Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Seoul -- In a country in a technical state-of-war, no oppressive security....

The United States has a lot to learn but is too caught up in its own self-importance to take heed....

March , 2012 -- Seoul -- In a country in a technical state-of-war, no oppressive security....

The first thing that an American visiting South Korea for the first time experiences is the situation at Incheon International Airport, outside of Seoul. One steps off the plane and instantly notices it. It is as if you have been transported back in time, not to bad times but to an era when anyone traveling to any airport in the United States experienced the same thing.

In Seoul, simply stated, there is no omni-present security menacing travel weary visitors with automatic weapons, dogs, constant messages from the dystopian Homeland Security state, and all the other trappings of fascism. The only sign of a security or military presence is the gaggle of U.S. Army troops travelling in their camouflage battle uniforms. While the battle uniforms may impress many Americans, the South Koreans are used to the U.S. military presence as an unfortunate relic of the past -- from the Cold War when the United States extended its global reach not to fight "terrorism," but the other bogeyman threat of its day -- "communism."

South Korea is still in a technical state of war with North Korea, a demilitarized line of truce separating the two nations' armies. But if South Korea is in a technical state of war, where are all the trappings of war at the airport? Most certainly, security is present but not in a manner that seeks to needlessly bring fear to a population that is more interested in expanding one of Asia's tiger economies and not engage in fascistic population control.

It was once like this in America, before a small group of zealots hijacked our way of life to create a siege mentality and turned the democratic, federal republic of the United States of America into a "homeland." Maybe, if Americans felt freer to travel without all the hassles millions of Americans experience every day, the United States would, again, become an innovative robust economy, like that of South Korea and a half dozen other Asian nations that are experiencing growth while the United States and its economically-disintegrating allies are in free-fall collapse -- politically, economically, and morally.

Innovation and quality of life abhor a fascistic vacuum. However, since the barbaric inside job of 9/11, the power elite of America, represented by people with the last names of Bush, Cheney, Abrams, Tenet, Kerry, Obama, Biden, Santorum, Romney, McCain, Huckabee, and Palin have helped create a state of fear among Americans -- the fear of a constantly-morphing monster who keeps changing his name from Al-Qaeda to "home grown terrorist" to Boko Haram to "underwear bomber," "Time Square "sizzle bomber," and "lone wolf." The fear was manufactured by Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, the Anti-Defamation League, the FBI, the CIA, and every other billionaire and agency with a stake in the game to keep a good thing going....

And the power "Matrix" comes up with useful ways to delude the American people that they have hope and a fascist-free future. So, the elite creates "action figure" political candidates that excite the public but go nowhere by design: Howard Dean, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Ralph Nader.

There is also the noticeable absence of constant police sirens here in Seoul. Why? In the Washington, DC area, it is known that police and emergency vehicles often sound their sirens as part of a psychological warfare program aimed at the public. A Washington Metropolitan Police source said the idea came from the Israelis who believe would-be terrorists think twice when they hear a wailing siren.

In Korea, it appears that the Israelis are more interested in stoking fear among the North Korean leadership, where Israeli firms connected to the Mossad have landed lucrative contracts to make a sixty-some year old police state a better police state. Israel, which excels at building walls, is providing advice to the North on a wall that will keep North Koreans from fleeing into China and Russia. The Israelis have had plenty of practice on how to control people as seen by their brutal occupation of the Palestinian people and make no mistake about it, that same Israeli expertise has been used to convince certain elements in the United States to champion Israeli practices on and within our own borders.

As for North Korea and Israel, we have two sexagenarian police states finding each other at last -- a morbid love story.

Meanwhile, South Korea is hosting Expo 2012. And anyone visiting South Korea will immediately notice that this is a country more interested in creating an environment for ideas and commerce than in brandishing security "toys" to intimidate non-existent threats....


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