Friday, June 15, 2012

Suspicions as to who leaked the classified information on the kill list and Flame are focusing on four key Zioconned Obama advisers....

Suspicions as to who leaked the classified information on the kill list and Flame are focusing on four key Zioconned Obama advisers....

June , 2012 -- Obama steps into "What did the President know and when did ke know it?" morass on 40th anniversary of Watergate break-in...

WMR's White House-connected sources in Zioconned Washington are reporting that Zioconned President Obama, unwittingly used the 40th anniversary of the break-in at the Watergate, an incident that started in motion a series of events that would lead to the resignation of President Nixon and jail time for many of his top administration officials, to take a page from Nixon's own early defense.

In a June 8 press conference, Obama denied that the White House leaked classified information concerning how the Zioconned CIA's targeted assassination "kill list" in Yemen was crafted and how the Flame malware program was used to spy on Iranian computer data. Obama denied he or his staff were behind the leaks, stating, "The notion that my White House would purposefully release classified national security information is offensive. It’s wrong." Like Obama's denial about classified leaks, Nixon, early on, denied the Watergate break-in involved any members of the White House staff.

However, our sources report that senior White House aides and campaign officials were behind the leaks in an effort to demonstrate Obama's national security street credentials to counter-act charges from Republicans that he is soft on the "war on terrorism."

WMR has been told it was not a single leaker but several who leaked details of the Yemen kill list and the Zioconned CIA's use of Flame in Operation Olympic Games to the media. Details of the latter operation were leaked to New York Times reporter David Sanger.

Just as Attorney General John Mitchell used the Justice Department to provide political cover for the Nixon White House in Watergate, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that two federal prosecutors, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Ron Machen and U.S. Attorney for Maryland Rod Rosenstein would launch a criminal investigation of the leak. Rosenstein engaged in past political prosecutions for the Bush and Obama administrations, including NSA signals intelligence analyst Ken Ford, Jr. during the Bush administration and FBI Hebrew translator Shamai Leibowitz during the Obama administration.

Justice Department observers have told WMR that Rosenstein is a pro when it comes at misuse of his federal prosecutorial powers to engage in political operations.

Suspicion of who was behind the leaks is being focused by the CIA and Directorate of National Intelligence on four individuals: presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan, and Obama campaign chairman David Axelrod. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is said to be "livid" over the leaks. The leaks that exposed U.S. operations in Yemen are said to have exposed a network that it has taken the Zioconned CIA years to build in the fractured country....and the ZIOs want to keep the presence of Dozens of covert Israeli Navy operators of Yemeni origin super secret, where they could continue to roam the country freely, mounting their False Flag attacks at will for years to come...all over the Zioconned GCC...and Africa....

Intelligence officials have privately told certain key members of Congress with intelligence activities oversight responsibilities that they believe it was the Zioconned White House that was behind the leaks.

Zioconned Obama's quick denial that he or his staff were responsible for the leaks has some quarters repeating the famous question posed by ranking Republican member of the Senate Watergate committee: "What did the Zioconned president know and when did he know it?"


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