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An Israeli intelligence mole in the highest political office in New Zealand?

Prime Minister John Key is a MOSSAD Mole in New Zealand....

An Israeli intelligence mole in the highest political office in New Zealand?

July , 2011 -- John Key's threat to U.S. national security....UKUSA Alliance of Evils at work....

The waffling engaged in by New Zealand's conservative Prime Minister John Key over the uncovering by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) and the New Zealand police of a major Israeli Mossad intelligence operation in Christchurch that, among other things, attempted to access New Zealand government databases in Canterbury after last February's devastating earthquake, calls into question Key's suitability to have access to U.S., Australian, British, and Canadian signals intelligence (SIGINT) shared with New Zealand pursuant to the UK-USA SIGINT alliance.

Key has brushed off concerns that he has not been forthcoming about what he discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during four phone calls on the day of the quake. Key maintains he spoke to Netanyahu only once. Key said Netanyahu was interested in locating Israelis who had died in the quake. One suspected Mossad agent, Ofer Mizrahi, was killed in a van damaged during the quake and police later discovered that he had in his possession five passports. Two Israeli accomplices of Mizrahi rapidly fled the country. Questions remain over Key's possible role in facilitating the quick departure of the Israelis before police could question them.

Key was asked a number of questions by the New Zealand media while he was in San Francisco, where he is suspected of having attended the annual super-secret and homo-erotic gathering of U.S. and foreign political and business elite at the Bohemian Grove, north of the city. Following his visit to San Francisco, Key paid a visit to Barack Obama at the White House.

A number of Mossad agents reportedly fled New Zealand after the quake and an unofficial Israeli rescue team sent for quake relief was found to be rifling through files at the central police department building in Christchurch. High-level Israeli government intervention was evident as the Mossad team and the Israeli rescue team were exfiltrated from the country. The question remains is what role Key played in the exfiltration and whether he interfered with an NZSIS and police investigation of the Israeli operations in New Zealand.

Key is currently privy to highly-classified intelligence shared by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and its Canadian, Australian, British, and New Zealand partners. To illustrate the danger of an Israeli mole occupying the highest political office in New Zealand, the following is excerpted from a 1995 draft of an unpublished book by us describing the SIGINT relationship between the U.S. and New Zealand as it existed at the time:

"NSA’s New Zealand partner, the small and secretive Government Communications Security Board (GCSB), operates a modern $40 million eavesdropping station in a serene valley at Waihopai, near the town of Blenheim, in the northeast part of the South Island. The station, along with its 56-foot parabolic dish antenna, was completed in mid-1989. Waihopai, which was partially built with funding from the Puzzle Palace, has a crew of about thirty technicians, including some NSA personnel. An older listening station at Tangimoana on the North Island of New Zealand sends its data to Waihopai. Waihopai’s main function is to listen in on satellite communications throughout the Pacific Ocean region. Tangimoana and its newly-installed HFDF equipment played an important part in monitoring Argentine naval communications during the 1982 Falklands War. GCSB intercepts of Argentine ships were passed immediately by the Kiwis to their British colleagues at GCHQ in Cheltenham.

Operation Deep Freeze, located in New Zealand’s Antarctic territory, also may serve a SIGINT function. The base has been periodically put on military alert during times of crisis and, like the GCHQ base at Cheltenham, New Zealand employees of Deep Freeze are barred from joining labor unions. Deep Freeze’s support base at Harewood near Christchurch has twice weekly serviced U.S. Air Force Starlifters transporting computer equipment to and from NSA’s base at Pine Gap, Australia. To highlight New Zealand’s electronic surveillance role in the region, a U.S. Pacific Fleet order, dated October 1988, assigns New Zealand responsibility for monitoring all shipping communications in an area extending halfway across the Tasman Sea to the west, north to the equator, and about 950 miles to the east beyond the Chatham Islands. A fleet of Royal New Zealand Air Force P3 Orions patrol a 3,000,000 square mile region of the Pacific and then ships its SIGINT “catch” off to Waihopai where it is then transmitted to Fort Meade.

The Waihopai base has been a focal point for New Zealand’s vocal peace movement which has charged that the base is tasked with intercepting the private telephone calls of New Zealand citizens. In 1988, New Zealand’s Prime Minister David Lange said the intercepts performed by the station were like “trying to get a cup of water from Niagara Falls.” Defending the establishment of the base, he affirmed that the base was not targeted against New Zealanders’ private communications. It was ironic that Lange, a vocal critic of American foreign policy, remained supportive of the construction of one of the Puzzle Palace’s southernmost ears. Lange announced the construction of the Waihopai station on December 2, 1987:

“To further enhance our own intelligence capabilities a defense satellite communication station will be constructed in the Waihopai Valley, near Blenheim.

A site in the Waihopai Valley of about 77 acres has been purchased. It was selected for technical reasons, including lack of radio interference, climate, and freedom from salt corrosion, and for the availability of support from RNZAF (Royal New Zealand Air Force) Woodburne nearby. A satellite dish will be erected there. There will be in addition an operations building and workshop and the usual security forces. Construction will begin in 1988 and the station is expected to be operational in 1989.

The station will be staffed an operated by the Government Communications Security Bureau. It will be wholly New Zealand owned and controlled . . . The station will mark a new level of sophistication in our independent intelligence capability.”

In March 1988, New Zealand’s Defense Minister Bob Tizard inadvertently disclosed the missions of both Waihopai and Australia’s Geraldton facility. Tizard, appearing at a press conference while on a tour of Australia with Australia’s Defense Minister Kim Beazley, stated that the two listening stations would be used to monitor the satellite communications of third countries. For example, three Mexican Ilhuicahua communications satellites were located within Waihopai’s coverage area. Beazley was so upset over the gaffe that he canceled the rest of Tizard’s Australian “walkabout” which would have eventually taken him to Pine Gap and Nurrungar. New Zealand had already been cut off from the UKUSA SIGINT data because of a dispute arising from New Zealand’s ban on U.S. Navy ships carrying nuclear weapons. The NSA, CIA, NRO, and GCHQ were so concerned about U.S. intelligence inadvertently being provided to New Zealand, the Australians were forced to employ a large staff whose sole purpose was to filter out U.S. and British intelligence from Australian intelligence destined for New Zealand. Adding insult to injury, the Australians billed the New Zealanders for this unsolicited censorship service.

It appears that New Zealand and its Sigint allies have long since made up. Tizard let the cat out of the bag early when he was asked if Waihopai would share intelligence with the Kojarena base in Australia. Tizard said, referring to satellite Sigint, “when you’ve got it, you’ve got something to exchange if you want to." In February 1994, the New Zealand Sigint relationship with the United States was fully restored when President Clinton signed a directive restoring high-level intelligence contacts between Washington and Wellington. President Bush had already restored some intelligence links with New Zealand during Operation Desert Storm.

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Mossad's control of formerly anti-Semitic neo-Nazi groups in Europe lies at heart of Brevik's terrorist network....

Mossad's control of formerly anti-Semitic neo-Nazi groups in Europe lies at heart of Brevik's terrorist network....

So the moral of the story is, as always with Nazis, all roads lead back to Zion.

July , 2011 -- Another "smoking gun" Breivik link to Israel...

I've been chasing Mossad longer than reporter Kolchak (Darrin McGavin) was chasing vampires. Frankly, I'd rather have his job. Vampires are not as ruthless and don't take as much blood as Mossad. As far as 9/11 is concerned, I wrote the story, which is on this website, and it was for a major wire service at the time. It was killed due to pressure from the "usual suspects," who shouldn't be hard to identify. They also canned Helen Thomas and Rick Sanchez.

