Thursday, August 23, 2012

Consorting with known torturers and international Takfiri-Salafist-Wahhabi-MB-terrorists....

The killers and the paymasters, the spies and gangsters, the terrorists and jihadists, on all sides of the Zioconned divide, have grown in numbers to carry out a vast war in the shadows since 1995.... They are determined to perpetuate the senseless violence and mayhem that are the currency of their profession. And they make peace and diplomacy impossible. That is their goal. Sen. Frank Church in 1975, after chairing a Senate committee investigation into U.S. intelligence activities, defined “covert action” as a “semantic disguise for murder, coercion, political assassinations by the Infamous White House Murder INC, blackmail, bribery, the spreading of lies, and consorting with known torturers and international Takfiri-Salafist-Wahhabi-MB-terrorists.”

The multitudes of crimes these killers, torturers, kidnappers, propagandists, special operations units and spies have carried out in the name of the good American people are well known to those outside the Zioconned US gates. There are hundreds of millions of people who have a tragic intimacy with the twisted and brutal soul of American imperialism. Lebanese, Okinawans. Guatemalans. Cubans. Congolese. Brazilians. Argentines. Indonesians. Iranians. Palestinians. Panamanians. Vietnamese. Cambodians. Filipinos. South Koreans. Taiwanese. Nicaraguans. Salvadorans. Afghans. Iraqis. Yemenis. Somalis. They can all tell us who the ZIO-US criminals are, if they can listen. But they do not. The Zioconned USA Sheeple are as ignorant, gullible and naive as children. They celebrate fictitious red-white-and-blue virtues while their utterly criminal and corrupt clandestine armies, which at times achieve short-term objectives but always finally plunge the Zioconned USA deeper into violence, have steadily weakened and discredited their proud nation as well as the purported values for which it stands. These clandestine armies travel the globe, awash in hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, sowing dragon’s teeth that rise up later, like the warriors in the myth of the Golden Fleece, to become mirror images of their own Zioconned monstrosities....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Behavioral studies, Pussy Riots, CIA, Color revolutions and PsyOps....

Behavioral studies, Pussy Riots, CIA, Color revolutions and PsyOps....
Front Page: One of the Pussy Rioters' husbands, Pyotr Vezilov, heads Voina, which released 3000 giant Madagascar cockroaches in a Moscow courthouse in 2010. Another Voina activist grabbed a frozen chicken in a St. Petersburg supermarket and inserted it into her vagina and left without paying. And some nice family photos of jailed Pussy Rioter Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and her husband "in action" in a Moscow museum, with fellatio, masturbation, and copulation as featured acts. This is what Soros's Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Justice Through Music Program are defending, not to mention the State Department, EU, and the UK. This is Soros's and the Rothschilds' work: destroy the culture and religion of a country like Russia. They've already done so to the United States. Pussy Riot should have gotten 20 years in a psychiatric hospital. Hillary Clinton must've been jealous that she missed the museum act, she would've loved to bury her face in Tolokonnikova's nether region.

How to make my day...:)

I have been pontificating about this stuff for many months and I don't think I am getting across what I am trying to say about this. Let me start again. This is not some freak side show in Moscow. This is Gene Sharp Central and they have ambitions no less lofty than to remove Putin and collapse Russia into civil war with these stunts....when I first heard about this Pussy Riot and FEMEN stuff in Russia, I instantly recognized it.

We had this in Yugoslavia. Specifically, these were the psyops used to bring down Milosevic. And this continued for several years until Slobo fell. When this began in Russia, I recognized the same identical I]Strickmuster as the Sharp/Soros methods used to collapse Yugoslavia. Successfully so. It is not one Pussy Riot or FEMEN but it is the entire vast network the elites engage - from such offensive groups to charming groups, to lawyerly groups, to sociologists and academics - there are many, many facets to this complex asymmetrical approach but absolutely all of it connects back to the same agenda - how to collapse a country. Color revolutions are part of the same set of Sharp teachings as the principles used by the Pussy Riot and other groups.

The part which I think is hard for Americans to understand about this is - what is Pussy Riot's or FEMEN's point? Are they trying to attract sympathy for the jailed band? No. The band is collateral damage. They will be handsomely paid off if they have to sit off a couple of years in prison. They knew this ahead of time and agreed. They are hardcore psyop agent provocateurs who are trained to provoke, get beaten up, jailed, stage hunger strikes for greater effect, get the whole world and western popstars to root for them as dozens of venous around the planet are booked for protests for these contrivances. They agreed to go to prison ahead of time. As Udaltsov does every couple of months, as chess champ Garry Vaynshtein-Kasparov made sure he got arrested when he bit the policeman this weekend in a Pussy Riot protest so he could oy-vey about it and go on hunger strike next... this sort of thing gets more and more social groups engaged in heated passionate tempers. We have seen the instigated paradigm fights over abortion and gay marriage in the US. This is a similar thing but much worse - the idea is to get the whole country heated up, fighting each other, disintegrating into many groups. once the social fabric shatters into social, cultural, ethnic religions political and sectarian strife...that is the end goal...not sympathy for Pussy Riot.

