Monday, January 16, 2012

Zioconned Homeland Security monitoring media and dissident groups.

On the monitoring list are and Stormfront. DHS consults with SPLC's, which lists many as a "hate site." Don Triner, DHS/OPS Current Ops Branch Chief, will be reading all the "Guardian" reports produced by General Dynamics. We in the media will be keeping a close watch on you also Mr. Triner. The DHS media monitoring is contracted to General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, 12450 Fair Lakes Circle, Fairfax, Virginia. There is a Marriott across the street where the GD contractors, most of whom drink and some to excess, gather at the bar for happy hour to swap "war stories." Two can play at the monitoring game DHS!

Listen VERY carefully… “Anonymous” and Wikileaks are nothing but an FBI/CIA psy-op. Yes there are members of “anonymous” who are not part of this and are genuinely trying to do their part. But if you think a huge group of computer hackers couldn't and wouldn’t be watched, infiltrated and then “managed” by these alphabet agencies, feeding ideas to “useful idiots” who follow through on the plans and help push the Establishment’s “cyber war” agenda. Any so called “movement” that gets it’s own CNN docudrama episode about it, you KNOW it’s part of the establishment, because they wouldn’t want you knowing about anybody who REALLY challenges the government. Just look at the TIMING of this so called attack. … the EXACT thing the establishment needs to tighten the noose on the internet.

This is just another group co-opted being “managed” to off convenient attacks that only further freedom crushing agendas… Anonymous is a FRAUD. Just like OWS, Alex Jones, just like Obama/CIA… just like Romney/CIA.

Wake up....

Any hacker (or Corporate Software Contractor) can call himself “Anonynous” or Wikileaks, , just as anyone with a bomb can call themselves Al-Qaeda.... I.E. Al-CIAda and the inside Job of 9/11.....

If they have an agenda, hijack another groups’ name to make themselves more powerful....


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