When I was involved in the damage assessment during my time in the Navy that resulted from the Jonathan Pollard espionage -- he worked for Mossad, not Germany, or Russia, or Luxembourg -- it was apparent that Mossad is the greatest threat to the national security of this nation. The KGB and CIA had many "ground rules" they played by. Not so with Mossad. The difference between then and now is that Mossad is a criminal syndicate enterprise, operated and staffed by former Soviet Jews recruited from the heart of the Russian-Ukrainian-Byelorussian Mafia. They make the Cosa Nostra look like a bunch of Camp Fire Girls....

Although the mainstream corporate media and even a few "alternative news" websites are ignoring the proven links between Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik and Israel, yet another "smoking gun" connection between the pro-Zionist mass murderer and Israel has emerged.

Ninety minutes before Breivik was reported to have detonated a huge fertilizer-fuel bomb in the government district of downtown Oslo and then proceeding to Utoya island dressed as a uniformed police officer to massacre scores of youth attending a Norwegian Labor Party jamboree, he sent an email containing a 1500-page rambling manifesto to Isak Nygren, a member of the far-right, anti-Islamic and anti-Roma (gypsy), and pro-Zionist Sweden Democrats (SD) political party. Among Breivik's writings is this quote: "So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists."

Who is Isak Nygren? One will not see any mention of him in the English-language corporate media. Nygren is a pro-Israeli SD activist who is only 21 years old but has already run for municipal-level political office in his native province of Sodermanland and municipality of Katrineholm, Sweden. It is also noteworthy that Nygren was not in Sweden when he received Breivik's e-mail but, according to the July 24 edition of Sweden's Nyheter newspaper, was in Israel living on a kibbutz. The location of the kibbutz was not reported. There are other reports on Internet websites that Nygren is Jewish.

The only English-language media that reported Breivik's connection to Nygren is Die Presse of Vienna, Eskilstuna-Kurinen of Sweden,Sveriges Radio, Expo magazine of Sweden, the Berliner Zeitung of Germany, and Kurier of Austria. To its credit, Nyheter is the only media outlet that officially reported on Breivik's connections to Nygren, in addition to Nygren's current presence in Israel.

The media blackout of Breivik's Israeli connections is largely the result of marching orders sent out from the Israel and Zionist lobby. The orders are clear: there will be no mention of Breivik's pro-Israeli stance nor his connections to individuals like Nygren. Attention to Breivik's Israeli and Jewish connections would expose Mossad's infiltration of neo-Nazi groups and political parties to turn them away from anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and into anti-Islamic and pro-Israeli pressure movements.

Nygren has stated that he is pro-Israel. However, he is also a member of the neo-Nazi Nordic Alliance, which has branches in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. There are now reports that last year Breivik attended a rally of the English Defense League (EDL) in London to hear Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, an ardent anti-Muslim and supporter of Israel, to address the gathering. There are other reports that Breivik met with the leadership of the EDL and Wilders. The EDL's Swedish offshoot is the Swedish Defense League, which counts Nygren as one of its activists. In September 2010, the Danish leftist newspaper Arbejder pointed to possible links between Nygren and the xenophobic far-right Danish People's Party of Pia Kaersgaard, which provides parliamentary support for the current center-right Danish government.

Nygren's blog states that he has no connections with Breivik. However, in response to a request from a reporter for Austria's ORF television network about Breivik's use of .at domains to send e-mail to an entity called the "Vienna School," Nygren, from Israel, refused to cooperate. The reporter pointed out that in Austria, most e-mail addresses do not use the .at country domain for Austria but addresses like gmx.mail and other commercial addresses.

Nygren was interviewed by Sweden's English-language publication, Expo, and said he is opposed to mixed marriages between European women and "niggers, Asians, etc." Nygren also opposes adoption by Swedish parents of non-white children from abroad. Nygren has advocated for the expulsion of Roma (gypsies) from Sweden and the mandatory "re-education" of Swedish Muslims. Last February, Nygren, according to the SVT Swedish television network, said, "As long as you do not live in Sweden so I do not care. I'm not attracted to the Negroes."

The EDL, SD, Wilders, Nygren, and Zionists in the United States like Pam Geller, who Breivik admires, are all attempting to distance themselves from the Norwegian mass murderer. The "lone wolf" appellation being conferred on Breivik by his Zionist and neo-Nazi friends, as well as the English-speaking corporate media, is now being undermined by reports of law enforcement investigations of Breivik's network, including the two additional operating cells he mentioned in an Oslo court room on July 25. The police investigations extend beyond Norway to France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Poland, and other countries.

However, the corporate media is still insisting that Breivik is a deranged single actor. Although, he is clearly deranged, even some alternate news outlets, while believing Breivik could not have acted alone, are continuing to ignore Breivik's connections to Israel and Zionist groups, pushing fanciful notions of involvement by NATO, Freemasons, and the Illuminati in Breivik's massacre.

One question is not being asked: Why is a correspondent who supports Breivik's thoughts on Muslims and non-whites in a kibbutz in Israel and not answering questions in a police station in Sweden?

Israel, Asef Shawkat and the U.S.= the "Frick and Frack" of international "wet affairs."; they spin enough Israeli cotton cloth to provide a T-shirt each for the entire population of the Zioconned USA...and MENA....The way to deal with any spoiled brat, especially one that kills innocent Lebanese, Turks, Pals. and Norwegians, is to plant a big boot up their ass, deliver a debilitating blow that they will feel for years....Mossad's hands and the infamous White House Murder INC, are dripping with blood since 1948!
July , 2011 -- After Oslo: Time to crack down on Mossad.....

Note: This article is an exclusive to the Strategic Culture Foundation in Moscow and is posted this date on their site. However, their web site has been experiencing frequent disruptions.

After Oslo: Time to Crack Down On Mossad Terrorism....

Wayne MADSEN (USA) | 25.07.2011

Israel’s most secret and tried-and-true weapon is the “false flag” terrorist attack.

State-sponsored terrorism is defined by Encyclopedia Britannica as the “systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective [and] is employed by governments -- or more often by factions within governments -- against that government's citizens, against factions within the government, or against foreign governments or groups.”

On July 22, a bomb, said to be an Oklahoma City-type explosive device, crafted with fertilizer and diesel fuel, blew up in downtown Oslo, Norway, in the heart of the government district. Shortly thereafter, a man dressed in a Norwegian police uniform opened fire on a Labor Party youth camp on the island of Utoya in Tyri fjord. Access to the island was by boat only. Over 100 people were killed in the twin terror attacks.

Almost immediately, the world’s corporate media began pushing the story that those who were responsible for the blast and mass shooting were associated with “Al Qaeda” and other radical Islamist groups. CNN’s Washington, DC chief anchor Wolf Blitzer, a former spokesman for the powerful American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) lobby and a correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, began his late afternoon program by pointing to “Al Qaeda” and radical Islamists as the chief culprits for the terrorist attacks in Norway.

CNN paraded out a number “experts,” in actuality, propagandists for the Israeli agenda linked to neo-conservative outlets and the Pentagon’s “terrorism industrial complex,” before the cameras to advance the radical Islamist meme even as Norwegian authorities pinned blame on the attack on at least one perpetrator, a Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik. CNN constantly showed footage of frightened people in downtown Oslo running for their lives from the site of the blast, as well as still photograph of a pall of light-brown smoke over downtown Oslo. Of course, CNN’s intention was to evoke memories of the 9/11 attack in Manhattan.

