Monday, February 14, 2011

CIA global milieu of embassy-linked agents.....

February , 2011 -- CIA makes up half of some US embassies, runs independent air forces and armies...

Davis case in Pakistan is tip of CIA global milieu of embassy-linked agents.....

The Central Intelligence Agency makes up fifty percent of U.S. embassy staff in certain countries, according to a former senior State Department official who has recently been in Afghanistan. In fact, the U.S. embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan, Beirut, Lebanon; Amman, Jordan and Baghdad, Iraq have the highest complement of CIA official cover and non-official cover agents of any U.S. embassy.

Along with the massive CIA presence among the U.S. diplomatic corps is the presence of independent air forces and armies that are operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries by the CIA. The operations are run out of U.S. embassies in the countries.

The issue of the CIA's large presence under diplomatic cover in foreign nations has recently taken on new significance with the arrest in Pakistan of Raymond Davis, an American "diplomat" charged by the Punjab provincial government with the shooting to death of two Pakistani men in the city of Lahore. Punjab authorities are also seeking the arrest of the driver and passengers of a U.S. consulate car that struck and killed a motorcyclist in Lahore just moments after Davis shot the two Pakistani men. There are reports that the CIA has successfully spirited out of Pakistan the car's driver and three passengers. The car was reportedly traveling with Davis's vehicle.

The Obama administration is playing hardball with Pakistan, which is refusing to recognize the diplomatic immunity claimed for Davis since he is a contractor for Hyperion Protective Consultants, LLC.

We have learned that Hyperion is part of the CIA's worldwide private army of paramilitary forces. There are reports that Davis knows enough about CIA operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan that Obama's national security adviser Thomas Donilon has threatened to expel Pakistan's ambassador to the United States if Davis is not freed. The Obama administration is concerned that Davis will spill the beans on the CIA's support for "militants" engaged in false flag terrorist attacks in Pakistan... There are reports that Davis had been in "professional contact" with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi guerrillas in South Waziristan before he was arrested for the murder of the two Pakistanis in Lahore.

The hardball being played by Obama toward Pakistan and his continued protection for the CIA-backed Hosni Mubarak-Omar Suleiman ("Sheikh Al-Torture") regime in Egypt is additional proof that Obama is a product of years of loyal CIA employment, as well as grooming for higher office...

The CIA's global team of "State Department" agents, acting under virtual diplomatic immunity, is present in every U.S. mission and embassy abroad from the US mission to the Holy See to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, just a few miles from San Diego. Other embassies and missions where between one-third and one-half the diplomatic complements are made up of CIA agents are Sanaa, Yemen; Islamabad, Pakistan; Damascus, Syria; [ where CIA had and still has a sprawling presence in Syria since 2000...., despite ALL the US "pronouncements" between 2004-2009...] Beirut, Lebanon, [ Where CIA/DIA/SCS have a huge contingent of NOCs outside US Embassy grounds also... ] ; Amman, Jordan; Cairo, Egypt; Tripoli, Libya; Khartoum, Sudan; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Berlin...., to name a few....

On US “Diplomacy”…?

La diplomatie de l’alliance US & Co. fait perdre souvent le sens de vérité aux mots partout dans le monde…, normal pour les diplomates laches de ” l’ouest…” et des “Juifs de cour” englués dans la Galout…

The contrast between the raw display of people power and the stunningly irrelevant gatherings of so-called leaders in an idyllic Swiss alpine resort at the very same time could not have been starker. At the same time that popular uprisings were raging 
furiously, the rich and the famous were feasting on caviar and champagne buffets, outdoing each other with comically clueless pronouncements about political, fiscal and social responsibility, and generally feeling very satisfied about their own sense of importance….

Only when diplomats will be selected based on meaningful qualification criteria and not based on the amounts of money they contributed to a politician or a political party, only then can we expect women and men who practice diplomacy as the art of conducting negotiations and bridging between nations, without supercilious arrogance and patronizing hostility… And only then will we finally be able to bury the old, decrepit habits and shout with joy: Diplomacy is dead… Long live diplomacy!

The great contribution of the last ten years, to the understanding of US evil has been to expose unpalatable truths about the Infamous White House Murder INC, and those criminal lackeys in the EU and the Levant who tag along with its odious machinations….

سوزان ريغز
هاغار حجار
ياسمين الجمال
The Lebanon desk.... LOL
Susan riggs State department
Hagar Hajjar NSC
Yasmine al-jammal DOD

A voice in the Wilderness…, Daniel Levy & Gideon Levy, Haaretz

Palestinian family ordered to allow Israeli Jews backed by American millionaire Irving Moskowitz to move into room in their house. Note to Palestinian Hamdallah family: cook up some ham, the odor may have the same effect as insect repellent....actual reporting and concluded with shameless sycophancy, a noted characteristic of the Washington Post....the NYT and the Wailing Wall street journal....
Bout says he's been abandoned by Russian government. Accused Russian arms smuggler awaits Stalinist show trial in New York.....


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