There are incredibly clever people behind such stunts who study the cultural fabric of a society and find the weak threads and begin tearing at them. In Serbia, we had Popovic and Marovic (who are the original Otpor CIA team who are active to this day, no longer as rent-a-rebels but as teachers. They have a color revolution school in Belgrade where they teach how to do this stuff. - Here is a video
link about this. These guys are a global mobile hard-core psyop hit squad which knows how to incite everything from protests to street fights and social chaos - they started in Belgrade during the Milosevic days, worked in dozens of countries including key roles in ALL Arab Spring countries and the engineered protests - all the way to OWS as the link above shows. This is the elite of Soros rent-a-rebels. I misplaced the link but there is a great video in YouTube which show their lifestyle - 5-star hotels, private jets, exotic locations and dream vacations in the poshest tropical places on earth all catered to them by Team Soros for their 'work' - and lots of work assignments in dozens of countries, either leading protests or teaching and coaching the native rebels how to collapse their country for the Rothschilds.)

Their methods are varied - everything from funny, perky, charming which puts a smile on young people's faces (Popovic and Marovic protested in Belgrade by getting a crowd to beat metal trash cans with sticks - it was a deafening roar because they got civilians to join and bring countless metal cans. The police appeared and everyone backed off - the police "arrested" a lot of trash cans and the joke was on Milosevic's police state being stupid and totalitarian for even arresting trash cans - this is how to get a hundred thousand college students to laugh and participate enthusiastically in a Soros protest without knowing they are being politically managed by Team Soros. And there are other methods as well - once the enthusiastic crowds have been secluded with the cute, charming, funny and artistic stuff (in the Balkans, the best popstars were hired and given rebel lyrics written for the occasion to sing and they had every young person in the country singing along - this is powerful stuff..) once the crowds of support get so big, NED and the Soros groups ratchet up the pressure and the they bring out the aggressive ones in the streets which graduate to smashing store windows and setting car tires on fire and attacking police aggressively and leading a large crowd to imitate this stuff...Team Soros then graduates to pushing it over the edge and inciting mass chaos which leads to bloodshed and total instability. There is a direct path between things like Pussy Riot all the way to the "opposition" in Syria - it is all part of the same engineering from beginning to end.

They keep turning up the heat on this. Until a society collapses. You will see this happen in Russia if you watch this Pussy Riot and FEMEN stuff because everything else in an engineered collapse of a country attaches to it.

Pussy Riot is tugging at social fault lines such as primary attacks on the Russian Synod (
link) - attacks on Putin, attacks on the largest cultural groups and their ideology, sense of identity...the Synod plays a very big role in this. The west has always had a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes about us Eastern European communist countries. CIA scripted evangelizing hordes of church leaders in the west so bemoan the 'war on Christianity' in European communist countries and deliberately distorted the view of what religion in European communism actually looked like...There is virtually no awareness in the west that we have always had a very strong church - Orthodox in Russia - in Yugoslavia, it was both the Catholic underground and Serbian Orthodoxy (Muslims were the least religious of our groups as a mainstream with only tiny groups like the Sandzak Donmeh and splinters of Wahhabis sitting in Yugoslavia since the days of the ottomans who sent them to us as homesteaders).

Throughout communism, people clung to their religion. It was just strictly separated from the state. But it survived communism everywhere. People fiercely tied their very ethnic and cultural groupthink definition of their own identity to their religion (which is also always based on ethnicity because our ethnic groups all have a default religion based on ethnicity). So insulting the orthodox church in Russia is a massive insult on the cultural and personal pride and even identity of pretty much every Russian...the old folks are pushing back against these Pussy Riot cultural injuries as is the church. Putin is not nuts for reacting so strongly with this 'hooliganism' jailing. He has no choice. If he does not kick some collective nasty girl butt now and lets Pussy Riot get away with it, he will forever lose the respect of the conservative establishment and common man and woman on the streets who want this Pussy Riot nonsense nipped in the bud and nipped good because they are shocked, offended and grossed out beyond words and want to make sure this does not happen again. How they would be so shocked and offended - look at the pictures Wayne posted and you will understand that a society reacts strongly to this.