Breivik, who sometimes anglicized his name as Andrew Berwick in his numerous web postings, was said to be a right-wing Islamophobe who sympathized with Zionism and who was a Freemason… Breivik was also reported to be a fundamentalist Christian but he adopted a stance against the Lutheran Church, the state church of Norway, and argued for a “collective” counter-reformation to return the Protestant churches to the control of the Vatican and the Pope. Breivik lambasted the Lutheran Church and other mainstream Protestant churches, condemning “Priests in jeans who march for Palestine.”

More incredibly, the London tabloid of Rupert Murdoch’s scandal-plagued News International, The Sun, went to press with the following false headline: “Norway’s 911: ‘Al Qaeda’ Massacre.” On March 29, 2011, Harvard Law School’s extremist Zionist Professor Alan Dershowitz penned a piece in the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal, a newspaper that actively discriminates against the hiring of non-Jews as reporters and editors in violation of U.S. civil rights and equal opportunity employment laws, in which he called Norway anti-Semitic. Dershowitz cited as an example former Norwegian Prime Minister Kare Willock’s criticism of President Barack Obama’s choice of Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff because he is Jewish. In fact, Emanuel’s pro- Israeli sympathies as a former member of the Israel Defense Force are what prompted many political observers in Washington and elsewhere to question his primary loyalty to the United States.

A network of Israeli bloggers pushed a claim of responsibility on a previously-unknown group called Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami (the Helpers of the Global Jihad). The group’s claims were picked up and run by several corporate media outlets and then pulled when it was discovered the claim was a hoax. Mossad has a program to distribute bogus claims of responsibility for Islamist terrorist attacks via “Jihadist” websites that are actually operated by the Mossad and a network of “hasbaratchiks,” Israeli and foreign Jews who act as propagandists on the web. These hasbara (propaganda) agents and volunteers operate through such programs as Megaphone and GIYUS (“Give Israel Your United Support.”) After the attempt to blame the Norway attacks on Islamists failed, the “hasbaratchiks” shifted to “sock puppet” troll mode, posting comments on blogs that criticized allegations that Mossad and Zionists were behind the Norway attacks, emphasizing that such beliefs were “anti-Semitic” and wild “conspiracy theories.” Some Israeli “sock puppets” even offered lunatic suggestions that Breivik was planted by Islamists to make Israel and Zionists look bad.

When the “Islamist” connection to the holocaust in Norway was shown to be non-existent after Norwegian security and police agencies began looking at the evidence, the corporate media switched its propaganda line from “radical Islam” being responsible to “far –right extremism” opposed to multiculturalism and immigration in Europe as the culprit. Even outlets that in the past had been known for their independence from the corporate media line, including Al Jazeera and RT [formerly known as Russia Today], echoed the line that Breivik primarily represented right-wing opposition to Muslim immigrants in Europe. Al Jazeera repeated the line that Breivik was a “lone madman,” the insinuation being that he was not linked to any wider network. While Breivik certainly was associated with the far-right xenophobic elements in Norway, Europe, and North America, there was no mention by the corporate media of his admiration for such American Zionist Islamophobes as Richard Pipes and Pam Geller. Geller led the bigoted anti-Muslim campaign against an Islamic Center near the site of “Ground Zero,” the former World Trade Center site, in lower Manhattan.
Breivik posted a number of his anti-Muslim and pro-Zionist screeds on the Norwegian website, which is operated by Hans-Kristian Rustad, a Norwegian pro-Israeli journalist.

No corporate media outlets reported that the brand of far-right extremism of Breivik is closely associated with Zionist-supported far-right anti-immigrant political parties and movements in Western Europe, including the mis-named Progress Party of Norway, the Dutch Freedom Party of Islamophobe Geert Wilders, the Sweden Democrats, Finland’s True Finns Party, the Danish People’s Party, the English Defense League, the Pro-Germany Citizen’s Movement, and a pan-Nordic fascist terrorist group called “Nordiske.” Breivik also expressed support for the Tea Party in the United States…

The European anti-Muslim xenophobic network is linked to the notorious publication of Prophet Muhammad cartoons by the neo-conservative Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and Norway’s Dagbladet. The Euro-xenophobes are supported by the longtime Zionist Bernard-Henri Levy, the French philosopher who is a friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and disgraced former International Monetary Fund managing director Dominique Strauss-Kahn. It is noteworthy that Levy is one of the major backers of the Libyan rebels fighting Muammar Qaddafi. Norway announced it was pulling its aircraft from the NATO campaign in Libya at the end of July. Norway also announced its support for Palestine’s sovereignty resolution in the UN General Assembly in September.

As more and more evidence pointed to Oslo being yet another example of a state-sponsored terrorist attack by Israel’s Mossad, the corporate media studiously avoided mentioning how the Norwegian government through its recent actions, had become a major problem for Israel and its allies abroad, especially on the Palestine sovereignty issue… In addition, Norwegian police and intelligence are painfully aware of Mossad’s past operations in Norway, including the infamous Lillehammer Affair in 1973. On July 21, 1973, Mossad agents assassinated Ali Hassan Salameh, a Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, wrongly believing he was the operations chief for the Palestinian terrorist group “Black September.” Norwegian police arrested the Mossad agents who killed Salameh and uncovered an intricate network of Mossad safe houses, phone numbers, and Norwegian sleeper agents for Mossad.

Just as was the case with the coordinated bombings of Madrid trains on March 22, 2004 and London buses and trains on July 7, 2005, viewed by European security services as being the work of not “Al Qaeda” but domestic “radicals,” there was no link to Islamist radicals with the attacks in Norway. However, there was every indication that the attack on Norway was intended to shake up the Norwegian population and damage the reputation of the left-of-center Norwegian government of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

The corporate media insisted that Breivik was solely responsible for Norway’s worst violent attack since World War II. Norwegian police reports that a second gunman, described as having “thick dark hair and a non-Nordic appearance,” were suppressed in much of the corporate media. The time line of the Oslo attack causes anyone’s imagination to be stretched on being sold a “lone gunman/bomber” theory.

At 3:26 pm Oslo time a massive car bomb was detonated outside the office of the Prime Minister of Norway. Since July 22 was a public holiday, there were relatively few people inside the Prime Minister’s office or the surrounding offices of the Petroleum and Energy Ministry and the VG [Verdens Gang] newspaper, Norway’s largest paper.

As police responded to the downtown Oslo blast, Breivik was said to have taken a boat the Utoya island dressed as a policeman and began opening fire on young members of the Norwegian Labor Party youth camp meeting. The shooting allegedly began at 4:50 pm. Norwegian SWAT team “Delta” had trouble getting a helicopter started and struggled to find a boat to get to Utoya island. The SWAT team finally arrived on the island at 6:20 pm only to find scores of the next generation of Norwegian Labor Party leaders dead. Breivik calmly surrendered to the police. When Breivik arrived on Utoya he told police on the island that he was there for a routine security check following the bombing in downtown Oslo.

Norway’s Acting Police chief Sveinung Sponheim said the police were still investigating whether Breivik was acting with a larger network.
Sponheim’s revelation countered the “lone wolf” theory advanced by corporate media outlets in Western nations.

Norway’s coalition Labor-Socialist Left government has been seen as hostile to the interests of Israel and the United States. There is now a widespread belief that the terrorist attack against Norway was engineered to shock erstwhile peaceful Norway, a nation where police generally still patrol the streets unarmed, into adopting the police state tactics of the United States, Israel, Britain, and other Western nations. Norway’s pro-Palestinian foreign policy also irked the Zionist and the far-right anti-Islamic factions in Europe and North America, as well as the governments of Israel and the United States.

