Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Obama's CIA psy-ops dirty tricks campaign against his 2004 opponents...

The "Ides of March" that boosted Obama in 2004....

October , 2011 -- Obama's CIA psy-ops dirty tricks campaign against his 2004 opponents...

Two top Democrats, a former official with the Democratic National Committee and a former elected member of Congress, have revealed that Barack Obama's 2004 U.S. Senate campaign in Illinois employed CIA tactics, often employed in elections abroad, to destroy his Democratic primary and Republican general election opponents.

The Obama campaign obtained the contents of sealed divorce records of Democratic primary candidate Blair Hull and Republican general election candidate Jack Ryan. After the content of the records were leaked to The Chicago Tribune by the Obama campaign, the Hull and Ryan campaigns imploded, paving the way for Obama to sail to electoral victory without having to defend his own rather sordid personal history in a heated campaign cycle. Axelrod was a reporter for the Tribune for eight years prior to becoming a political consultant. Axelrod is currently chairing Obama's 2012 presidential re-election campaign in Chicago.

The first Obama victim was Hull, a multimillionaire former securities trader whose war chest made him the candidate to beat in the primary. A month before the March 16, 2004 primary, the Tribune leaked details of Hull's messy divorce. Since the records of his divorce from his second wife, Brenda Sexton, were sealed, Obama and other opponents called on Hull to release the records. After Hull and Sexton agreed to release the records, which indicated spousal abuse on the part of Hull, the candidate plummeted from first place in the polls to third. Obama won the primary in a landslide, capturing 52.8 percent, to 23.7 percent for Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes, and 10.8 percent for Hull.

Launching a dirty tricks attack on a fellow Democrat was not Obama's first. Obama was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1995 after he successfully challenged the nominating petition signatures of his three Democratic opponents, including incumbent Senator Alice Palmer. Invalidating the signatures of all his opponents, Obama was a single candidate on the ballot, ensuring his election to the State Senate.

With the U.S. Senate nomination under his belt, the next target was popular Republican candidate Jack Ryan. Ryan and Star Trek Voyager actress Jeri Ryan had divorced in 1999 and their divorce records, as were those of Hull and his ex-wife, were sealed. However, once again, details of the sealed Ryan divorce records were leaked to the Tribune. The Ryans demanded that the records remain sealed because of the harm the custody records would have on their 9-year old son. However, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schneider disagreed and ordered the release of the records because the public interest over the privacy interests of the Ryans tipped "slightly to the public." Jeri Ryan was adamant that the records remain sealed because she was being subjected to stalker threats at the time.

Schneider, who is now retired, received a public admonition from the California Commission on Judicial Performance on August 31, 2009: "In the commission's view, Judge Schneider's failure to properly discharge his duty to supervise [Family Law Department] Commissioner [Ann] Dobbs resulted in significant financial and emotional harm to family law litigants and seriously undermined the integrity of the judiciary."

Even before Schneider's ruling, sordid divorce record details emerged of Jack Ryan's alleged requests that his wife accompany him to perform publicly in bondage-oriented sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. Schneider's later public admonition points to the lack of judicial integrity on his part and may help to explain the leak of the divorce records prior to his later ruling.

One of the Illinois Republicans who called for Ryan to fully disclose his divorce records was long-serving Representative Ray LaHood, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. After LaHood pulled the GOP rug from under Ryan, other Illinois Republicans followed LaHood's lead, including House Speaker Dennis Hastert. LaHood was appointed Secretary of Transportation by President-elect Obama.

Ryan's campaign was doomed and Barack Obama was assured the US Senate seat of departing Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald. The Republicans dispatched Alan Keyes from Maryland to Illinois to take over the Republican Senate slot. Keyes was defeated by Obama by a whopping 70 to 27 percent rout in the November election.

We have learned from informed Democratic sources in Illinois that one of the reasons Fitzgerald, who was also popular, declined to run for re-election was because of death threats against his son. Fitzgerald is currently the chairman of Chain Bridge Bank in McLean, Virginia, in the shadows of the CIA headquarters. As a Senator, Fitzgerald was the sole member who opposed a post-9/11 bailout of the airlines. After asking, "Who will bail out the American taxpayer?" the Senate approved the bailout 99-1.

However, things in Illinois would not be safe until one other nettlesome problem was eliminated as a threat: Illinois Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich, who had ample political dirt on Obama and his brain trust of Rahm Emanuel -- now mayor of Chicago -- Axelrod, and Chicago real estate tycoon Valerie Jarrett. The decision was made to turn loose on Blagojevich the US Attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick Fitzgerald, a longtime bag man for the CIA in New York, to indict and convict Blagojevich on corruption charges as he had done with Blagojevich's predecessor, Republican George Ryan. The plan was successful. After being convicted in a second trial, Blagojevich is now awaiting sentencing.

The word from Democratic sources is that the Obama administration is a full fledged Zioconned virtual mafia. One Democratic insider confided that it is known that Obama was recruited by the CIA, but the only detail is when he was "talent spotted" by Langley. However, the insider maintains that Obama's entire Illinois political rise was accomplished with the CIA promoting Obama and derailing all of his opponents. The bottom line from the insider: "To cross them [the Obama White House] is to sign your own political death warrant -- at least.


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