Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama is a slimier carbon copy of George W. Bush.

Obama is a slimier carbon copy of George W. Bush. This contradiction is the Achilles’ heel of the national program of psychological warfare aimed at the American people and the rest of humanity.

The utterly corrupt US Ziocon government, especially the military-intelligence wing, has zero credits for trustworthiness. They are the masters of the infamous White House Murder INC, for decades. Who’s to say this OBL Hollywoodian charade isn’t some kind of Psy-Op, like the staged Jessica Lynch rescue or the orchestrated toppling of Saddam’s statue? Now they are saying he’s been buried at sea. How convenient! After the dust settles from whatever False Flag attack is planned next, perhaps more people will recall these new lies in the chain of constant lies that have led the Zioconned USA from one war to the next war, to the next assassination by the infamous White House Murder INC, since 2000.


US Democracy has been overthrown from within by the corporate shadow government thereby establishing the marriage of government to the Corporate Empire. That marriage is defined as FASCIST, and American Democracy is DEAD!

The US sheeple live under a secret, lying and murderous fascist government who is in an economics/genocidal war with the American People, Iraqi People, Pakistani People, Libyan People, and really, the rest of the World that is not under their central banking and Big Oil control and dictatorship!

The American Corporate and government unpunished FRAUD reigns supreme while the Free Press has become a controlled propaganda machine. At least they ponder that if this is that way it will fuel further “conspiracy theories” for Susstein to debunk and demonize… How come that the sons of Saddam Hussein were kept without burial for 11 days and shown to the public in clear photos…?
While I am very aware of the lackey nature of corporate press, I am still in cases like this still astonished of their lack of questioning what the authorities say, despite 9/11 shenanigans and the huge Truth movement, of which they are fully aware.

9/11 was an inside job wall to wall, and at the time of the CIA attack, Osama Ben Laden, a known CIA agent, was in Dubai under a kidney machine in an American Hospital, receiving dialysis treatment and like all people in that situation, he had a very short life expectancy. Yes, we know that the CIA made phony Osama Ben Laden videos but in all probability; he died years ago. His US official death yesterday is probably for their purpose of reinvigorating Al-CIAda in MENA by spurring on the fight to justify their illegal wars.


But, It seems the psy-op may have yielded unexpected bonuses even the planners didn’t count on. Reported in the Guardian: “Hamas praises Osama bin Laden as Holy Warrior”


Hamas is incredibly stupid–and of course plays right into Israel’s hands. As always since its inception by MOSSAD, it is in many respects a sad commentary on Palestinian dis-unity and utter collaboration with the Ziocons. “A nation of morons, a world really.”



We are all force fed a continuous daily diet of total BS because of the kosher control of the world media and “our” elected traitors in both houses of Congress and throughout the UKUSA Alliance.


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