In a move that complements American and Israeli propaganda that Norway has not stepped up to the surveillance state model imposed by other Western governments, the suspicious WikiLeaks decided to release U.S. State Department cables from the U.S. embassy in Oslo that criticized Norway for not recognizing the “Al Qaeda” threat and maintaining an insufficient security apparatus to combat Islamist terrorism and Pakistani immigrants.

The Barack Obama-appointed U.S. ambassador in Oslo, Barry White, who is Jewish and received a 2005 award from the pro-Israel American Jewish Committee, complained that the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) rejected two twelve-person British MI-6 intelligence surveillance teams to monitor an “Al Qaeda” cell in Norway. Last November, the Norwegian government was shocked to learn that the U.S. embassy was operating a Surveillance Detection Unit in Oslo that was monitoring Norwegian citizens. Norwegian Justice Minister Knut Storberget said he was not informed of the presence of the U.S. spy unit in Oslo, which employed retired Norwegian police and intelligence officials. The Norwegian Data Protection Commissioner, Bjorn Erik Thon, said he had never seen such an intelligence operation in Norway. White complained that Norwegian security officials were apathetic and incompetent in dealing with the Islamist “terrorist threat.” The failure of the Norwegian SWAT team to quickly respond to the massacre on Utoya may indicate that Norway’s law enforcement and security networks and command-and-control systems had been interfered with by infiltrators with knowledge of the Norwegian systems. Those retired police and intelligence officials working for the U.S. embassy’s surveillance unit are likely suspects in sabotaging the Norwegian police reaction capabilities on 7/22. Just 48 hours before the bombing in Oslo, police units were engaged in a terrorist bombing exercise at the Oslo Opera House, near what would later be “ground zero.” In addition, in the days before the terrorist bombing, there was suspicious sewer work being conducted in the area near the Prime Minister’s office.

In March, the leader of the Socialist Left, Kristen Halvorsen, the Minister of Education of Norway and a former Finance Minister, called for military action against Israel if it attacked Gaza. The Socialist Left and Labor Party, along with the Norwegian Peace Association and the Norwegian energy and telecommunications union, strongly support the Boycott Israel campaign, which includes backing the pan-European Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) committee and an embargo on arms sales to the Jewish state. In August 2010, the Norwegian pension fund divested in two Israeli companies controlled by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev, Africa Israel Investments and its subsidiary Danya Cebus.

Halvorsen had recently met with a delegation of American Jews who complained about Norway’s “anti-Semitism,” the tired and worn-out canard used by Zionists in confronting anti-Israeli sentiment around the world. In January, Halvorsen and her husband, Christo Halvorsen, a producer for the Norsk Rikskringkasting (NRK) television and radio network, took part in an anti-Israel and U.S. march in Oslo where picket signs with phrases like “USA and Israel: Axis of Evil” appeared. The Halvorsens and NRK were subjected to a vicious campaign launched by Zionists and the Israel Lobby in Norway.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre of the Labor Party has been criticized by the Israel Lobby and Zionists for comparing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews. Støre has also called for the demolition of Israel’s “Separation Wall” that runs through Palestinian territory on the West Bank, a stance that has earned him enmity and hatred from Israel’s government and their Zionist allies in the West. Store paid a visit to Utoya before the massacre. The Foreign Minister was on the island as some of the Labor Party youth were participating in a “Boycott Israel” demonstration. The city of Trondheim was criticized by Israel for funding a trip to the UN in New York for Norwegian students to participate in a play called the “Gaza Monologues.” Israel also blasted Norway for distributing a film called “Tears of Gaza.”

After Israel offered assistance to Norway, including forensic and medical assistance, as well as the evacuation of the wounded from the 7/22 attack, Norway declined the offer. The rejection of assistance from Israel indicates that the Norwegian government was suspicious of the offer from Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. Other Israeli military teams in the West Bank have been accused of trafficking in human organs, an expose brought to light by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet in August 2009. That same month, Israel’s anti-Arab and anti-Muslim Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman accused Sweden and Norway of anti-Semitism, adding the outrageous charge that Norway was pro-Nazi, even though Norway’s anti-Muslim and pro-Zionist activists were affiliated with neo-Nazi organizations. On December 11, 2010, a suspicious terrorist explosion took place in downtown Stockholm, injuring two people and blamed on a Swedish-Iraqi suicide bomber. The bombing took place two weeks after the Swedish media reported that a Surveillance Detection Unit, operated form the U.S. embassy in Stockholm, was spying on Swedish citizens.

In the past few months, the Mossad has committed blatant acts of espionage and possible other terrorist attacks against nations it perceives as pro-Palestinian. During last year’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, a team of Mossad agents was caught in the city. One of the agents died in the quake. The Mossad agents were found with multiple passports and thumb drives believed to have been used to download sensitive data from New Zealand government computer systems. New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key, who seemingly came from obscurity in New Zealand politics and whose Jewish mother immigrated from England, disregarded claims of Mossad espionage during the quake, even though he spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu four times on the day of the quake, after the dead Mossad agent was discovered by New Zealand police and intelligence.

New Zealand’s Southland Times was criticized by New Zealand’s Jewish community and Israel for promoting “conspiracy theories,” the typical modus operandi for pro-Israeli Jews, known as sayanim and katsas, who are used by Israel abroad as propaganda and espionage agents. Ironically, Key was meeting with Obama at the White House as the bombing and shootings were occurring in Norway. Key was believed to have attended the homo-erotic annual meeting of a men-only fraternity composed of American and foreign political and business elitists at the secluded Bohemian Grove in northern California, a conclave that also saw the attendance of Israel’s most notorious agent-of-influence in America, Henry Kissinger, who also serves as Obama’s “special envoy” to the Russian leadership. Key’s Labor Party predecessor, Helen Clark, was the subject of criticism in leaked 2004 State Department cables from the U.S. embassy in Wellington for cracking down on a Mossad team’s acquisition of forged New Zealand passports. Once again, the cable leaks were courtesy of the suspect WikiLeaks operation.

One of the Mossad perpetrators, Zev William Barkan, who fled New Zealand to avoid arrest, had also been reported in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, where he and other Israelis were producing pornographic and “snuff” movies, in which unsuspecting vagrants were murdered on camera.

In Egypt, Mossad agents have been accused by the present government of fomenting riots between Muslims and Coptic Christians. A recent explosion of seized Iranian weapons and ammunition being stored at a Cypriot naval base, a blast that killed the head of the Cypriot Navy, remains suspicious. The blast followed the decision of Cyprus’s left-of-center government to recognize the sovereignty of Palestine. The resulting public outrage over the blast resulted in the resignation of pro-Palestinian Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou and a major political embarrassment for Cyprus’s president Dimitris Christofias, a member of the Communist AKEL party.

Mossad is a master at false-flag terrorist attacks designed to alter perceptions and punish opponents of Israeli policy. The fingerprints of Israeli intelligence are all over the 9/11 attacks on the United States, the 3/22 train bombings in Madrid, the 7/7 transit bombings in London, and, now, the 7/22 attacks in Norway… While the Israeli-influenced corporate media has droned on and on about the dangers of Islamist terrorism, it is now obvious that the major threat to public safety comes from the State of Israel, a rogue nation that does not hesitate to murder the innocent to achieve its sordid political aims....

