Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zio-CNN Celebrating America and “Al-CIAda” Alliance Against the Unbelievers...

Zio-CNN Celebrating America and “Al-CIAda” Alliance Against the Unbelievers...

09 2012

[So the guy who ran the heroin/guns/militant smuggling pipeline in the former Yugoslavia for the Pentagon and the CIA, Mohamed al Zawahiri, brother of commander-in-chief of "Al-CIA-da," Ayman al Zawahiri, goes on CNN, offering to bring the intelligence agency operation out of the closet, in the service of the "Greater Good." What effect will this little news item have on ordinary Americans who view it?]

[This is the part in the great continuing drama, where we are asked to reconsider the virulent hatred of these alleged International "Islamists" that we have made part of our daily lives, over the 911 attacks, the embassies, USS Cole, etc., in order that we may join together with them, to defeat the unbelievers. With the help of the American Brainwashing Company, Central Brainwashing Service and National Brain Control, the national narrative will be reversed, right before our eyes, and nary a peep of protest will be heard on those same networks, as a result of this national "flip-flop" (favorite media word).

This is the point in the psychological operation where Americans should normally come forth by the thousands to protest this plan, along with the national media which has been pandering the government's demented product, to a gullible public that is largely, longing to be lied to. But no one will come forth, to save us from ourselves. People like me, here in the alternative universe, might see what is happening, or what will happen, but we will never a way to make it NOT HAPPEN. Scholars and honest researchers, like Stephen Lendman, who has poured his heart and soul into forging a new national understanding of who "America" really is, by appeals made to reason, to patriotism, to ideals, to fear, and to our basic undertanding right and wrong, only to come-up empty-handed, for the most part. In the end, reality is the one thing that is farthest from the minds of most Americans, since we wrap ourselves in a blanket of our favorite illusions, so that there is very little chance of us ever facing reality until it smacks us all in the faces.

The unacceptable reality is that there are thousands of people just like the Zawahiri brothers, who have been on the US payroll for many years, some of them for decades. The power of the Imperial dream-weavers to drip-feed our bad habits into us is so great that we cannot hope to break the spell, or the psychological hold that the power of suggestion holds over us. Our only hope lies in a total collapse of the various supply lines of addiction, like TV, or any other modern device. People will not break free from the hypnotic allure of network news and TV, until they are physically separated from it. Until the people are freed from the poison flowing from CNN and the rest, there is a very strong possibility that they will actually buy into this new narrative that has been being beamed into so many heads, in a classic dialectic reversal (SEE: Hegelian Dialectic).

We have reached the point, in the war on terror discourse, where the evil of "Al-CIA-da" has supposedly been eclipsed by the greater evil, of the "anti-democratic" forces, who stand between us and the ideal "democratic" New World Order. News people, like this Nic Robertson of CNN will sell us on this idea of a new, improved, rehabilitated image of "Mujahedeen," NOT terrorists, counting on the American people to be so sick of war by now, that we will embrace the Zawahiris and invite them to fight our battles for us, right alongside all of those private American contractors (who are really servicemen, who claim to have "retired" from active duty, in order to reap the rewards of the improved wages of privatized war.

The national media of the United States have willingly become the single greatest threat to democracy we face today. It would be best for all of us if all national news sources were stopped, whatever it took to do that. It would be far better for us all to wage war against the brainwashing services and not against the government itself, since only a small part of government is involved in this great plot against American democracy (most of the bureaucracy serves the common good). It is urgent that the alternative news sources (which recognize the manufactured stories, such as the one about "rehabilitated Al Qaeda") expose the lies and contradictions to the unsuspecting American people, so that they might get a glimpse beyond the mirror held before them.

With the exposure of the lies used in Libya and then again in Syria, the American people can see for themselves that the so-called "Islamists" in the American stable of mercenaries fit smoothly into American war plans, almost as if they were part of the plan all along. This is where it is up to us to make at least some of the people see the timeless truth of this statement, that this has always been an employer/employee relationship, all along. It is the latest incarnation of a repeating plan to use guns, drugs and money to build private armies from indigenous peoples, for the American government to use in overthrowing the governments of those people. The plan has been followed in non-Muslim countries, by empowering local drug dealers, vast wealth has been created for them, bringing the need for many guns, creating a functioning "pipeline" for contraband. By then introduction of armed insurgencies, like FARC in Columbia (SEE: Yair Klein Reveals That He Was “Asked by the Colombian government to help train FARC.”), or by introducing factionalism, like the Zetas against the other Mexican cartels, by militarizing their competition, then the conflict is created. Once the blood really begins to flow, then "managing the conflict" becomes possible. In the end, American hands appear clean, their intentions seem pure, as US military forces then proceed to "rescue" the victimized countries, spreading their tentacles of control in the process.

It takes real Genius to fuck-up the world like we have, especially when the key to their success has been for America to simply throw everything away. Pack everything up and ship it overseas. All that we once were so proud of--our world-renowned craftsmanship, our advances in science, even our human compassion--were all to be tossed aside, in order to make room for the new American-dominated world order. When all that we hear, over and over, is -- "Never was so much owed by so many to so few"-- then how could we, as good Americans, do any less? This is the approach which has been used to motivate young brothers and sons of former servicemen to serve in a foreign cause that considers torture and terrorism to be useful tools.

The cause that America is now fighting for will one day be the cause that all men of good conscience fight against....


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