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Ecstasy pills, MOSSAD, CIA, war on Terror, 9/11 and Al-CIAda....

According to a report issued in 2003 by the U.S. State Department, Israel is at the center of international trafficking in Ecstasy.

Ecstasy pills, MOSSAD, CIA, war on "Terror", 9/11 and Al-CIAda....

A former chemical dependency counselor (LCDC, MEd) who worked in the prison system for ten years. This morning I was following a story regarding five major American industries associated with the Nazi regime:

Of course, Bayer came up and as I traced it's history I discovered that, among other things, a new catalyst-generated process was discover to make ammonia fertilizer, as well as chemicals used by Germany for biological warfare, including chlorine and Zyclon-B. The chemist was Fritz Haber.

As I traced the story further looking for MDMA I discovered that MDMA was first synthesized in 1912 by Merck chemist Anton Köllisch. It was at first used in psychotherapy to relax clients who could then talk freely, unguarded by the usual unconscious defense mechanisms. Of course, MK-ULTRA soon picked it up in the 50s and experimented with it as well as LSD, and other drugs, to develop their interrogation program. My guess is that MDMA is still used today by the national security state in places like Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib.

Something else I was aware of but not to the extent of its prevalence is that 75% of the ecstasy market in the U.S. is controlled by the Israeli crime family led by Asi Abutbul. His MDMA is manufactured in secret labs throughout Belgium and shipped from Antwerp to such places such as Saudi Arabia.... He also supplies Russia through his connections with the Russian Mafia.

The Netherlands/Belgium manufactures 90% of the world's ecstasy, so the Israeli/Russian mafia controls a very lucrative business throughout the world. Of course, Antwerp would be a logical choice, given it's large Jewish population, many of whom are diamond cutters employed in the now somewhat declining DeBeers diamond empire in South Africa, another Jewish enclave. New York is another. It is also, in addition to Antwerp, one of the largest centers of the diamond craft.

Antwerp is also a knot in the net of the currency to diamonds underground. Diamonds can't be traced like currency can.

Abutbal's chief operative in the United States was Ilan Zarger, another Israeli, who established a network connecting New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and South Florida, as well as other major cities, all headed by Israelis. In taped conversations by the DEA, Zarger said over the phone that he is protected the Russian Mafia. The context was not provided in the article I read but I'm sure it was related to his Russian market.

Now, Sammy "the Bull" Gravano, after ratting on the John Gotti, was moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, in the federal witness protection program. He soon elbowed and bullied his way into the ecstasy market, eliminating his competition through the usual strong arm methods, until he was able to gain control of the retail distribution networks for ecstasy throughout the Southwest. His dealers were "white supremacist thugs." Gravano was being supplied by Zarger, but getting his drugs shipped by train from Zarger's Las Vegas distribution point. I became aware of these connections while working for a private prison with contracts with the state of Arizona. We even held a member of his extended family but I can't say more because of confidentiality concerns.

The "Jewish Mafia" was then laundering it's drug money in Las Vegas casinos. I haven't made the link yet, but my intuition tells me, given that Israel and Russia are major arms dealers, both overground and underground, that the Mexican drug cartels are being supplied by this Israeli crime family with side connections to the Russian mafia.

Sheldon Adelson, a Jewish Zionist is perhaps the tycoon of casino tycoons in Las Vegas. In fact, nearly all the casinos in Vegas are now owned by Jewish Zionists, including Nochi Dankner, controlling interest in Israel's IDB Development Corporation, and Yitzhak Tshuva, controlling shareholder of the Elad Group, also of Israel.

Perhaps an even more interesting casino investor who is now moving into Las Vegas is Lev Leviev, whose company Africa-Israel is one of the largest diamond-gold traders in the world. He has exclusive rights to diamond production in Angola and works out of South Africa as well.

Zionist Israelis , it appears, now own Las Vegas. Undoubtedly they have connections to the Israeli and Russian mafia families who, as is documented, launder their money through Las Vegas casinos.