This attack stabs at the heart of European integration based on white Christian cultural foundations. I hear the collective voices of Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel, Van Rompuy, Barroso and Breivik singing "Multiculturalism has failed" in unison while lifting Charlemagne's sword. Now who does this hurt the most? The Frankfurt based Euro monetary system. And who opposes that? The David Hannan's of the UK. And where was Breivik's mentor? London.
"The visitor arrived on your site on Mon Jul 25 at 11:05:14 AM from server IP #

Israel flagspacer Geo-location : Israel - Tel Aviv (Tel Aviv)

New : He or she had never been to your site before".....??? LOL
Gilad Atzmon: Massacre in Norway– More About the Jewish Right Wing Connection

Thanks to respected anti-Zionist Jeff Blankfort (who provided me with a crucial link) I have now learned that, just one day before last Friday’s Massacre in Norway, former Trotskyite turned neo-con David Horowitz carried an article by Joseph Klein in his Front Page magazine, entitled “The Quislings of Norway,” which might as well have provided mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik with all the motivation he needed to commit his crime.

You are advised to read the article in full here.....

Here are some of the ‘pearls’ produced by the pro-war Jewish rightwing magazine, just a few hours before Behring Breivik picked up his guns and launched into his lethal journey:

“The infamous Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country, must be applauding in his grave…In the latest example of Norwegian collaboration with the enemies of the Jews, Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere declared during a press conference this week, alongside Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, that “Norway believes it is perfectly legitimate for the Palestinian president to turn to the United Nations” to seek recognition of an independent Palestinian state.”

“During the Nazi occupation of Norway, nearly all Jews were either deported to death camps or fled to Sweden and beyond. Today, Norway is effectively under the occupation of anti-Semitic leftists and radical Muslims, and appears willing to help enable the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.”
This link has permitted these monster aberrations from humanity to not only carry out extremely disgusting torture and assassinations but also to do so with a ceremonial fringe benefit while causing fear-based death - they literally suck up the life force of their victims (approximately 8-9 ounces of air-like matter and become energized and motivated towards creating more death. This is what makes psychopaths (like the Bushes) so addicted to the death of kidnapped victims in their basements while they perform rituals of death energy consumption on children and women.

Both Zionism and American fascism learned of these practices immediately after the war during Operation Paperclip when their new guests from the Third Reich suddenly began killing-eating their guards and caretakers because they could no longer control the cold turkey of not being able to cause sacrificial deaths for their consumption.

People, we have to realize that our battle here is not a superficial run-of-the-mill passtime while we wait for the meat to defrost - this is part of some of the heaviest stuff that has ever gone on in the fight for survival that the human race has carried out and that if we are in this as a fun-time activity then our immaturity and our lack of commitment might get us into waters way deeper than we were counting on. These guys - the enemies of humanity for the last thousands of years - are really truly evil specimens in this sector of the galaxy that have literally thrown out babies with bathwater many times while getting rid of traces of human traits like compassion, empathy, kindness and tolerance.
We have all been watching for signs of another coup d'état by the psychopathic Rethuglican fascists since their first (11/22/1963) and their second one in conjunction with the Supreme Court mafia in December 2000. This is beginning to look like the time is ripe and the die is cast and the chips (particularly the military) are down, set and cast. I suspect that we will first be treated to some nasty HAARP phenomena as well as some tectonic movements (probably with atomic weapons) and in the middle of the pseudo-natural disasters the army will declare martial law and clamp down on us and all other freaks that do not like the idea of having our rights trampled by Stormtrooper boots.

This has to be soon because a number of things are becoming unraveled for the demonic elite and as usual, they have no way of controlling things except for more and stricter control over a slave population such as they already have in our ex-land of the free and ex-home of the brave. First their economic default madness game is reaching an end; second the world-wide vote against Zionism is to take place at the UN's GA in September; third Norway now has proof of Mossad tampering in the tragedy they caused; fourth USA is loosing in all wars badly and there is no longer even a chance to keep lying about it; fifth the Tea Party fascists have forgotten that this whole thing was a ruse and now they are taking themselves seriously - retard IQs and underdeveloped cognitive complexes and all. As has happened in previous coups, they will sweep all this mess under the rug while the prostitutepress concentrates on the stories of enemies inside the country which will permit the army and other devils to start using the concentration camps in Iowa and Idaho. The prostitutepress is perhaps the weakest link in the chain - thanks to Murdoch - and if we hit them hard enough this may postpone the whole thing but right now they can still betray us all yet again and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths to their satanic delight.

We have to be careful with our signatures on our computers and to effectively either mask our IP addresses or not use computers during the coup as we will be probably offed by satellite lasers which are ready for mass use. Although the best option will be to get the hell outa Dodge, most of you don't even have passports and I can predict that if this coup is going to happen soon you will no longer be able to get one to use for protection before it.

Maybe I'm wrong and I have been before and none will be happier than me if I am wrong but warning is fair in view of the fact that I have been in many more coups than most by having lived abroad where I watched the methodology developed by our pseudo-intelligence agencies time and again....

Monday, July 25, 2011

On Leadership and Crisis Management.... This mouse could be the elephant in the room.....

It has been said that an elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.... On Leadership and Crisis Management....

This mouse could be the elephant in the room.....

If you intend to read something today or over the weekend, I highly encourage you to read this transcript from Freakonomics Radio from their story "A Mouse in the Salad." Fair warning, it is a little long, but well worth it all the way to the end. You can also find the podcast download here. It is a very interesting and well told story regarding leadership and crisis management.

On Tuesday July 26th the
House Armed Services Committee subcommittee on Military Readiness intends to hold a hearing to explore the future of the aircraft carrier fleet, the depletion of pre-positioned stocks, the grounding of the F-22 fleet, training deficiencies, and unfunded requirements. Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, General Peter W. Chiarelli, General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., and General Philip M. Breedlove will be giving testimony.

I believe reading "A Mouse in the Salad" before Tuesday will assist folks in setting expectations for the hearing. You'll see what I mean on Tuesday.

A very clever friend of mine described the way the Navy would handle "A Mouse in the Salad."

Navy's answer to a mouse in the salad would have been to initiate a command investigation, then issue a statement that it couldn't comment on an ongoing investigation. The investigation would have been inconclusive, but the waitress would have been fired, the chef censured, the manager promoted, and the customer ignored.
I think that you left out how they are right now designing a new mouse trap that not only will be better than anything else out there but much cheaper. Followed not long after by them trying to explain why it is over budget and behind schedule.

Important words in light of the Murdoch-police caper....

July , 2011 -- Important words in light of the Murdoch-police caper....

"The need for the press to occupy an adversary role was clear to America's founding fathers who sought to pit the ferreters of facts against the mobilizers of opinion."

As the media empire of Rupert Murdoch appears to be dying by a thousands cuts, it is important to focus on the unholy alliance crafted over the decades between Murdoch's media minions, top cops, and senior government officials who traded in surveillance data from law enforcement and other official government sources. This melding of the media and government bears the indelible watermark of fascism in its most cogent definition....

Therefore, the words of the late investigative journalist Jack Anderson, penned on January 1, 1981 in The Washington Post, just a few weeks before the inauguration of Ronald Reagan, should be remembered and heeded. Reagan, incidentally, would do so much to change how the news was reported in the United States, especially in the coverage of the President.

Anderson: "Too many reporters have a tendency . . . to act as explainers and apologists for the officials they cover. This chumminess between the press corps and the power structure pollutes the flow of information to the people. The need for the press to occupy an adversary role was clear to America's founding fathers who sought to pit the ferreters of facts against the mobilizers of opinion.

