelligence (Major John M. Newman, PhD, U.S. Army) questions the government's version of the events of 9/11.
And other government officials:
  • Former Deputy Secretary for Intelligence and Warning under Nixon, Ford, and Carter (Morton Goulder), former Deputy Director to the White House Task Force on Terrorism (Edward L. Peck), and former US Department of State Foreign Service Officer (J. Michael Springmann), as well as a who's who of liberals and independents) jointly call for a new investigation into 9/11
  • President of the U.S. Air Force Accident Investigation Board, who also served as Pentagon Weapons Requirement Officer and as a member of the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review, and who was awarded Distinguished Flying Crosses for Heroism, four Air Medals, four Meritorious Service Medals, and nine Aerial Achievement Medals (Lt. Col. Jeff Latas) is a member of a group which doubts the government's version of 9/11
  • Director of the U.S. "Star Wars" space defense program in both Republican and Democratic administrations, who was a senior air force colonel who flew 101 combat missions (Col. Robert Bowman) stated: "If our government had merely [done] nothing, and I say that as an old interceptor pilot—I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were, and I know what they’ve changed them to—if our government had merely done nothing, and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive. [T]hat is treason!"
If he's nuts, Congressman Chafetz is in good company. And see this and this.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pune bombing was a planned false flag accidental explosion

Pune bombing was a planned false flag accidental explosion

WMR's knowledgeable Asian intelligence sources report that the February 13 improvised explosive device blast at the German Bakery in Pune, India, was likely the result of an accidental premature bomb blast carried out by a covert Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) network responsible for conducting false flag and other terrorist attacks in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Asian intelligence sources believe that the blast was part of a series of planned blasts in Pune, a city popular with western tourists, and that the back pack containing the bomb blew up in the bakery because of a failed pick-up by a pre-designated false flag agent.

It is known that David Coleman Headley, aka Daood Gilani, the Pakistani-American double agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), CIA, and the Pakistani/Kashmiri terrorist group Laskar e Taiba (LET), arrested in Chicago last October on charges that he conducted a reconnaissance operation of targets in Mumbai prior to the terrorist attack on that city on November 26, 2008, visited Pune in July 2008 and March 2009. Headley's father, Sayed Salim Gilani, was a Pakistani diplomat and director of Radio Pakistan and is related to the present Pakistani Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, who approved the staioning of Blackwater/Xe mercenaries in Pakistan. It is suspected that the young Headley was recruited by the CIA after he was arrested by U.S. authorities for the smuggling of heroin in 1988. In fact, Headley often represented himself as being with the CIA during his trips to India.

Indian law enforcement was investigating how Headley obtained an Indian visa from the Indian Consulate in Chicago in order to travel to India but Headley's original visa application papers are now missing from the Indian Consulate in the Windy City. In addition, the FBI is refusing to allow Indian authorities to have access to Headley.

It is also noteworthy that Headley's accomplice, Tahawwur Hussain Rana, also arrested by the FBI as part of an alleged LET cell in Chicago, has the name "Rana" that is not common in Pakistan but predominant among Hindus in Rajasthan state, India. In the criminal charges filed against Rana in Chicago, his contact in Dubai is referred to as "Pasha." Asian intelligence sources do not believe that "Pasha" is either Arab or Pakistani, since the honorific in Arab states and Pakistan is "sheikh" or "emir." "Pasha" is a Turkic, Turkic Khazar Jewish, and Baghdadi Jewish title used since the days of the Ottoman Empire.

Headley stayed in the Koregaon Park neighborhood of Pune and he visited the Hasidic Jewish Chabad House in the same neighborhood, as well as the German Bakery and the nearby Osho Ashram International Meditation center, founded by the late Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the founder of an international mystic cult that established its headquarters at Rajneeshpuram in Oregon in 1981. The communal headquarters collapsed in 1985 after Rajneesh stated that leaders of the commune committed a bio-terror attack on the people of The Dalles by contaminating their food. Rajneesh was arrested and deported from the United States and eventually settled in Pune. He died in 1990, with some people believing the CIA poisoned him to ensure his silence. The Rajneeshpuram colony in Oregon was swimming in weapons, saw a number of murders, and involved a number of CIA operatives. After the catastrophe at Jonestown in Guyana in 1978, it is believed Rajneeshpuram represented yet another CIA MK-ULTRA psyop and mind control operation.

