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More clues point to Mossad in murder of Gareth Williams ....

More clues point to Mossad in murder of Gareth Williams ....

June , 2012 -- Possible lead in Gareth Williams murder case in UK...

Intelligence sources in London report to WMR that there is a new lead in the investigation of the murder of British intelligence agent Gareth Williams, whose decomposing body was found stuffed inside a locked duffel bag in a bath tub in his MI-6 London safe house flat on August 23, 2010.

Williams, a math whiz and top code breaker for Britain's National Security Agency (NSA) counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), was on loan to Britain's MI-6 foreign intelligence service when he was murdered. A "Mediterranean-looking" male
and female were spotted entering Williams's flat in July 2010, weeks before Williams's death. It is also known that in addition to traveling to NSA headquarters, Williams had also attended the annual computer hacker Defcon conference in Las Vegas shortly before his death.

On May 10, 2011, WMR reported:
A 'Mediterranean looking' young man and woman, believed to be between 20 and 30 years of age, are suspects in Williams's death, now believed by British police to have been due to poisoning. 'Mediterranean' is a politically-correct code phrase used by British police to describe the Israeli Mossad hit team. The FBI uses a similar code phrase, 'Middle Eastern-looking,' to describe Israeli spies in the United States. The Mossad duo was last seen entering the MI-6 residence where Williams lived in July 2010."

The investigation of Williams's murder has been plagued by incompetence and friction between the police and MI-6. Mishandling of DNA evidence, non-pursuit of the Israeli lead, refusal by MI-6 for the London police to interview several of Williams's colleagues, and MI-6's seizure of several memory sticks found in Williams's flat have hampered the investigation. Williams reportedly told his sister that "friction" inside MI-6 led to his request to be transferred back to GCHQ shortly before he was murdered.

Police discovered designer women's clothing and shoes, as well as women's wigs and makeup, in Williams's flat, as well as computer forensic clues that Williams's computer was used to access a number of sexual bondage websites. It is believed by British intelligence sources that the dresses and other materials were left by Williams's killer or killers as a way to suggest that Williams accidentally killed himself in some sort of bizarre sexual practice.

Police computerized sketch of Mediterranean-looking couple. i.e., Mossad agents implicated in Williams's murder.

WMR has now been told that Williams had attended Defcon and visited NSA as part of an investigation of Israel's development of the malware computer virus called "Flame." The virus, developed by the criminal Mossad killers, uses Bluetooth wireless technology to infect computers and iPhones and iPads (and their equivalents), and then, using data mining code, provides copies of the infected computer's or device's files to Israeli intelligence. A form of the Flame malware, Stuxnet and a data gathering sub-program called Duqu, was spread by the use of memory sticks and was used to infect the computers Iran uses for its nuclear power development program. The memory sticks found in Williams's flat and seized by MI-6 may have been copies of Flame and other Israeli-developed malicious code that Williams had obtained at Defcon as part of his investigation of Israel's use of viruses and Trojan horses to infect computers worldwide.

Flame has infected computers crucial to Iran's oil production, including those at the Oil Ministry. The malware has also infected computers in other nations deemed to be enemies by Israel, including Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, and Lebanon. The Flame malware was also discovered in computers in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Hong Kong, Hungary, and Austria.

The presence of Mossad spies or ZIOCONNED pro-Israeli officials inside MI-6 may have been the cause of agency "friction" Williams that conveyed to his sister. MI-6, NSA, and the CIA are riddled with ZIOCONNED pro-Israeli officials and Mossad informants who are dedicated to ensuring that Israel is never the target for British and U.S. counter-intelligence efforts and that Israel's interests are served by ZIOCONNED British and U.S. intelligence services.

When NSA signals intelligence analyst Ken Ford, Jr. discovered in the Spring of 2003 that Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, proving that ZIOCONNED neo-conservative interests had concocted evidence that Saddam Hussein possessed "weapons of mass destruction the story as a reason to invade and occupy Iraq, ZIOCONNED pro-Israeli elements inside NSA ensured that Ford was subjected to a bogus investigation and indictment for removing classified documents from the agency. Later, a ZIOCONNED triumvirate consisting of a pro-Israeli Jewish federal judge, federal prosecutor, and defense attorney ensured that Ford did not receive a fair trial and that he was sentenced to six years in federal prison.

In Williams's case, the information he possessed on Israel's cyber-warfare capabilities was so important Mossad decided to kill him and ensure that his reputation was ruined by scattering women's clothing and other materials around his flat with the suggestion that he engaged in bizarre sexual practices....


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