The role of a free press is to give the people an alternative to the official version of things, a rival account of reality, a measure by which to judge the efficacy of rulers and whether the truth is in them.

Long before our present political parties existed, the role of the village editor and disseminating pamphleteer -- as monitor, arbiter, critic and rival of the politician -- was imbedded as a fundamental of the American system.

It was of this role that Thomas Jefferson spoke in his eternally repeatable declaration if he had to choose between a government without newspapers and newspapers without a government, he would take his morning paper."

What Rupert Murdoch and his worldwide emulators have done is turn the media and some newspapers into organs of right-wing and pro-war governments, from David Cameron, Tony Blair, George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney to Australia's John Howard, Canada's Stephen Harper, and Israel's Binyamin Netanyahu, Ehud Olmert, and Ariel Sharon. Murdoch fused his media interests to those of his favorite politicians. For that, Murdoch has relinquished any claims he has to being a journalist. Murdoch has been proven to be a rank media propagandist in the same mold as Joseph Goebbels, Julius Streicher, and Ilya Ehrenburg.

Some journalists have opined that the attack on Murdoch is an attack against journalism in general. Of course, to believe such a fairy tale is to also believe that Murdoch employs journalists. In fact, journalists are a rare discovery in Murdoch's far-flung empire of public relations flacks, political toadies, and other sundry wastrels...


Murdoch's misery, China's delight....?
By Kent Ewing

HONG KONG - How many times have how many Western governments hopped on their favorite soapbox to lecture China on the virtues of press freedom and human rights?

Now, thanks to Rupert Murdoch, the tables are turned. As Murdoch's News Corporation - the world's second-largest media conglomerate, topped only by the Walt Disney Company - teeters under the weight of a phone-hacking and bribery scandal that promises to get worse before it gets better, Chinese state media are reveling in the unseemly spectacle of it all.

Is this where the Western media model leads - to criminal acts by reporters and parliamentary grillings of media executives interrupted by angry pie tosses?

Let's face it, the only person caught up in the Murdoch maelstrom of the past few weeks to have acquitted herself with any semblance of dignity and honor happens to be Chinese. When the svelte and redoubtable Wendi Deng Murdoch, the octogenarian media baron's 42-year-old wife, stymied a parliamentary pie tosser last week with a deft right hook to the nose on the floor of the House of Commons, it was the most impressive move any Murdoch had made for a long time.

His interrogation by British members of parliament may have been, as the elder Murdoch testified, "the most humble day of my life". But it also could have proved to be his most humiliating if he had wound up wearing shaving-foam pie on his face in photos and video seen around the world. Thanks to his wife's quick thinking and athleticism (she used to play volleyball in middle school but clearly saved her best spike in defense of her billionaire husband), he was spared that abasement.

As it stood, the aging tycoon's general cluelessness about what was going on at the News of the World - the best-selling newspaper in his vast stable of media outlets before revelations of phone hacking and bribery by its reporters forced Murdoch to shut it down this month - made him look bad enough. And the arrogant dismissiveness of his son, James, 38, head of News Corp's operations in Europe and Asia, who was trusted to do the lion's share of the talking as father and son sat side by side fielding barbed questions, also did nothing to help the cause.

Only Wendi's spontaneous show of nimble beauty and fierce loyalty saved the hearing from being an unmitigated fiasco for the Murdochs. But she could not save the family and News Corp from becoming convenient whipping boys for everything that is wrong with the West in her native China, where her husband's determined efforts to win favor and become a major media player have been rebuked by Communist Party officials.

And who can blame Chinese commentators for seizing this sensational opportunity to take their revenge? For decades, they have endured lectures from the West about their suppression of the media as part of an ongoing, sweeping condemnation of Beijing's callous disregard for human rights in general; meanwhile, the no-holds-barred, profit-driven media of the West - whose chief symbol is indeed Rupert Murdoch; Disney, the largest corporate purveyor of Western stereotypes and propaganda, somehow mostly gets a pass - has set a daily example of irresponsibility and excess.

It is no surprise that now, with the News of the World in the dock, former reporters at rival tabloids - the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror - are stepping forward to admit that they engaged in the same illegal practices as a matter of course. There is no telling where all this will end.

Official publications such as Xinhua, the People's Daily and the Global Times have covered the News of the World scandal in depth and detail, freely offering commentary on how News Corp's current troubles reveal the hypocrisy and empty sloganeering of the Western media and political elite.

"Phone hacking scandal crushing blow to Murdoch empire," one recent Xinhua headline asserted; in another article, the news agency predicted a major overhaul of "the regulatory model of Western media" now that its corrupt and fraudulent nature has been revealed.

"Some experts in Beijing and Shanghai believe that [the scandal] directly exposes the inherent money-seeking nature of Western media today," the agency said, "and the false nature of the concepts of 'freedom', 'impartiality' and 'human rights' that they have long bandied about. As the scandal has continued to develop, it has become a major assault on the model of media supervision and control in the West."

An article in the People's Daily on Thursday reminded readers that British reporters do not have a lock on wayward ethics and conduct in their trade, recalling that virtually every media outlet in the United States jumped on the bandwagon to invade Iraq in 2003 based on what turned out to be false reports that then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was amassing weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

And Murdoch's Fox News, a de facto arm of the Republican Party and an ardent supporter of the George W Bush administration that perpetrated the WMD myth to launch the Iraq war, was the invasion's loudest and most demonstrative cheerleader.

The Global Times was keen to point out the irony that two of the more high-minded newspapers in Murdoch's stable, The Wall Street Journal and The Australian, have been consistent critics of China's record on human rights and media freedom. Suddenly, their voices have gone silent as their owner finds himself pilloried for the criminal acts of reporters working for one of his decidedly low-minded tabloids.

These criticisms of the West may be overzealous and willfully blind to any of the merits of a free, unfettered media, but they also have the sting of truth. The profit motive often does poison the well of the Western media, and Xinhua's prediction that a new and tougher regulatory regime is in the offing will likely prove true.

That would not necessarily be a bad thing if that new regime sets out to break up media behemoths like News Corp, which has become far too powerful a political player on the world stage, perverting the media's traditional role as watchdog in a system of checks and balances in Western democracies.

But let's be clear: Murdoch is certainly not the first profiteering media mogul to abuse his power. Remember William Randolph Hearst? In 1887, at the age of 23, he burst brazenly onto the American publishing scene when he took over the San Francisco Examiner from his father.

At the peak of his career, Hearst owned nearly 30 newspapers in major American cities. He and arch rival Joseph Pulitzer recklessly boosted circulation and profits at their papers by creating a new kind of titillating but fanciful reporting dubbed yellow journalism, which Hearst used to whip up enthusiasm for American military adventures that eventually led to war with Spain.
In the age of cable television and the Internet, Murdoch, a native of Australia who acquired American citizenship in 1985, has far more power and influence than Hearst ever dreamed of possessing. But now the tycoon's many enemies smell blood, and his empire is under threat. In a fair system of checks and balances, Murdoch and News Corp are due for a huge, ego-shattering check.

That said, there is also a mighty, monopolistic media empire in China. Its aging chief executive officer is the Communist Party. It, too, could use some checks and balances.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nato's Gladio false flag attack in Oslo, Norway...a prelude for total regionalization of the European continent....