Headley traveled to Pune from Goa, another center of heavy Mossad and Chabad activity. The German Bakery is very close to the Chabad House. Among those killed in the German Bakery blast was an Iranian national, with five other Iranians injured. Since Rajneeshpuram was connected to the CIA's training of El Salvadorean and Laotian mercenaries in the 1980s, there is some speculation that the Iranians in Pune were part of an operation to train them for operations in Iran, especially if they turn out to be Bahais who have also been connected to the Osho ashram.

As reported by WMR, the Chabad House in Mumbai was among the targets of the November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai. The attack was carried out by operatives of the Pakistan-based part-time CIA facilitator Dawood Ibrahim, the head of the D-Company mafia that controls much of the drug trade in Mumbai, Bollywood, and Nepal. Ibrahim struck Mumbai in retaliation for what he believed was a CIA double-cross to have him captured in Pakistan and extradited to his native India for prosecution.

What links the Osho cult and Chabad, WMR has been told, is sex and Ecstasy, with both groups jointly involved in the prostitution and drug trade in Pune.

The Osho ashram cult has also expanded its operations in the last few years in Nepal where it is supporting a revived paramilitary infrastructure involving the Tibetan exile authority. Osho Nepal has provided Tibetan activists to support Free Tibet protests across Nepal and to help re-establish covert guerrilla operations on behalf of RAW and the CIA in Tibetan monasteries on Nepal's border with China.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who was feted at President Obama's first state dinner at the White House on November 24 last year, said the following about Osho (Rajneesh):

""Osho is one of India’s greatest mystics.... I see him as one of the world’s great teachers, thinkers, philosophers and guides of our times. I have enormous respect for his world vision and the kind of International Communities he is building. I have always felt his influence in my life." And the Dalai Lama, who is due to meet Obama in Washington, said of Osho: "Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness."

The Osho group is the main sponsor of Friends of Tibet, which Nepalese journalists have linked to paramilitary weapons training for Tibetans in Quebec and another branch in the United States. Ironically, the blast in Pune comes just before President Obama is scheduled to meet the Dalai Lama of Tibet in Washington, much to the consternation of the government of China. WMR's Beijing sources report that there is a belief by Chinese intelligence and sources in Nepal that the bomb that detonated at the German Bakery may have been an accidentally detonated device that might have been used in a terrorist training program by the Osho group in cooperation with the local branch of Students for Free Tibet, the more militant wing of the Tibetan independence movement, its more peaceful counterpart being the Tibetan Youth Congress.

Osho operations in Nepal, where George Soros is also active on behalf of the Tibetans, are also being used to spread the Rajneesh philosophy in Russia and other former Soviet republics, as well as Iran. The Osho cult has 55 religious center throughout Nepal and missionaries from the centers often travel to Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan to spread the Osho's message.

On November 29, 2008, WMR reported: "WMR previously reported that the violent and bloody attack on Mumbai represents a pay-back from exiled Indian Muslim Mumbai gangland warlord Dawood Ibrahim who fears that the CIA was conspiring with the Pakistani government to extradite him from Pakistan to India. Such an event would effectively cede control of Mumbai's lucrative organized crime territory to Hindu extremist criminal syndicates allied with the Hindu terrorist Shiv Sena group. The targeting of the Lubavitcher Chabad House in Mumbai, where a New York rabbi and his wife were killed by one team of gangsters that arrived by sea from Pakistan, was likely more score settling by Ibrahim who suspected that Israeli Mafiosi were conspiring with Hindu extremist gangs to supplant Ibrahim's criminal influence in Mumbai."

On December 1, 2008, WMR reported: "A report in Kashmir Times, since removed from its website, claimed that the terrorists that entered the Taj Mahal Palace hotel had identified two senior U.S. intelligence officers in the crowd. The fact that the two CIA agents were singled out lends more proof to WMR's original report that Ibrahim was retaliating against his old CIA friends because he suspected them of working with India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) agency to extradite him from his sanctuary in Quetta, Pakistan to India. Ibrahim is a veteran of CIA "off-the-books" operations during the mujaheddin war against the Soviets in Afghanistan and currently in CIA drug and weapons smuggling and money laundering activities in South Asia, particularly in facilitating the shipment of bumper crop opium from U.S.-occupied Afghanistan to enrich the coffers of CIA slush funds . . . WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that the Russian-Israeli gangsters operating out of Chabad House tried to take over Mumbai's drug trade with the help of local Jewish mobsters so Ibrahim, while settling scores with India, the CIA, and Britain, decided to have his sub-contractor LET terrorists pay a visit to Chabad House and 'collect on a debt with high interest.' Ibrahim has always been careful to kill more criminals than he employs and after his attacks on Hindu and Israeli mobsters in Mumbai, the ratio has reportedly gotten better. Ibrahim eliminated practically every one of his criminal rivals in Mumbai during the 1980s and he is not about to see Hindu and Israeli crime syndicates replace him in his fiercely fought-for turf in Mumbai and other parts of India. Ibrahim's drug and other smuggling operations in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Africa, and Sri Lanka have also faced new and increased competition from Russian-Israeli gangsters operating in the same regions."