Let's return to Sheldon Adleson, friend of Tom DeLay and the Bush Family, a major contributor to the Republican National Committee, and perhaps the most powerful casino owner in Vegas.

Adleson first became rich by organizing trade shows for the worldwide
computer industry, marketing its wares at events set up by him from Saudi Arabia to Israel to South Africa to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. His company, COMDEX, was the springboard into the casino business.

Adleson also happens to be THE financier of Benyamin Netanyahu. Adleson's security force is made up of "former" Mossad agents, also a documented fact. He is said to have hired them after receiving numerous death treats for his organized opposition to Las Vegas unions. But why would he choose Mossad, other than that he's a Zionist? There are plenty security companies around....

AN IMPORTANT LINK: The memorial for the inside job of 911 will be a national concern in only two days, this being September 8th. Everyone familiar with Israel's connection to 911 will know that hundreds of Israeli "art students," managers of kiosks, and the infamous crews that filmed 911 in progress as well as provided "elevator maintenance" at the World Trade Center, contained numerous Mossad agents and Israeli military personnel. 400 of them (?) had been arrested as part of a spy ring even before 911. it was also believed by the FBI that they were involved in the distribution of ecstasy. Yet none of those arrested were prosecuted; rather, they were deported to Israel.

Of primary concern to the FBI at the time was the question of why these "art students" seemed to be targeting employees and ranking administrators of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), even calling on them at their homes. Oh what an innocent question, and a dumb one, one probably fed to the mainstream media as an incidental. But could they have been "lobbying" these DEA wigs on behalf of the Israeli ecstasy cartel? Could they have been offering bribe money? Could they have been issuing physical threats or communicating to DEA officials they had been filmed in controlled honey-trap events? All of these are "innocent questions," of course.

It is also well documented that the members of the "al -CIAda" terrorist cell connected to 911 were seen partying on Israeli-Zionist Jack Abramof's Sun Cruise casino boats, a money laundering operation connected to the RNC and Karl Rove, in the weeks prior to the dirty deed. Many have asked "innocent questions" regarding the CIA's cocaine connection to Latin America and the CIA aircraft and flight school storefronts that operate out of South Florida and Mobile, Alabama. Could these "terrorists" have been partying of the ecstasy flooding into South Florida at the time? If so, where did they get it?

Israeli crime families providing 75% of America's ecstasy, as well as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and some cannabis -- Imagine that. And all of the proceeds being laundered in Las Vegas casinos, perhaps by trusted Zionists who were funneling money to Tom DeLay, the RNC, the Bush campaign, and to dear old Uncle Bibi in Tel Aviv. Casino laundering is also the method of choice for the RNC.

The CIA has trafficked in cocaine for years. It's not to outlandish a jump to connect them to Israeli mafia. After all, "The Syndicate" that pioneered drug trafficking in the United States that was headed by Meyer Lansky was thoroughly integrated with CIA and Mossad.

One has to wonder why drug and arms king-pen Asi Abutbul was allowed to operate for so long out of Tel Aviv. In fact, the general case is that members of the Israeli mafia, such as Ilan Zarger, who is the Abutbul family's captain over America, along with several other Israeli lieutenants under him, are deported, just as Meyer Lansky before them was held only for a time by Israeli officials and then deported as well -- right back into his brier patch in Miami. Funny that.

Let me speculate briefly by asking a few more "innocent questions": Is it Israel and not "al Qaeda" is arming the drug cartels of Latin America? Is Mossad now "taxing the plaza" just as CIA taxed the cocaine plazas of Latin America? Have Israeli and Russian crime families now garnered the heroin market out of Afghanistan in a partnership forged with CIA who has been doing it for years? Is Benyamin Netanyahu and his right-wing political party directly, and with knowledge, benefiting from the underground sale of drugs and arms?

Stupid questions, every one....?


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