Debris is seen on the street after the explosion in central Oslo, 22 July

NATO's total control over the Zionist Christians extreme right wing all over Europe and Beyond is a political tool for Israel. From Dutch Zionist Christian Geert Wilders, to the crusaders of the EDL in the UK, and the financial Zionist terrorists of the German UDC in Switzerland, Mossadniks in control of French racist pro-Israeli government....etc etc. Israel has a full range of control over the EU para-military groups, NATO, secret services, political racist parties and will use these tools to provoke a 'clash of civilization'. The operation in Oslo is an Israeli-NATO clandestine networks job and these false flag attacks are going to be used all over Europe to dismantle all the current nation-states and impose regionalization of the continent under massive governmental cuts and civil wars engineered from Belfast to Athens, Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nice, Strasbourg, Roma, Barcelona, Marseille, Copenhagen, Berlin, Warsaw.... The plan is to create an Euramerica-Reich, under the Zionist domination of the dual citizens (European-Israelis....)

NATO's far right Zionist Christian groups are the primary suspects, most of them made allegiance to Israel as the next ruling state in the world through the most vicious and racist corporation known as the freemasonry. In this photo, one of the killers, Anders Behring, is wearing his Masonic suit....

Shimon Peres to the Israeli newspapers, the 15th May 2011: 'Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West'.

Youth-camp Terrorist May Have Pro-Israel Motive

Norway horror: 80 die in camp shooting, 7 in blast
OSLO, Norway (AP) — A Norwegian who dressed as a police officer to gun down summer campers killed at least 80 people at an island retreat, horrified police said early Saturday.
The motive was unknown, but both attacks were in areas connected to the ruling Labor Party government. The youth camp, about 20 miles (35 kilometers) northwest of Oslo, is organized by the party's youth wing, and the prime minister had been scheduled to speak there Saturday.
The terrorist was a right wing Christian. Norwegian TV via automated translation:
According to TV2's sources, the arrested belong to the right-extremist groups in eastern Norway, and the man must have registered two weapons on their name - an automatic weapon and a pistol of the type of Glock. ... Breivik listed in their Facebook profile as a conservative and Christian, and he may have a connection to the extreme right environment.
The rightwing Norwegian Progress Party and its surrounding allotment of rightwing groups are historic fascistic, pro-apartheid and today very much in support of a Likudnik's Israel.
Via Newshoggers a report from a Norwegian TV site on the activities in the Labour Party youth camp may explain the killer's motive.
Automated translation:
Jonas Gahr Store: - The occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now
The Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday.
AUF WANT BOYCOTT: Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met by demands that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya Thursday. Here the Minister ushered around in the camp of the AUF leader Eskil Pedersen. (Reuters)
During the second day of Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya got the Labour Party's young hopefuls visit by Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store. Together with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation correspondent Sidsel Wold and Norwegian People's Aid Kirsten Belck-Olsen, discussed the Foreign Minister of the deadlock between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
As foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.
- The Palestinians must have their own state, the occupation must end, the wall must be demolished and it must happen now, said the Foreign Minister to cheers from the audience.
- Norway is prepared to recognize
Earlier this week, when Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Norway, the Minister said to TV 2 news channel that Norway stands ready to recognize a Palestinian state . This he repeated during the debate on Utøya.
- We are ready to recognize a Palestinian state. I await the actual resolution text Palestinians will promote the UN General Assembly in September, said the Minister.
In autumn it is expected that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will bring the matter to the UN. Where will he ask for UN membership and recognition of a Palestinian state within the borders before the 1967 war, with East Jerusalem as its capital.
Wednesday said AUF leader Eskil Pedersen that the AUF want a unilateral economic embargo of Israel from the Norwegian side.
- Labour Youth will have a more activist Middle East policy and we have to recognize Palestine. NOK NOK's, now we have to get the peace process into a new track, said Pedersen.
The foreign minister admitted that the situation is untenable, but believes that the boycott is the wrong tool.
- Boycott will be to move from dialogue to monologue. It is difficult to open the door the day we will talk with Israel, said the Minister.

Norway was ready to recognize the state of Palestine at the United Nations in September.... but gets severely bombed in an 'Israeli fashion'. Norway successfully integrated HAMAS in the negotiation of the '1967 borders', a plan that was putting Israel as the only real responsible for the failure of the peace in the Middle East. Bombing Norway means Israel is preparing for a total war to avoid recognition of the Palestinian state in September 2011at any cost....

Multiple Terrorist Bombings In Olso, Norway — Signature Of Mossad False Flag NATO Terror Attacks

Reports of multiple bombings in Olso, Norway have the signature of an 'Al-CIAda' false-flag operation conducted by the Israeli Mossad.

'Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West', said Shimon Peres the 15 May 2011. Mr. Shimon Peres critical comments on Norway's reluctancy to follow EU, UN and USA in denouncing Hamas as a terrorist movement, are timely remarks. Following Norway's diplomacy efforts to integrate HAMAS in the 'peace process'.

The man arrested is part of the NATO clandestine terror groups, similar to the Gladio Network..., set up all over Europe to execute false flag operations and turn the Europeans against Islam and support USA/Israel's wars. NATO is responsible for this attack, if nobody takes care of the Israelis running NATO, Europe will be the target of the largest massacres since the WW2...

Norway news agencies are reporting that two government buildings have just been bombed in Norway. There are no reports from English agencies at this time. English videos and reports will be added at bottom of this article when they become available.'

Unreal. An entire block has exploded.Huge explosion rocks Oslo  Norway
Unreal -- An entire block has exploded -- Huge explosion rocks Oslo, Norway

Video Report From On The Ground At Site Of Oslo, Norway Terrorist Attack

A Google translation of an Aftenposten article reads:

Large explosion in central Oslo

There has been a major explosion in downtown Oslo. Windows are broken in VG-built and government officials in Oslo.

Read also:
The case updated
It is not yet possible to say how many people are injured or killed in the explosion. But police now acknowledge that there are fatalities.
NTB reported that two confirmed fatalities.
Police have not yet complete overview of the number of casualties.

- Oil and Energy was the goal....

According to Dagbladet, police said the attack targeted the Oil and Energy Affairs, MOE.
The greatest damage is the R4 building in ministries, the police said.
This is supported by information from the Communications Minister, Earl Smith-Isaksen.
- The premises of the OED is battered. It looks like it was right outside our offices, says Smith-Isaksen to

Treats people on the street

The building that houses, among other things, the Prime Minister’s office is also affected by the explosion. have informed the Prime Minister’s Office (SMK), Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg is the safety and undamaged.
- I can not say for certain, everything is chaotic, says Sindre Fossum Beyer at SMK.
Paramedics treat more injured in the street outside the government building.
Many people are bleeding in the street outside, hit by broken glass that fell from the broken windows.
- You can not go through here, because there are still two bombs we do not know where is, police on site to reporters. has so far failed to confirm whether it still bombs that have not been located.

Trying to get an overview....

Several facilities in nearby have been evacuated, including NTB premises.
- All we know is that there is a kind of explosion. We are on the way out there, are the short and hasty message get the police in Oslo for the call just after half past four.
In a press release from the Oslo police are the following:
Large parts of the city center is evacuated, and police urge the public not to stay in Oslo.
Police also ask that pulbikum limits the use of mobile phones.

Several injured....

Both windows in the government quarter and VG building is blown out, according to Aftenposten’s report on the site.
- The police tell us that we need to get us off, we need to get off. There may be more bombs, tells reporters.
They say that there is broken glass everywhere, the burning of buildings.
- I see people with blood on his face and hands, telling Aftenposten reporter.
Eyewitnesses said, according to NTB, it may look like a car outside a high block has been the basis for the explosion.

Entire facades blown out.....

Our reporter passed Market Street and there is full chaos people running around bewildered. Several places are a fire alarm.
You can smell the sulfur fumes.
Shop Denim Gallery has received throughout the facade blown out.