WMR has learned that the Pune bombing does not involve Ibrahim but a network of RAW-supported right-wing false flag terrorist operatives intent on driving a wedge between India and Pakistan before new diplomatic negotiations between the two sub-continental nuclear powers were to begin thus scuttling the talks.

Pune is a hub of joint RAW, CIA, British MI-6, Mossad, and possibly, Blackwater/ Xe, intelligence operations in the sub-continent. The headquarters of the Indian Army's Southern Command, Pune is also the location of more than a dozen Indian military bases and military research laboratories. Pune is also the location of the National Defense College, where Headley also paid a visit during his stay in the city. Pune is a key meeting ground between the RAW and its operative in the Osho group and Israeli intelligence counterparts using Chabad House as cover. The Military Intelligence Training School and Depot (MITSD) in Pune has also been used to train Sri Lankan military intelligence officers in methods to battle the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). Israel's Mossad also provides military and intelligence support to Sri Lanka's military intelligence service.

In 2004, a joint Mossad/Shin Bet unit quietly slipped into Pune to teach surveillance courses to Indian military intelligence units at the MITSD in Pune. The Mossad operatives are reportedly still stationed at the school and are reportedly involved in teaching the RAW the finer points of conducting false flag terrorist attacks. The chief RAW entity for conducting false flag attacks is the Counter Intelligence Team X (CIT-X), which conducted false flag attacks in Pakistan;'s Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Pakistan proper as part of the joint RAW-CIA-Mossad OPERATION PARKARAM between December 2001 and October 2002. RAW agents, masquerading as "Al Qaeda" operatives lured recruits, particularly from the Taliban, with cash, weapons, and ammunition.

Indian police investigators are reporting that the IED used at the German Bakery consisted of 1 to 1.5 kilograms of RDX. WMR has learned that the source of the RDX was the MTSD's weapons depot, another indication that the explosion was the result of a botched training exercise and/or a false flag operation.

On January 4, 2010, Israel's national security adviser Uzi Arad, the former Mossad chief in Washington who handled Israel's Pentagon spy Larry Franklin, was in Delhi after Israel publicly warned of a possible terrorist attack in Goa in October of last year.

It is believed that Headley was originally part of Ibrahim's heroin-smuggling D-Company but that after his arrest he became a key link between the CIA and Ibrahim, as well as to the LET for purposes of running false flag attack operations in the region.

WMR has learned that the most plausible scenario for the detonation at the German Bakery was that it was the result of sloppiness by someone in the Rashneesh/Osho group, likely an intermediate whose job it is to transfer weapons and bombs from the RAW to militant Hindus of the anti-Pakistan dialogue Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena movement, Tibetans, Tamils, and others for use in false flag provocation attacks.

WMR's sources report that the following is the likely scenario behind the bomb explosion in the German Bakery: The device (in a backpack) was being dropped off under a table at the bakery, but the pick-up was late and was possibly waiting for the table to clear of guests.
It went off only when the waiter tried to open it, setting a self-destruct trigger. With 70 people in the bakery, the back pack was practically invisible in a crowd and a good place
for a transfer without police surveillance. The police are spinning the "usual suspects" - including the little -known Indian Mujaheddin, a shadowy group responsible in the past for planting bombs on treetops in parks.

Our sources also point out that the Indian authorities did not cite the Deccan Mujaheddin, as they have in the past, since there are few Muslims in the part of the Deccan where Pune is located. The problem of a targeted bombing hypothesis is the "target" - the German Bakery. The bakery as a target makes no political statement, its munch too small time after the Taj hotel in Mumbai was attacked in November 2008.