Then Putin locks them up - and the choreographed west erupts in loud protests. Pussy Riot creates 'art" wails Madonna and half a dozen big western name pop stars sing backup chorus on her protest lines.... The Pussy Riot displays are ugly and offensive but study what they are doing with this because this is the recipe on how to collapse a government, remove its leader, polarize the hell out of society and get everybody fighting mad and not giving in. Those pics are a brilliant find Wayne dug up. It is a study in Soros, Sharp and all the mindfuck talents NED and friends come up with and this is deadly stuff.

I wrote about this Pussy Riot behavior for a while now - I described the public fornication and girl shock jock appearances which shocked and rocked all of Russia for some time now. But the pics Wayne posted tell this story and speak for themselves.

Putin satisfied the majority in Russia by putting these women in jail. He had to. He had no choice. He would have had far more than half of Russia enraged and screaming for vigilantism if this 'hooliganism' had not been stopped cold. The only place they can put them to keep from having any more public graphic porn displays is jail. Verzilov and Tolonnikova (formerly from Voina, she is a Pussy Riot main player now) whom Wayne mentions copulated with her 9 months pregnant 4 days before giving birth in a museum in Moscow.

There is one more episode as an example - this is the baby of Tolonnikova who had publicly copulated before birthing him -
link. The child was injured when his stroller was slammed against the wall. It is noteworthy that Pussy Riot mama actually made sure her child had at least some injuries - because this is now also sold as proof that they are being abused. As long as the members survive, they accept injury to themselves and their children, incarceration - they will be paid very well for this. And they make sure these things always happen in front of cameras.

The group also painted a 65 meter long penis on a bridge. (They would get public indecency, damaging public property and vandalism charges in the US for this but we in the west are pretentiously busy criticizing Russia for oppressing nasty-porn 'art" by these people.) Yes, stuffing an entire whole chicken into Pussy Riot member Natalia Sokol's vagina in front of many cameras and then waddling out of the store with a chicken stuck up there and stealing it surely is art. Russia is terrorized by these tactics. This is Sharp, Soros, NED and CIA work. This is only being ratcheted up more and more and there is a lot of fighting going on in Russia over this - most people want it gone, these women locked up where they don't see daylight any time soon.

Young kiddies think this is sooo coooool and that they are part of some revolutionary democratization they themselves can force upon Russia by only supporting Pussy Riot - this is the seduction factor toward youth such psyops have. Soros has a lot of young groups on the ground also who lead them toward support of such behaviors. He buys youth groups and puts employees into offices who then lead youth groups in protest in support of things. The network is huge.

Soros hires only the best and brightest in every country he targets. I will write about the Yugoslavia experience another time - two of my best friends worked for Soros - one of the 'human rights" watch groups (in Croatia, it was Helsinki Committee - in Russia it is Helsinki Group - all these things have a chapter in each country and are under Soros' OSI.

My friends in the Soros network were - a female judge from Sarajevo who was a refugee (yes, judges have to run in a war, too) and glad to have any job and this was a well-paid job with benefits for Soros. And the other was a young poli sci professor out of Zagreb who had become the best known folk hero name because he became a guerilla fighter leader in the war, was injured in the war, wrote a dozen books and became an icon. I know him well because I brought him to the US and talked Baylor Hospital into pro bono surgical care after he got blown up by a hand grenade and I lived with him for a few years off and in 2 countries in those years - that was a deep insider glimpse into the infinitely vast Soros operations in the country for me...he has a cabinet position in the government now - this is the type of people Soros hires for his work on the human rights end...only the best and brightest people who end up leading the country - where Soros wants it led to.). My friends in the system honestly at the time thought this was really cool work and did not know they were used for a very evil Rothschild agenda. It was 1991 and we were all young and naive. My 22-year-old daughter is constantly back and forth between the Bay Area and Zagreb (she just returned from there this weekend) and all of HER brightest friends in Croatia, Bosnia and into Kosovo are 20-something very bright, very high-paid Fulbright scholarship kids - the next CIA generation on the ground. Soros controls everything. Every damn thing. He does this globally.

They don't just copulate in public. Voina (which is a twin operation of Pussy Riot) has thrown Molotov cocktails at police cars some months ago already - they are ratcheting it up. They will cause a lot of dead people in the streets before long by full intention following the Soros recipe. I know these recipes. I watched them for years from inside of Soros' organizations just by having friends in key position inside of virtually identical operations in Yugoslavia when it was targeted by Soros.....

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