Sunday, January 27, 2013

9/11 Inside Job Wall to Wall...

  9/11 Inside Job Wall to Wall...

Hey, Michael Scheuer, I think you are getting it figured out. Why indeed were all your efforts to get bin Laden obstructed? Because John Brennan was bin Laden’s minder and protector at that time. Bin Laden was always a CIA asset. In the years before 9/11, when you were head of Alec Station, he was being carefully cultivated as the the patsy to take the fall for 9/11. Of course, he had nothing to do with the actual operation and none of those “hijackers” could fly a plane, which were remote controlled, and the towers were demolished with planted explosives – military grade thermite, to be precise. Now Brennan is going to be head of the CIA under a President who in my view is 100% complicit with this crime and has taken the destruction of our freedoms even farther than Bush did. Keep up the good work!
Unfortunately, what you and all the other posters here are failing to take into account is that the person who did this was not a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which is a fiercely non-political scientific association that requires high qualifications for membership (although anyone can sign their petition). It now has 1700 such highly qualified signatories. It is led by Richard Gage, AIA – a man of impeccable character and sterling qualifications. The senior people in AE, I refer to senior physicists, chemists, architects and engineers, have proved beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt that World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7 were demolished with explosives. The evidence is overwhelming. Their “marginalization” is what the government with its control over the media does to all inconvenient truth-tellers and whistleblowers. This incident was very, very obviously a government action to discredit the Architects and Engineers. Most of the people are sheep. Wake up, sheep! You are about to go over a cliff! For those of you whose slumber is not too deep, here is a video by my physicist David Chandler. It’s Physics 101 – how to use your eyes...



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