To recap in more detail, if the blast at the bakery was an accident that occured during a transfer by a cut-out en route to another target in Pune, the following are the outstanding questions:

The militant Hindus would not target the bakery right in the middle of their assets, the Osho ashram and a friendly Chabad House, so the militant Hindus obviously were planning to hit a public site to "scare" the Indian politicians away from the planned talks with Pakistan. Also, the Hindu militants would have had some sort of Laskar-e-Taiba insignias or markings (a fake ID, a letter, a flag, or name card) "found" at the attack site.

The actual target or targets would probably be in a public square or plaza near a major transport hub, either a bus terminal or train station, with security cameras, as lots of
people have to be visibly running for their lives for maximum effect to sway the opinions of the television audiences. It is likely that the German Bakery device was probably one among many IEDs en route to targets in Pune.

By blowing prematurely in the middle of their own prized assets, the Hindu right now risks exposing their entire false flag operations, along with the involvement of RAW assets, Osho ashram, the CIA, and Mossad (Chabad House). Now that the Indian police have investigators scouring all over the Koregaon Park section, there is little likelihood of a
rightist operation being pulled off before the scheduled Indo-Pakistani talks. INdian police are now reporting that closed circuit TV footage shows two men at a 5-star hotrel across the street from the German Bakery. One has a bag in his possession, while the other is talking on a cell phone. It is a vital clue in the scenario that the back pack exploded at the bakery because of a late pick-up.

The incident also reveals the source of explosives for the Hindu "false-flag" (Lashkar colors) attacks as the same huge cache of weapons distributed to Tibetan,
Tamil, Assamese, and other "terrorist" movements that are covertly fed by RAW to enable Indian military interventions or security agreements with neighboring countries, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CIA involvement with drug trade resulted in death threats against U.S. senator

EXCLUSIVE REPORT -- CIA involvement with drug trade resulted in death threats against U.S. senator....

Profile from the Washingtonian titled "Inside Man"

Chapter 11 – United Nations Ambassador, Kissinger Clone.

Retired FBI sources have told FBI that the Central Intelligence Agency's involvement with drug smuggling was such a lucrative operation for the spy agency that it once threatened the life of a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, one of the two congressional oversight committees for the CIA. Arizona's Democratic senator Dennis DeConcini also feared for the lives of his family members, according to the FBI sources. DeConcini served on the Senate intelligence committee from 1987 to his retirement in 1995. President Bill Clinton reportedly offered DeConcini the job of White House drug czar but he turned down the position because of threats received against him and his family.

As chairman of the Senate intelligence committee from 1993 to 1995, DeConcini attempted to slash the intelligence community's budget in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet bloc but was constantly rebuffed by CIA director James Woolsey and the Republicans.

DeConcini incurred the ire of the CIA because he discovered how deeply the agency was involved in the smuggling of drugs into the United States, particularly during the Iran-contra scandal.

The FBI sources, who worked closely with President Ronald Reagan's task force on drug smuggling, chaired by then-Vice President George H. W. Bush, claim that Bush actually used his position to open up certain air routes into the United States from Latin America to pre-approved drug flights connected to the CIA's contra supply operation in Central America.

The major drug routes from Central America, primarily Panama, to the United States saw CIA contract flights operated by such proprietary firms as Southern Air Transport and Evergreen Aviation fly fully-loaded planes with weapons and ammunition for the Nicaraguan contras from the United States, air drop them over contra bases in Central America, land in Panama and load up with narcotics supplied by Colombia's Medellin cartel, fly through pre-approved air routes on the U.S.-Mexican border, and air drop the drugs on designated cattle ranches in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The Evergreen flights, according to WMR's FBI sources, were based out of the firm's facility at Pinal Air Park in Marana, Arizona. Southern Air Transport flights were based out of Mena, Arkansas and other airfields in the Florida panhandle, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Once the drugs from the Medellin cartel were dropped on the cattle ranches, they would be loaded on trailer trucks and hauled to distribution points around the United States. Our FBI sources stated that the smuggling and distribution was aided and abetted by some of the wealthiest cattle ranchers and trucking industry executives in the United States, all of whom were large political contributors to the Republican Party and the Bush family.

DeConcini was acutely aware of the operations and how they involved his home state of Arizona. After he and his family were threatened by the CIA, through the Medellin cartel, with assassination, DeConcini, according to our well-placed sources, wore body armor when appearing in public and succeeded in being named a U.S. sky-marshal so he could carry a .357 magnum on commercial aircraft between Washington, DC and Phoenix.

