Thursday, June 16, 2011

AIPAC should be registered under FARA. The fact that it is not so registered is a mockery of American law....

AIPAC should be registered under FARA. The fact that it is not so registered is a mockery of American law....

"Fallout from criminal indictments of AIPAC staffers caught red-handed trafficking classified information in 2004-2005 that were quietly unwound under mysterious judicial rulings and even more DOJ acquiescence in 2009 has put AIPAC’s activities under a new spotlight. AIPAC briefly considered a media campaign to smear US law-enforcement officials but instead cut its losses by dumping Rosen. This led to Rosen’s $20 million retaliatory defamation lawsuit which opened up shocking new insights about AIPAC. In 2010, true to form, AIPAC let loose a salvo of pornography and prostitution charges — which succeed more in revealing AIPAC’s decrepit work environment than anything about its former top executive-branch lobbyist. But the secret that AIPAC is an organization that has been breaking US laws since its emergence from the AZC in 1963 is now officially "out of the bag." The list of US classified documents stolen and misused by AIPAC grew larger in 2010, even as the IRS is again asked to retroactively revoke AIPAC’s tax exemption."

Another former insider is spilling his guts:

"The reason why I want to tell this story now is, we may be going down a path, helped along by the American Jewish community, and maybe even Israel, that is going to be worse even than the one we're on now - some sort of military confrontation with Iran. That worries me. Because they will be able to blame [it] on the Jews, to a great extent," says Weismann, who worked at AIPAC from 1993 until 2005, much of that time as the group's deputy director of foreign policy. Though Weismann disagrees sharply with those who say that AIPAC played a critical role in pushing for the 2003 U.S. decision to invade Iraq, he believes a war with Iran -- which he says "would be the stupidest thing I ever heard of" -- might well be blamed on AIPAC's leaders and their constituents . "What the Jews' war will be is Iran," he says. "Not Iraq."

Lawrence Davidson, a history professor who I infer from the piece is himself Jewish, presents in Counterpunch today a truly grim picture of where he fears Israel may be headed demographically, and thus politically. The very fact that such a scenario is on the radar screen within the Jewish community itself makes it essential that the USA begin at least partially decoupling the joined-at-the-hip relationship.

So far the only Jews who are speaking up against the Zionist Israel and its appendages like AIPAC are the Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jews. Every time that the Anti-Zionist Jews speak up, the AIPAC tentacles makes sure that they are either muffled/drowned out/made sure that there is no media coverage of their Anti-Zionist-Anti-Israel protests.

Same thing happens on the Christian side as the Zionist Christians like Hagee/Robertson, etc. muffle out any other Christians who dare to speak out against the situation at hand.

The AIPAC crowd also have the U.S. medias and U,S. Federal/State/Local judicial and law enforcement sewn up to ensure that the Anti-Zionist/Anti-Israel/Anti-AIPAC crowd make no traction in the courts/legal avenues.

In short, we the U.S. are screwed, and the only part of our government with the capacity to stand up to Israel and its AIPAC appendages is DoD. Israel's government through their stoolies are working 24/7 to try and make sure that DoD's hands are tied and their complaints muffled....


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