Rods of increasing areas

A huge røyksy rose several hundred feet in the air. Large parts of Oslo heard a huge explosion which led to Darren Hayes, the Aftenposten keeps house literally shook when the explosion took place at five at half four in the afternoon.
Press The wave was so powerful that the windows all the way down to the National Agencies building was blown out.
Vaterland tunnel is closed.
The area between Stortorvet, Hammersborg and Storgata is blocked off. Young town square is already closed, because the police fear that new explosions can occur.
There have been several unconfirmed reports that it also should have been a violent explosion in Parliament Street, just below the Parliament, according to NTB.
It is still unclear what caused the explosion.
The report of the first bombing was followed by reports of a two more bombs, as reported in this Google Translation.

There may be more bombs

The police on site tell Dagbladet.

(Dagbladet): A little before 15.30 in the afternoon, large parts of the city center hit by a huge explosion in the government quarter .
About a half hour later told NRK that the capital was hit by another explosion, this time in Parliament Street. This message disprove NRK now on their website.
Police at the site told Dagbladet that they fear the new bombs.
- There may be more bombs, police said.
According to there are still two bombs the police do not know where is.
- You can not go through here, because there are still two bombs we do not know where is, according to police .
The scope of the first explosion is still unclear, but many are injured. Much of the area Youngstorget was hit and routes are broken into several apartment buildings and construction.
- There are a lot of injured people in the area, many seriously injured.There is injured inside the area with excessive bleeding.All the buildings are destroyed, it is absolutely awful, says Jan Larsen told newspaper Dagbladet.
If there are indeed multiple bombs it is clearly the calling card of an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack which are executed with precision in multiple locations.
The problem is there is absolutely no motive for Al-Qaeda to launch an attack against Norway since Norway supports the formation of a Palestinian state, which is against the wishes of Israel and in support of Muslim activists world-wide.

Norway to support Palestinians – Norwegian FM

Norway will support Palestinians who are set to press for recognition of the independence of their state by the United Nations, says the Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.
He was speaking following his talks in Oslo with the Palestinian National Administration Head Mahmoud Abbas.
Støre said he saw a likely recognition of Palestine’s independence by the United Nations as no hindrance to a peaceful settlement in the Middle East. He said the Palestinian-Israeli talks should continue irrespectively of the UN voting results.
Source: The Voice of Russia
If this in fact an Al-Qaeda attack a blaring question remains. Why would Al-Qaeda attack a nation whose goals are aligned with the goals of the Al-Qaeda movement?
The simple answer would be this is a false flag terror attack and the likely suspect for carrying out the operation would be the Israeli Mossad as an act of revenge for supporting Palestine.

Update 11:25 AM
BBC Reports:

Oslo: Bomb blast near Norway prime minister’s office

Eye-witness: “Police are beginning to seal off streets where there is a danger of falling glass”

Related Stories

A large bomb blast has hit near government headquarters in the Norwegian capital Oslo, killing at least one person.
The offices of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg were damaged extensively – a government spokeswoman said he was safe.
Police said a number of people were injured in the city centre explosion.
No-one has said they were behind the attack, which witnesses said could be heard across the capital.
Television footage from the scene showed rubble and glass from shattered windows in the streets – smoke was rising from some buildings. The wreckage of at least one car was on one street.
All roads into the city centre have been closed, said national broadcaster NRK, and security officials evacuated people from the area, fearing another blast.
“Police can confirm there were deaths and injuries following the explosion in the government quarter this afternoon,” police said in a statement.
Oistein Mjarum, head of communications for the Norwegian Red Cross, said his offices were close to the site of the explosion.
“There was a massive explosion which could be heard over the capital Oslo,” he told the BBC.
Government spokeswoman Camilla Ryste told the Associated Press Mr Stoltenberg was safe. Initial reports said he was not hurt.
A spokesman for Oslo University hospital said seven people had been taken there for treatment.
“I don’t know how seriously wounded they are,” he told Reuters.
‘Complete chaos’
Mr Mjarum said there were fires burning in the prime minister’s 17-storey building.
“This is a very busy area on Friday afternoon and there was a lot of people in the streets, and many people working in these buildings that are now burning,” he said.
Eyewitness Ole Tommy Pedersen said he was standing at a bus stop about 100m away from the blast.
“I saw three or four injured people being carried out of the building a few minutes later,” Mr Pedersen told AP.
He said there was a cloud of smoke billowing from the lower floors.
An NRK journalist, Ingunn Andersen, said the headquarters of tabloid newspaper VG had also been damaged.
“I see that some windows of the VG building and the government headquarters have been broken. Some people covered with blood are lying in the street,” AP quoted her as saying.
“It’s complete chaos here. The windows are blown out in all the buildings close by.”
Mr Mjarum said people were in shock in Oslo and across Norway.
“We have never had a terrorist attack like this in Norway – if that’s what it is – but of course this has been a great fear for all Norwegians when they have seen what has been happening around the world.”
Source: BBC
Aftermath of explosion in central Oslo, Norway - 22 July 2011
Aftermath of explosion in central Oslo, Norway - 22 July 2011
Smoke billows over Oslo, 22 July
Smoke billows over Oslo, 22 July
Debris is seen on the street after the explosion in central Oslo, 22 July
Debris is seen on the street after the explosion in central Oslo, 22 July
Rescuers tend to an injured person after the blast in Oslo, 22 July
Rescuers tend to an injured person after the blast in Oslo, 22 July
Shattered windows in a multi-storey building after the blast in Oslo, 22 July
Shattered windows in a multi-story building after the blast in Oslo, 22 July

CNN Updates on the Terrorist bombings.

Security expert: Olso Norway Attacked Because it’s seen as a ‘soft target’

CNN|Added on July 22, 2011
Security expert Will Geddes says Norway could be a terror target because it’s seen as a “soft target.”

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High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag Terror … And Warn of Future Attacks

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Governments Now Using Facebook To Spy On Activists

News reports confirm that governments are now being aided by Facebook to spy on activists who plan peaceful protests. One report reveals that over 300 activists were tracked, detained and ...


Shove your condolences Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres on Jul 24 -- REUTERS President Shimon Peres on Sunday called Norwegian King Harald V to express his condolences over Friday's shooting spree and bomb attack that left 98 people dead in Norway. "Your country is a symbol of peace and freedom," Peres told the king according to an official statement. "In Israel we followed the events over the weekend in Norway and the attack on innocent civilians broke our hearts. It is a painful tragedy that touches every human being."

The same Shimon Peres was reported to have said on May 15: "Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West." Peres was reacting to Norway's pro-Palestinian foreign and Israel boycott and divestment policies.

At the same time, the Norwegian Embassy in Washington received a letter from a group of U.S. Jews urging a boycott of Norwegian salmon and Voss water.

The Anders Behring Breivik cells in Norway made common cause with the right-wing global Zionist agenda of Islamophobia, racism, anti-Palestinian sovereignty, and opposition to socialist and leftist political parties. And the terrorist attacks in Norway most definitely had the signature of past Mossad outrages.

The nations of the Nordic Union should, together, impose a unified boycott on Israel in response to the Israeli intelligence service's blatant act of aggression on peace-loving Norway.

Post-script: Iceland was recently accused of anti-Semitism by Israel, in the same manner Norway received similar accusations from Israeli officials prior to Breivik's terrorist actions. Now, from Hull, England, a report that a heavy Icelandic statue honoring British sailors was stolen by a team of five men.

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