Not succeeding in eliminating DeConcini physically, the CIA arranged for him to be tainted with dirty political money. DeConcini was named as one of the "Keating Five" senators who accepted cash from the owner of the failed Lincoln Savings & Loan, Charles H. Keating, Jr. Although the Senate Ethics Committee's special counsel and CIA's "clean-up man" Robert Bennett, tried to pin DeConcini on his knowledge of deals between him and Keating, WMR learned from the FBI that the Justice Department found no evidence that DeConcini was involved in anything criminal. One of our FBI sources contacted Ethics Committee chairman Senator Howell Heflin (D-AL) and told him about DeConcini's campaign against the CIA and its drug trade.

Heflin suspended the hearings after being informed of DeConcini's unique situation and only resumed them after the Justice Department assured Heflin that it had no plans to indict DeConcini. In fact, DeConcini was implicated in the Keating Five scandal because three of his close aides -- his chief fund raiser Earl Katz, his campaign manager Ron Ober, and his administrative assistant Gene Karp -- agreed to make favorable deals for Keating and thus enmeshed DeConcini in the scandal. Our FBI sources revealed the three aides were all "deeply involved" with Keating and when the scandal broke they helped in falsely implicating DeConcini in the scandal.

However, the Keating Five scandal resulted in DeConcini deciding not to seek another term in 1995. DeConcini's colleague from Arizona, Republican Senator John McCain, also one of the Keating Five, was, according to our FBI sources, involved deeply in not only the Keating Five scandal but the CIA's drug smuggling operations.

WMR's FBI sources also confirmed that the senior CIA officer officially vested with the job of countering the international narcotics trade was actively involved in promoting the CIA's own drug smuggling operations. The individual also served in the Treasury Department where he ensured that the surveillance of suspicious money flows by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) were scrubbed of any information that would point to the CIA's involvement in drug money laundering.

We have also learned that the nephew of the CIA official, who discovered his uncle's involvement in the narcotics and drug money laundering business, was recently arrested in Arizona and incarcerated in the Florence federal penitentiary for allegedly threatening the lives of federal agents, a serious crime under the new anti-terrorism laws. Although, the individual in question has been diagnosed as "delusional" by a court-appointed psychiatrist, federal prosecutors are seeking a plea deal that would ensure that no mention is ever made of the uncle [who is now a well-known supporter of Israel], the CIA, FBI, or the Bush family., The jailed whistleblower also alleged that the CIA's drug trade continues to flourish and that it involves Latin American Jews, Mossad agents and fabric and window covering warehouses in Florida, Georgia, and Texas that are used to store drugs from Latin America prior to distribution.

WMR has also learned that the Republican Congressman who represents Midland and Odessa, Texas in the U.S. House of Representative, Mike Conaway, has expressed a recent interest in the laundering of CIA drug money over the years. It is estimated that between $4 and 6 trillion has been made by the CIA in the drug smuggling business and related money laundering. Although Conaway, who succeeded 11th District congressman [and House Intelligence Committee chairman] Larry Combest in 2003 after he suddenly resigned after winning his tenth term, is a friend of the Bush family, he is now faced with the possibility of a challenger in the GOP primary, either Jason or Jesse Waters, Iraq war veteran brothers who control Waters & Waters Services, an oilfield services firm. The potential challengers are also closely tied to the Bush family. Conaway served as chief financial officer for George W. Bush's failed Arbusto Energy Inc. Conaway, an accountant, also discovered that hundreds of thousands of dollars were missing from the bank accounts of the National Republican Congressional Committee after he conducted an audit of the accounts.

Conaway's potential challenge likely has resulted from asking too many questions -- the answers for which could prove highly embarrassing for his old friends, the Bushes.

WMR has learned from a Delta Force veteran that when units of the elite military force were sent into Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, their first order from the CIA was to protect Afghan poppy fields. WMR's FBI sources confirmed that Afghanistan has replaced Khun Sa's poppy production operations in Burma's "Golden Triangle" as the main source of opium and heroin for the CIA's narcotics trade.

George H. W. Bush and his son, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. recently paid a "courtesy call" on President Barack Obama at the White House. WMR's FBI sources believe that Obama was "deep selected" at a young age by the CIA to eventually be installed as President of the United States.

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